LLPH Election HQ Live Blog: Part 1


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Just a quick note: THANK GOODNESS THAT CHARLIE CRIST WILL LOSE!!! Congrats to Governor Rick Scott of Florida. 

11: 40 PM:

Congratulations to Senator-Elect Thom Tillis. 

Also, congratulations to Rep. Elects Elise Stefanik of New York 21st and John Katko for New York 24th. 

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Congratulations to Senator Pat Roberts in Kansas and Senator-Elect David Perdue in Georgia on their victories!

Also Congrats to Returning Rep. Bob Dold who will defeat Democrat Rep. Bill Schneider in Illinois 10th!

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10: 35 Update: Conservatives are making gains in the House of Representatives!

We are excited about new congressmen who will join our Liberty Team and increase our CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY. Congratulations to the following Congressmen Elects:

Rep.-Elect Gary Palmer of Alabama 6th

Rep.-Elect Ken Buck of Colorado 4th 

Rep.-Elect Jody Hice of Georgia 10th

Rep.-Elect Barry Loudermilk of Georgia 11th

Rep.-Elect Tom Emmer of Minnesota 6th

Rep.-Elect Mark Walker of North Carolina 6th

Rep.-Elect Steve Russell of Oklahoma 5th

Rep.-Elect John Ratcliffe of Texas 4th

Rep.-Elect Brian Babin of Texas 36th

Rep.-Elect Dave Brat of Virginia 7th

Rep.-Elect Alex Mooney of West Virginia 2nd

Rep.-Elect Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin 6th

10: 30 PM Update:


Congratulations to Senators-Elect Cory Gardner of Colorado and Steve Daines of Montana!

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Congratulations to Governor Scott Walker! Keep updated at the link above.

Congratulations to LLPH Recommended Congressman-Elect Rick Allen of Georgia 12th on defeating Democrat Rep. John Barrow and Congressman-Elect Mike Bost on defeating Democrat Rep. Bill Enyart.

Also congratulations to Congressmen-Elect Evan Jenkins of West Virginia 3rd on defeating Democrat Rep. Nick Rahall and Congressman-Elect Carlos Curbelo on defeating Democrat Rep. Joe Garcia!

9: 20 PM:

Congratulations to Congressman Elect David Rouzer of North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District.

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Congratulations to Senator-Elect Mike Rounds of South Dakota.

Congratulations to LLPH Endorsed Governor-Elect Greg Abbott of Texas!

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8: 50 PM:

Congratulations to LLPH Champions of Liberty OH 01 Rep. Steve Chabot, OH 04 Jim Jordan.

Congratulations to Congressman-Elect Barbara Comstock in Virginia 10th Congressional District!

8:45 PM:

Congratulations to LLPH Champions of Liberty NC 03 Rep. Walter Jones, SC 01 Rep. Mark Sanford, and SC 03 Rep. Jeff Duncan!


8:35 PM:

Additional Winners:

Congratulations to Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma and Senator-Elect James Lankford of Oklahoma!

BREAKING NEWS: LLPH Endorsed Senator-Elect Tom Cotton Projected to Win! Congratulations to Senator-Elect Cotton!

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8: 20 PM Update:

Congratulations to LLPH Champions of Liberty Rep. Curt Clawson of Florida 19th, Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma 1st, and Thomas Massie of Kentucky 4th!

8:10 PM Update:

Congratulations to Senator-Elect Shelley Moore-Capito of West Virginia. Glad to be taking the seat of Rockefeller.

LLPH Senators Tim Scott and Jeff Sessions win re-election! Congratulation Senators!

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More #House #Conservative Candidates on the Rise! #LibertyRising 2014! #Liberty

Bruce Poliquin Dan Bongino Tom Emmer Marilinda Garcia  Mark Walker Steve Russell John Ratcliffe

The establishment should begin trembling. Conservative candidates won their primaries throughout this election season, and we expect to grow LLPH’s Congressional Tigers Team on Tuesday. We are excited to continue introducing you to our endorsed candidates who will join the likes of Justin Amash, Matt Salmon, Mark Meadows, and others.

