#LLPH Election Day Countdown: 13 DAYS LEFT (10/22/2014)! Help #Conservatives WIN!

Dan Sullivan for Alaska Senator! Let’s defeat Senator Mark Begich who scored an F- on LLPH’s Scorecard. Dan Sullivan was endorsed by the Tea Party Express, the Club for Growth, Senator Rand Paul and is uniting Republicans, Democrats, Independents who are sick of President Obama’s failed policies! Dan Sullivan will fight to repeal Obamacare, cut wasteful spending, and defend liberty. Let’s END Harry Reid’s reign!

Rep. Tom Cotton for Arkansas Senator! Endorsed by Senate Conservatives Fund, Tea Party Express, the Club for Growth, and others, Rep. Cotton has been a consistent vote for conservative principles in the House. He earned an A on our scorecard and is included as a member of LLPH’s Team. Let’s defeat Senator Mark Pryor who voted for Obamacare and bigger government. Let’s END Harry Reid’s reign.


Joni Ernst for Iowa Senator! Joni Ernst is ready to cut the waste, stop Washington’s arrogance, and defend our conservative principles. Rep. Bruce Braley is a liberal Democrat who voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. He will be a lockstep vote for Harry Reid just like Senator Tom Harkin is right now. But even worst, Rep. Braley will bring a level of arrogance that Senator Harkin never had. Rep. Braley is famous for mocking Iowan farmers, while Joni Ernst is an Iowa farmer and a soldier. She is ready to lead which is why she has been endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin, Senate Conservatives Fund, and SBA List. Let’s END Harry Reid’s reign!

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#IASEN: #LLPH Endorsed Joni Ernst Leads Liberal Bruce Braley! #TCOT #Iowa #Liberty

joni ernst

Help Joni Ernst win the Iowa Senate Race and take back the Majority!

Building a strong CONSERVATIVE Senate is very important for our country!

LLPH is excited to report that a new poll by USA Today shows our endorsed candidate Joni Ernst leading liberal Bruce Braley in the Iowa Senate Race. Joni Ernst has been promoting a strong conservative message of fiscal responsibility and defending the Constitution. She has been endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund, Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Ted Cruz, and other conservatives.

A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll in Iowa finds Joni Ernst (R) leading Bruce Braley (R) in the U.S. Senate race, 47% to 43% among likely voters.

She would make an excellent addition to our strong conservative batch of senators. Help her today: http://www.joniforiowa.com/

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#LLPH Endorsed #NH02 Marilinda Garcia Featured on Conservative HQ! #TCOT #Liberty

Marilinda Garcia

Marilinda Garcia

Marilinda Garcia is one of LLPH’s favorite candidates this election cycle, earning her a spot in Project Tiger (our top candidate endorsements). She is campaigning as a conservative who is ready to shake up the GOP Establishment.

Here is what our friends at Conservative HQ wrote about her:

Garcia is, on paper at least, the Republican establishment’s ideal candidate for Congress. Young, attractive, with a Hispanic surname and a degree from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, she has served as a New Hampshire state representative since 2007. She also plays and teaches the harp, and, at 31, Marilinda Garcia is one of the youngest Congressional candidates in the country.

But paper is pretty much the only place where Marilinda Garcia and the GOP establishment cross paths because she is campaigning as a conservative, not as a “more of the same” establishment Republican.

Garcia says that taxpayer distrust in government has led to a need for a “new generation of conservative leaders to challenge the status quo” and this conservative message now has her running ahead of the Democratic incumbent, the truly scary Ann McLane Kuster.

Strangely, despite the fact that she is such an attractive candidate, while the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has just dumped almost $1 million into Kuster’s campaign. the NRCC hasn’t spent a dime on Garcia.

She is, as Club for Growth Action noted, a fierce opponent of big government. As a state legislator, Garcia voted to cut taxes and never voted for a budget that increased spending. She even voted against a regional Cap-and-Trade scheme that her opponent supported. In Garcia, conservatives have a principled candidate who they can trust.

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#LLPH Key Vote Alert: “NO” on Weapons for Syrian Rebels Amendment & “NO” on Continuing Resolution FY 2015 (H.J.Res.124)! #TCOT

LLPH urges all members of the House of Representatives and the Senate to vote NO on giving weapons to Syrian rebels in any form of an amendment or legislation. The House is expected to vote on the amendment today, and LLPH will include the vote on the amendment in our scorecard. There are differing reports on the extent to which the Syrian rebels have made a truce with ISIS, but with so many different reports, giving them weapons and training is a terrible idea.

We also strongly oppose the Continuing Resolution for FY 2015 because it  includes a renewal of the Export-Import Bank, kicks funding only until December 2014 (which means that a lame duck congress will decide extending funds), and could possibly include the Syria/ISIS Amendment.

