#LLPH Rep. Brat & LLPH Endorsed Rep-Elects Palmer & Buck Making Good Staff Choices from HAction! #TCOT #TeaParty

LLPH applauds the decisions by Virginia’s 7th Rep. Dave Brat and Alabama’s 6th Rep.-Elect Gary Palmer and Colorado 4th Rep.-Elect Ken Buck to pick strong conservatives to be part of their staff.

Usually, members will try to get old staffers from former legislators who have no new ideas and no fresh conservative vision. These staffers tend to lead conservative candidates in the wrong direction.

That is why we are so excited that Reps. Brat, Palmer, and Buck have picked staffers from the Heritage Action to be part of their staff. Heritage Action is one of our closest allies in fighting the GOP Establishment, and we are confident their new staffers will help them be strong advocates for WE THE PEOPLE!

Roll Call reports:

Heritage Action for America is losing three staffers, including its top House lobbyist, to a trio of newbies in the 114th Congress.

Freshman Rep. Dave Brat, the Virginia Republican who famously unseated then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a June primary contest, has tapped Heritage’s Erin Siefring as his chief of staff. Siefring has been the conservative group’s chief liaison with House members.

“One of the great roles of having a permanent 300-person institution is that people take what they learn here and spread that throughout the universe,” said Heritage Action for America’s CEO Michael Needham.

“We couldn’t be where we are without Erin,” he added, noting that her joining Brat’s staff “gives me tremendous confidence” for the freshman lawmaker’s future.

Heritage is also losing Cari Kelly, a legislative strategist, to the office of incoming Rep. Gary Palmer, an Alabama Republican, who will replace retiring Rep. Spencer Bachus. She will be the new lawmaker’s legislative director.

At Heritage, Kelly, a native Alabaman, focused on immigration, financial services and social issues.

And Katherine Rosario is departing the Heritage communications team to serve as incoming Colorado Rep. Ken Buck’s communications director.

“Having people on the Hill that think the way we think is certainly good for what we’re trying to achieve,” Needham said.

LLPH can definitely attest to several of these staffers’ work. We have read their writings and these staffers from Kelly to Rosario to Siefring are the best of the best. Congratulations to them as well as Congressmen Brat, Palmer, and Buck!

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#LLPH #HOH: Boehner’s Magic Number: 29. #Conservatives are Ready to Fight! #TCOT #TeaParty

The Hill is reporting on Speaker Boehner’s Magic Number: 29. This year, the number was about 16-18 but with the largest GOP majority in past decades, Speaker Boehner can afford additional defections.

It is sad that it has come to this. If Speaker Boehner and his cronies would keep their promises and actually govern like conservatives, defections would not be necessary. But alas, that is not the case.

Thankfully, we have a solid group of conservatives already on Capitol Hill like Rep. Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Matt Salmon, Dave Brat, and so many others. They will be joined in January by a new group of conservative reinforcements.

The Hill reports:

But having the biggest majority since the 1930s doesn’t mean that the House GOP leadership’s job will be easier. Many departing lawmakers who were reliable leadership allies are being replaced in January with staunch conservatives.

For example, Rep. Tom Petri’s (R-Wis.) seat will be filled by firebrand Rep.-elect Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.)… Similarly, Reps.-elect Gary Palmer (R-Ala.) and John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) have both criticized the current GOP leadership and will replace previously reliable votes.

We are excited to have Rep.-Elects Grothman, Palmer, and Ratcliffe, and others join our coalition in the House. We expect them to keep their promises and will hold them accountable. We will continue to fight to take the Republican Party back from the statists and more importantly save our republic!

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#LLPH Rep. Walter Jones Talks About #FireBoehner #DumpBoehner Movement in #House! #TCOT #TeaParty

Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC 3) recently went on a local radio show in North Carolina and talked about the growing movement in the House of Representatives to fire Speaker Boehner from the speakership.

At LLPH, we strongly support this effort and believe that the CRomnibus was definitely that last straw. A so-called “Republican” speaker who supports funding amnesty and Obamacare has lost all his credibility to continue leading the House GOP Caucus and the House of Representatives.

From BuzzFeed:

Republican North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones says he and a group of 16 to 18 Republicans plan to challenge John Boehner during the next election to be Speaker of the House.

“Right now, I’ve been meeting with a small group, and we — about 16, 18 — and we’re hoping to have a name of a sitting member of Congress that we can call out their name,” Jones said on the North Carolina-based Talk of the Town radio program.

Two years ago, Jones was one of a handful of who did not vote for Boehner for speaker. Jones voted for former Comptroller General David Walker.

“I’ve already said I cannot vote in good conscience for John Boehner,” he said earlier in the interview.

Later in the interview, Jones added that the group planning to challenge Boehner had met with the “one individual” who might challenge Boehner in the election for Speaker of the House.

“We’re gonna have a conference call the week after Christmas with our little group to see where we are,” he added.

Congress is home for Christmas Break. LLPH urges all conservatives, libertarians, independents, tea partiers, and anyone who loves freedom and liberty to call their representatives (especially if they are a Republican) and urge them to join Rep. Walter Jones in fighting to FIRE JOHN BOEHNER! The vote is January 6, 2015. Together, we can start this new congress the RIGHT way!

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#LLPH House Key Vote: STRONG “NO” on #HR83 (#CROmnibus)! #DefundObamasAmnesty #NoAmnesty #TCOT

LLPH is urging a strong NO vote on the CRomnibus (H.R. 83) which will be voted on tomorrow. We also reserve the right to score against the rule for the bill. We also intend to double-score this bill because of what it does and what if fails to do.