“It is time that the career professional politicians more interested in being Washington insiders step aside for new voices who will represent the people who want smaller government, lower taxes and less interference from government in the conduct of their family affairs and their personal lives,” said RLC National Chair Matt Nye. “Our Board members from all parts of the nation found Bruce Poliquin to be a refreshing change from the political status quo.” —The National Republican Liberty Caucus 

Bruce Poliquin is doing an amazing job running for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, a Democrat-leaning district. He is proving that when voters are provided with a positive conservative vision, not just talking points, a conservative has the potential to win. If elected, he will stand for civil liberties, cutting spending, and limited government. In the primary, he defeated a liberal Republican with the backing of the establishment. He is leading in the polls, has the backing of Freedomworks, and if he wins, it would be a pick-up for not just Republicans, but conservatives as well.

“Remember, the relentless battle that the insider-class has fought against us cannot continue without the consent of the governed. Changing tomorrow will not be quick and it will not be easy, but nothing worth fighting for is.” —Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino is probably one of the most constitutional conservative candidates I have ever seen. He ran for senate in Maryland in 2010, and he is back running in a Democrat-leaning Maryland 6th District. Like Bruce Poliquin and Rod Blum, Bongino is showing the establishment that conservatives can win with conservative principles, not pandering and acting like liberals. Dan Bongino has received praises and endorsements from Governor Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Rep. Justin Amash, and many more. He has received nothing from the GOP establishment like the NRCC. We conservatives are proud to back him and his win would be a pick-up for Republicans, but more importantly our Tiger Coalition. His message of hope and true leadership is what we need more of in Washington D.C.

Tom Emmer for Congress's photo.

“In the spirit of Main Street, join Tom to bring everyday values to Washington, stand up for individual liberties, and ensure economic freedom.” —Tom Emmer

Tom Emmer is running for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, running to succeed Rep. Michele Bachmann. Emmer will bring his strong conservative voice to Washington D.C. continuing the good things that Bachmann has done and improving upon areas that she was not as good on. Tom Emmer is fully supportive of our civil liberties, believes in cutting spending, and will work to shrink the size of government. He received praise from LLPH Congressman Thomas Massie and Governor Sarah Palin. He even donated money to Congressman Justin Amash. Tom Emmer will be a wonderful conservative in Congress!

“Marilinda Garcia will stand and fight against President Obama’s amnesty and stand and fight to repeal Obamacare.” —Senator Ted Cruz

Marilinda Garcia is running for New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District to defeat Rep. Ann Kuster, a supporter of President Obama. Garcia is another fresh voice, a millennial state legislature who is not afraid to stand by conservative values. In the primary, she defeated a liberal Republican who raised taxes in the state legislature. She has been endorsed by Senator Ted Cruz, Rep. Justin Amash, the Club for Growth, and many others. Her win would bring another conservative voice to Washington D.C. and we are honored to endorse and support her.

A New Voice for NC

“Mark has made it clear that he will be the people’s voice in Washington and will stand up to President Obama’s failed policies including Obamacare, amnesty and gun control. Mark is a Washington outsider running to be a fresh voice for North Carolina.” —Mark Walker

Mark Walker shocked the establishment when he defeated the son of a prominent state legislator. He did the unthinkable and started his campaign when Rep. Coble was still running for congress, meaning that he was going to primary Coble. Of course, Rep. Coble went on to endorse the establishment pick, but Walker prevailed by double digits. Mark Walker is a citizen, a pastor, and a father. He is a strong conservative, and he did an interview with Liberty Conservatives in which he showed that he will be a strong voice for conservatives in Congress. His win will likely add another conservative to our team as Rep. Coble had an F on our scorecard. We look forward to his win this Tuesday.