We will score both votes in our scorecard and urge a STRONG NO vote!

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#House #Conservatives Stand Strong Against #GOP #Establishment #SyriaRebels Amendment!

The GOP Establishment and their kronies are leading the fight to give President Obama his $500 million for weapons and training for Syrian Rebels. These are the same big government types who think that money can solve everything, that we should be the world police, and that we should give the President whatever he wants.

It’s no surprise that GOP Establishment figures like Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn stated,

“I do have questions about how the different rebel groups will be vetted. That said, I will support the authority and the money to equip the troops.”

And this is the man who wants to be the Senate Majority Whip?

Thankfully, the past two election cycles have brought fresh conservative voices who are making a difference in Washington D.C. They are demanding the the GOP establishment return to the roots of the Republican Party and stop trying to be just “less bad” than the Democrats.

Roll Call reported:

As for how many Republicans will oppose the Syria amendment, no one seems to know. Rep. Walter B. Jones, R-N.C., predicted that only 10 to 15 Republicans would vote no. Rep. John Fleming, R-La., said he thinks there would be more than 20. Both predictions appear to be conservative projections from two members who are opposed to the amendment themselves.

At the Tuesday morning conference meeting, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, handed out a nine-page document, titled “Our ‘Vetted Moderate’ Syrian Rebel Allies,” which outlined various concerns with arming the Syrian rebels.

Georgia Republican Austin Scott told CQ Roll Call Tuesday morning that if the Syria amendment is attached to the CR, he’d be voting against the spending bill. “Every time the United States has gotten into a war, it has started with something like this,” Scott said.

Many other Republicans have expressed to CQ Roll Call their opposition to the Syria amendment over the last two days. Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., said he is concerned the Obama administration’s proposal was more about arming opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad than it was about defeating ISIL.

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., said members voting for the amendment were “tacitly” voting to authorize war in Syria. And Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., said while it isn’t clear what arming Syrian rebels would do, it is clear that it wouldn’t be enough to defeat ISIL.

GOP leadership, meanwhile, doesn’t seem worried about the vote. When Rep. Matt Salmon spoke over the phone with Majority Whip Steve Scalise to express opposition to the Syria amendment, Scalise didn’t try to twist the Arizona Republican’s arm. Instead, the Louisiana Republican told Salmon to go to the House floor and speak his mind.

“They’re not lobbying very intensely for us,” Salmon said.

These members are standing strong against the Republican Establishment. Jam the phone lines and urge your members to vote NO on the Syria Amendment and NO on the Continuing Resolution that extends the life of the Export-Import Bank!

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#LLPH Congratulates Marilinda Garcia on #GOP Nomination Win in #NH02! #Liberty

LLPH congratulates Marilinda Garcia on winning the Republican nomination in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District. She will face off against Democrat Rep. Ann Kuster in November.

Marilinda Garcia is a fresh, young new voice who will take her leadership and representation of ordinary, everyday New Hampshire citizens to Washington D.C. She will join leaders like Rep. Justin Amash and Senator Ted Cruz (who both endorsed her in the primary) in fighting for individual liberty and more power to the people and local governments. We look forward to helping her win in November.

Here’s her website: http://www.marilindagarcia.com/ 

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#LLPH: Dan Sullivan for Alaska Senator #AKSEN

dan sullivan for senate

LLPH is proud to recommend Dan Sullivan to be the next senator from Alaska. This Tuesday, he will face a primary, and we need him to win. He is a strong conservative who can beat the incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Begich. Senator Begich has a score of 1% with LLPH, representing his strong liberal record.

Senator Begich likes to pretend to be a moderate, but what kind of moderate is he? A strong supporter of Obamacare, being one of those to vote yes on its passage. A moderate who voted for every spending increase and new agency that has been proposed. He is happy to send more money overseas while our debt continues increasing. He has consistently supported radical liberal judicial nominees. It is time to defeat him this November.

Dan Sullivan has been endorsed by our friends at the Club for Growth. They state,

In 2009 then-Governor Sarah Palin appointed Dan to be Alaska’s Attorney General. After a year and a half, current Governor Sean Parnell appointed Dan as Alaska’s Chairman of the Department of Natural Resources. Dan wrote Alaska’s challenge to ObamaCare and stood up to the onerous collusion between environmental groups and the Obama Administration on behalf of Alaska. In addition, Dan spearheaded a successful effort to get Alaska’s Legislature to repeal publicly popular anti-growth taxes on the cruise ship and oil and gas industries.

Former Governor Sarah Palin trusted him. Current Governor Sean Parnell trusted him. Alaskans can trust him to go to Washington D.C. and fight for fiscal sanity and a new, improved government. He will join leaders like Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, and others in fighting for a better future for the next generation.

Here’s his website: http://www.sullivan2014.com/

Vote for him on Tuesday and let’s win in November!

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