What it does (a lot of WASTEFUL SPENDING!):

In addition to funding President Obama’s amnesty with no strategy to stop it in 2015, the cromnibus makes use of $19 billion worth of changes in mandatory programs (CHIMPS) to make it appear as if it is staying below the Ryan-Murray discretionary budget caps. The bill also makes full use of the “disaster” and “emergency spending” loopholes, authorizing $5.7 billion in disaster spending (only $321 million of which to actually be spent this fiscal year), and another $5.4 billion (only $1.5 billion to actually be spent this year) in emergency spending for Ebola response and preparedness.

There are also dozens of examples of funding increases that reflect liberal, big-government priorities: $456 million extra for federal weather forecasting,  $636 million in new money for the Department of Energy, $250 million more than requested for the Environmental Protection Agency, $200 million more for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) than requested, $127 million more for Section 8 housing,  $150 million more for the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), $35 million more for the Commodities Future Trading Commission, $42 million more for the legislative branch (i.e., Congress), $141 million more for mass transit, $500,000 for the Peace Corps and many more.

Thanks to the Heritage Action for this info!

Here’s what it DOES NOT DO:

The $1.1 trillion, 1,603-page bill would fund most of the federal government through September 30, 2015 while extending funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) until February 27, 2015.  Importantly, the bill does nothing to block President Obama’s unilateral, unlawful actions which include granting quasi-legal status, work permits and Social Security numbers to those who are in the country illegally.

LLPH is strongly opposed to this bill. The process to which it is being brought to the floor, having it released ONLY last night, with its thousands of pages is disgusting. We are tired of the excuses like “wait until next year” and “it is the Senate’s fault”. Pathetic excuses will not save our republic.

This vote will be a huge litmus in our scorecard. We are watching this vote extremely closely as well as the debate. We will take note of the liberty leaders versus the traitors. Again, LLPH urges a STRONG NO vote on this bill tomorrow!

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#LLPH Key Vote Alert: “NO” on S.2244 (#TRIA Reauthorization)! #TCOT #StopBigGovernment

Supporting Businesses through FREE MARKET Principles is Good!

Supporting Businesses through GOVERNMENT WELFARE is Bad!

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives is expected to take up S.2244, the reauthorization of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Re-Authorization. The House Rules Committee already amended it with their own version, but the House GOP’s version still contains several flaws including reauthorizing this program in the first place.

Our friends at Freedomworks explained:

TRIA works by essentially providing government reinsurance for property insurers which cover damages from terrorist attacks. While the insurance companies continue to reap the full premiums for all of the damages they cover, the insurance companies are guaranteed that the government will pay a certain portion of their payouts in the event of a major terrorist attack. Effectively, TRIA is a bailout for insurers in the event of terrorist attack. Unfortunately, insurance companies have been willing to use the threat of terrorism to justify their continued benefits from the government, appealing to the damage from 9/11 regardless of how the insurance market has been able to adapt since those attacks.

Like many well-meaning government programs, TRIA was intended to be temporary, a crutch to help the insurance industry stabilize and find a rational way to cover large-scale destruction like that caused by the attacks on 9/11. But, as the Heritage Foundation’s David Inserra notes, insurers have largely addressed the problem; yet, over a decade after it was first passed, TRIA remains in place. Since then, as the Cato Institute’s Mark Calabria put it well, “TRIA is no more than corporate welfare wrapped up in the flag.”

With our $18 Trillion national debt, our nation cannot afford to continue reauthorizing programs just because they are supported by big businesses and insurance companies. It is time for them to stand on their own feet and for our government to return to its CONSTITUTIONAL role!

That is why LLPH urges a NO vote on S.2244, and we reserve the right to score any procedural votes that relate to the bill. Let’s stop cronyism!

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#LLPH #Election2016: #RINOs Already Declaring War on #LLPH 5-Star Rep. Tim Huelskamp! #TCOT #TeaParty

An article by Roll Call today highlights the war that conservatives, libertarians, tea partiers, and anyone else who loves the Constitution is facing against the big government establishment.

In the dark place of Washington D.C., filled with corruption and back-room deals (like what is going on with the CRomnibus right now), there are lights in the city such as Rep. Tim Huelskamp. Rep. Huelskamp is one of LLPH’s favorites and is currently rated as a 5-star representative based on our scorecard of critical votes.

It is no surprise, yet truly saddening, that RINOs are already seeking to defeat him in 2016. Roll Call reports:

In 2016, Kansas Republicans say, the congressman will have a far more credible primary opponent. What’s more, the campaign against Huelskamp, according to one person involved in challenging him this year, will likely be more organized and could start as early as next year.

Thankfully, Rep. Huelskamp is standing strong in the face of this threat:

“We’re not worried about 2016 in terms of that,” Huelskamp told CQ Roll Call after a Republican Conference meeting in the Capitol basement last week, when asked about a primary challenge. “I think we did very well. We were outspent in our primary.”

LLPH is prepared to support Rep. Huelskamp, and we expect to endorse him for re-election in 2016 soon. While we just finished the 2014 elections officially this past Saturday, the establishment is making clear that they are not going to let change happen easily.

But just as during the days of the American Revolution, we must keep our hopes up and support our leaders like Rep. Huelskamp during this second revolution! And that is what we plan to do!

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#LLPH #HOH: #Liberty Leaders in #House Speak Out Against #NDAA! #TCOT #MakeDCListen

Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6_xrV6Hp_0

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY 4): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57rWgEIpDi0

Thank you to Reps. Sanford and Massie for speaking out against the NDAA FY 2015!

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