“In Washington, as I did in Oklahoma, I will not compromise my principles for political favors or allow political pressure to cripple my conscience. My love for this country and its constitution have been steeled in battle. I will lead. As I did with my soldiers, I will put the interests of the people before my own. America is in peril and we need leaders who will fight for the freedoms we cherish today to preserve them for our children tomorrow. As Oklahoma’s 5th District Congressman, I will continue to be that kind of leader.  There are three questions that will guide my actions as a member of Congress: Is It Constitutional? Is It Right? Can We Afford It?” —Steve Russell

Steve Russell is running for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, and his quote above should tell you everything that you need to know about why we endorsed him in the runoff against a pro-bailout Republican and why we are confident he will join our liberty team in D.C. He has been endorsed by LLPH Rep. Jim Bridenstine, one of our favorites and Madison Project. Steve Russell will fight for the Constitution, just as he did in our military. His win would be a pick-up for conservatives as he would replace Rep. James Lankford (C). We look forward to his victory on Tuesday!

“Ratcliffe articulately sums up the problem with the status quo in the party by noting that too many incumbent Republicans are “conservative philosophically and operationally liberal,” seeking to be “tolerated by their conservative constituents instead of fighting for them.”  Ratcliffe notes how hard it is to downsize bureaucracy from his experience trying to shrink a U.S. attorney’s office and a local government.  That’s why he is leading by example with self-imposed term limits.” —Madison Project

John Ratcliffe is running for Texas’s 4th Congressional District, and after a hard fought primary and runoff, he defeated the incumbent Rep. Ralph Hall (D rating) and has no Democrat opponent for November. Ratcliffe will be a strong conservative voice, and we are excited to have him in congress to protect liberty and cut spending. His victory will likely be another addition to our conservative coalition.

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Help Send the #Conservative #Tigers to the #House! Defeat the #Establishment #RINOs!

Gary Palmer Ken Buck Dr. Jody Hice  Barry Loudermilk Rod Blum  Paul Dietzel II

The primaries ended with several gains for conservatives. LLPH endorsed several strong conservatives, some won while others lost. But all together, we had a successful primary season and now we need to ensure our conservative tiger recruits to join our current batch of tigers fighting the liberals in the Republican and Democrat Party. Over the next few days, we will be featuring these awesome conservative candidates and some incumbents leading up to election day!

“In Alabama, Gary has been involved in transitioning Alabama from a People’s Republic of Democrats to a free market, limited government system. He has been a conservative ideas man at the Alabama Policy Institute. He has been willing to stand up to Republicans in Alabama and will, no doubt, do the same in Washington.” —Erick Erickson; RedState Chief Editor 

Gary Palmer is an awesome conservative running for Alabama’s 6th Congressional District who has been fighting through his conservative think tank to advance our values. Palmer will fight to cut the debt, protect our liberty, and will defend the Constitution every day. He has been endorsed by LLPH Senator Jeff Sessions, RedState’s Erick Erickson, and received funds from LLPH Congressmen Thomas Massie and Jim Jordan. If he wins, he would succeed RINO Rep. Spencer Bachus (F), likely providing a pick-up for conservatives.

“Ken has promised to be a leader in Congress in our efforts to rein in the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government. He is a man of his word and someone that will stop for nothing in protecting the interests of his constituents.” —Tea Party Express

Ken Buck ran in 2010 for Senate in a difficult race and lost by less than 1% of the vote. This time around, he running to succeed Cory Gardner who is running for Senate. Ken Buck is a strong conservative who will defend liberty against the IRS and NSA, cut spending, and stand up to the establishment. He participated in the recent RedState gathering 2014. Rep. Gardner has an F with LLPH so if Ken Buck wins in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, his seat would be another pick-up for conservatives.

Jody Hice is the only candidate in this race who will put his conservative values ahead of the priorities of the party elite in Washington, much like Rep. Paul Broun has done during his tenure.” —Drew Ryun of The Madison Project

LLPH will miss Rep. Paul Broun who lost his race for Georgia Senator, but we are excited for the next representative of Georgia’s 10th Congressional District…Dr. Jody Hice! Jody Hice was endorsed by Broun as he was the only conservative in the runoff to commit to take on the establishment. His win will assure us that conservatives will keep this seat, and we are excited to see him go to Washington D.C.!

“More importantly, he understands the political dynamic in Washington and has committed to completely fighting against the GOP establishment and seeking new leadership within the party.  While we often look for political newcomers to run for Congress, Loudermilk’s experience in the Georgia state House and Senate are actually advantages – he has a record of standing up to the big government bosses within the Republican Party.” —Madison Project

Barry Loudermilk is running unopposed in the general election, giving him a 100% chance of winning Georgia’s 11th District. He will succeed Rep. Phil Gingrey, a decent Republican who has a C on our scorecard. Loudermilk’s official win on Tuesday will represent another pick-up for conservatives if he stays true to his word. He has been endorsed by Rep. Justin Amash, Madison Project, Club for Growth, and many more. He has already stated that he plans to vote against Speaker Boehner!

“I support the Penny Plan for balancing the budget.  The Penny Plan cuts 1% per year from the budget for the next six years.  At the end of the 6th year the budget will be balanced.  Congress can determine where the cuts come from or they can decide to cut the budget 1% across the board.  This legislation is currently supported by 71 House members, including Steve King from Iowa and 13 Senators including Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.” —Rod Blum

Rod Blum is running in a Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. While a Democrat leaning district, he has the momentum in the race. Recent pollings show him to be leading the Democrat, and he has been endorsed by several local papers who have not supported a Republican in years. Rod Blum is committed to civil liberties and cutting spending. He has been endorsed by Steve Forbes, Dr. Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul, and has been praised by Rep. Justin Amash. He will be a strong conservative and will not only pick up a seat for Republicans, but for conservatives as well.

Zach Dasher is kin to the Duck Dynasty family…but more importantly he is a committed Constitutional Conservative running for Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District. Endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin, Madison Project, Club for Growth, RedState’s Erick Erickson, and other conservatives, he is running to defeat RINO Rep. Vance McAllister (F). Rep. McAllister was elected in 2013 and has been a liberal disgrace, getting wrapped into extramarital affairs as well in D.C. He has been dubbed the “Kissing Congressman”. McAllister has voted for higher taxes, bloated budgets, and believes that we should expand Obamacare. Zach Dasher will fight for limited government, defend our values, and cut spending.

“I’ve watched as cronies from special interest groups have tried to buy this race for yet another career bureaucrat or politician skilled in the ways of gaming the system. It is time for a change, and Paul Dietzel is a vigorous leader for needed change.” —Conservative Leader Morton Blackwell

Paul Dietzel is a next generation conservative (like Zach Dasher) running for Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District. In his youthful thirties, he is intelligent and has worked hard in his small technology business. Paul knows that big government destroys freedom and will work to cut spending, protect our civil liberties, and bring a new, fresh voice to congress. He spoke at the RedState Gathering 2014, and he has been endorsed by Liberty For All SuperPAC. His win would be another pick-up for conservatives as he would be succeeding Rep. Bill Cassidy (F).

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#RINO Rep. Hal Rogers (w/ Boehner and McConnell) Plan #Omnibus During #LameDuck!

The election is not even over, and RINOs are already announcing their plans to surrender on the budget bill. They hope to pass an Omnibus Bill during the Lame Duck session, which would only allow a bunch of old timers who are heading out to vote for the appropriations for the entire year in 2015.

Roll Call reports:

“We need to do an omnibus bill funding the entire government for the rest of the year, and get that whole business behind us, so that come January, [McConnell] will have a clean slate rather than looking backwards to old fights that we could look forward to making positive changes,” House Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers, R-Ky., told CQ Roll Call in a phone interview Thursday.

They want us to give the Republican Party the majority, yet they want to pass big government bills like this and give up the power of the purse?

LLPH will continue fighting against these RINOs and working to increase our congressional team in Washington D.C. Representatives like Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Ron DeSantis, and others as well as senators like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and others are changing Washington!

Visit our endorsement’s page to find leaders and candidates to support:

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#LLPH Election Day Countdown: 13 DAYS LEFT (10/22/2014)! Help #Conservatives WIN!

Dan Sullivan for Alaska Senator! Let’s defeat Senator Mark Begich who scored an F- on LLPH’s Scorecard. Dan Sullivan was endorsed by the Tea Party Express, the Club for Growth, Senator Rand Paul and is uniting Republicans, Democrats, Independents who are sick of President Obama’s failed policies! Dan Sullivan will fight to repeal Obamacare, cut wasteful spending, and defend liberty. Let’s END Harry Reid’s reign!

Rep. Tom Cotton for Arkansas Senator! Endorsed by Senate Conservatives Fund, Tea Party Express, the Club for Growth, and others, Rep. Cotton has been a consistent vote for conservative principles in the House. He earned an A on our scorecard and is included as a member of LLPH’s Team. Let’s defeat Senator Mark Pryor who voted for Obamacare and bigger government. Let’s END Harry Reid’s reign.


Joni Ernst for Iowa Senator! Joni Ernst is ready to cut the waste, stop Washington’s arrogance, and defend our conservative principles. Rep. Bruce Braley is a liberal Democrat who voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. He will be a lockstep vote for Harry Reid just like Senator Tom Harkin is right now. But even worst, Rep. Braley will bring a level of arrogance that Senator Harkin never had. Rep. Braley is famous for mocking Iowan farmers, while Joni Ernst is an Iowa farmer and a soldier. She is ready to lead which is why she has been endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin, Senate Conservatives Fund, and SBA List. Let’s END Harry Reid’s reign!

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#IASEN: #LLPH Endorsed Joni Ernst Leads Liberal Bruce Braley! #TCOT #Iowa #Liberty

joni ernst

Help Joni Ernst win the Iowa Senate Race and take back the Majority!

Building a strong CONSERVATIVE Senate is very important for our country!

LLPH is excited to report that a new poll by USA Today shows our endorsed candidate Joni Ernst leading liberal Bruce Braley in the Iowa Senate Race. Joni Ernst has been promoting a strong conservative message of fiscal responsibility and defending the Constitution. She has been endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund, Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Ted Cruz, and other conservatives.

A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll in Iowa finds Joni Ernst (R) leading Bruce Braley (R) in the U.S. Senate race, 47% to 43% among likely voters.

She would make an excellent addition to our strong conservative batch of senators. Help her today:

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#LLPH Endorsed #NH02 Marilinda Garcia Featured on Conservative HQ! #TCOT #Liberty

Marilinda Garcia

Marilinda Garcia

Marilinda Garcia is one of LLPH’s favorite candidates this election cycle, earning her a spot in Project Tiger (our top candidate endorsements). She is campaigning as a conservative who is ready to shake up the GOP Establishment.

Here is what our friends at Conservative HQ wrote about her:

Garcia is, on paper at least, the Republican establishment’s ideal candidate for Congress. Young, attractive, with a Hispanic surname and a degree from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, she has served as a New Hampshire state representative since 2007. She also plays and teaches the harp, and, at 31, Marilinda Garcia is one of the youngest Congressional candidates in the country.

But paper is pretty much the only place where Marilinda Garcia and the GOP establishment cross paths because she is campaigning as a conservative, not as a “more of the same” establishment Republican.

Garcia says that taxpayer distrust in government has led to a need for a “new generation of conservative leaders to challenge the status quo” and this conservative message now has her running ahead of the Democratic incumbent, the truly scary Ann McLane Kuster.

Strangely, despite the fact that she is such an attractive candidate, while the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has just dumped almost $1 million into Kuster’s campaign. the NRCC hasn’t spent a dime on Garcia.

She is, as Club for Growth Action noted, a fierce opponent of big government. As a state legislator, Garcia voted to cut taxes and never voted for a budget that increased spending. She even voted against a regional Cap-and-Trade scheme that her opponent supported. In Garcia, conservatives have a principled candidate who they can trust.

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