LLPH #Senate Key Vote: “YES” on Lee #TEAct & “NO” on Highway Bill!

LLPH urges all members to vote YES on the Lee Amendment to the Highway Bill, which is expected to be voted on today. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)’s amendment will return money and the building of roads to the states.

As our friends at the Madison Project states:

“It’s time we free the states and the citizens from the paralysis, waste, and fraud that is associated with the lobbyist-driven federal transportation policy. Like other federal policies, it has encumbered growth and development for far too long. We urge all senators to oppose the underlying bill and adopt Sen. Lee’s amendment to empower the states with authority over transportation and abolish the gasoline tax.”

If the amendment fails, LLPH will urge senators to vote AGAINST the Highway Bill. Madison Project stated concerning this bill,

“With so much waste, inefficiency, and debt in the federal transportation system, the time is ripe for the Senate to go big on transportation policy,” said Daniel Horowitz, policy director of the Madison Project. “The current highway bill before the Senate invests even more money into the sinkhole of federal transportation policy and uses the most absurd accounting gimmicks to offset the $10.8 billion tab. The endless debt and constant threat of increased federal taxes exposes the absurdity of running something like transportation of 50 states from the nation’s capital.”

Read more from the Madison Project:

Freedomworks, the Club for Growth, and Heritage Foundation have promised to score likewise on the amendment and then the bill.

In addition, LLPH may score votes on the following amendment:

YES on Toomey Amendment (Under Toomey’s amendment, after a disaster has been declared by the president, or an emergency declared by a governor, any damaged or destroyed highway, bridge, or transit facility could be rebuilt in the same location “with the same capacity, dimensions, and design.” The rebuilding projects would be exempt from most environmental reviews and permit requirements.)

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#LLPH #Senate Key Vote: “NO” on Pamela Harris Nomination for Circuit Court!

LLPH urges all senators to vote NO on the nomination of Pamela Harris to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Thanks to Majority Leader Harry Reid’s tyrannical rule, judges are being confirmed at the will of President Obama and his cronies. But that does not mean that freedom-loving senators should not stand up and fight and vote no.

Pamela Harris would be a disaster if confirmed to our country’s courts:

FRC Action released this statement on Ms. Harris:

President Obama is on a mission to fill the nation’s highest courts with activist judges who will rubber stamp his liberal agenda.

His latest candidate is Georgetown Law professor and self-proclaimed “liberal” Pamela Harris. Right now, Senators are considering confirming her to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals where she would have a lifetime appointment to interpret the Constitution in her own image.

In fact, that’s exactly what she’s said she’d do. Speaking on a panel in 2009, Harris said, “my own best reading of the Constitution, it’s pretty close to where I am. Because I think the Constitution is a profoundly progressive document…” Harris has declared that the Constitution ought to take its meaning from her favored social movements instead of what the Framers intended. “Yes, the values, the principles, on some level of generality, are there at the beginning,” Harris said on another panel in 2008, “but they take their meaning—and they should take their meaning—from what comes after.”

This politicized view of the federal bench in which courts bend to the fashions of social movements shows a profound misunderstanding of the limited powers of a federal judge and usurps what should be the role of our elected representatives.

LLPH urges all senators, especially the Democrat senators who have gotten used to going along to get along, to look very closely at this nominee who interprets the Constitution with her own interpretation, not based on the founder’s intent and vote NO on her nomination. We will score this vote in our scorecard.

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Gone, Going, Gone: #Conservative Hitch Hiker’s Guide for Next Two Weeks!

I’m going to be gone on vacation for the next two weeks with limited internet connection. I feel bad about leaving everyone hanging on what is going on for the next two weeks, so I’m going to give as much help as I can.


I’ve been scoring votes without releasing key vote alerts recently. And I reserve the right to score any votes that occur that deal with issues of fiscal responsibility, liberty, and the Constitution.

The House of Representatives will meet on July 8-11 and July 14-17.
The U.S. Senate will meet on July 7-11 and July 14-18.

Both chambers are expected to work on Appropriations bills. Possible consideration of legislation dealing with the Export-Import Bank (which LLPH strongly opposes and will score as a 10-pointer) as well as dealing with the Highway Trust Fund (which needs major reforms before renewal). Expect a lot of spending cuts and liberty issues to be dealt with.

We expect the House will likely work on either the Energy or the Agriculture Appropriations. A lot of opportunity to cut spending!

Here are some sites to watch their key votes (if they’re scoring it, I’m likely scoring it as well):
Club for Growth
National Taxpayers Union
Campaign for Liberty
Generation Opportunity

Follow me on Twitter: @SpoaSteph (I’ll try to tweet out some).


July 15, 2014:


Also, we need to be helping out the Georgia candidates who will be up for runoffs on July 22, 2014:


A few additional websites:
Liberty Conservatives
The Hill
Roll Call

Remember to follow me on Twitter (I’ll try to get out updates).

This should help you for the next few weeks. I’ll be back soon!

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#Liberty Leaders #NC03 Rep. Walter Jones & #KY04 Rep. Thomas Massie Discuss Issues! #TCOT #MakeDCListen

They discuss NSA, declassifying portion of 9/11 report, Iraq/Afghanistan and the House Liberty Caucus. June 25, 2014

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#LLPH Congratulates #Liberty Congressman-Elect Curt Clawson on Victory in #FL19: 67-29% Against Democrat! #TCOT #TeaParty



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#LLPH Recommends #Conservative Elise Stefanik for Congress #NY21! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #NYpol

“My generation is going to have to clean up this mess,” Stefanik said of government debt and spending

LLPH is proud to recommend Elise Stefanik for New York’s 22nd Congressional District. The election is tomorrow and it is important to get out the vote for her. She is running against a liberal Republican who is known to be weak on the issues and who has lost two times. Her fresh voice as well as her being a millennial (29 years old), are all pluses that give us the confidence she can win back this district.

Elise Stefanik is willing to buck those in her party’s leadership, even with the endorsements of several of them such as Rep. Paul Ryan. 

That said, Stefanik challenged Doheny on whether he would have voted the budget agreement struck last winter between Ryan and Senate budget committee chair Patty Murray.

“Would I have voted in favor of it?” Doheny responded. “I don’t know. Probably.”

That gave Stefanik the opening to respond “I wouldn’t have…because for all the families based at Fort Drum and for all the military veterans, that deal cuts veterans benefits.”

She has the courage to lead and fight for conservative principles. This is what LLPH’s friend Doug Hoffman, conservative and tea party candidate in 2010 against another liberal Republican stated this when he endorsed Elise Stefanik:

“I think she’s a terrific candidate, well-educated, [with] good experience in Washington that will help her when she gets down there to open doors and get the job done,” Hoffman said in a phone interview. “I like her stance on just about all the issues. I can’t think of any that I don’t agree with her on. She’s a commonsense conservative Reagan Republican. I think she’s going to be a candidate that can unify the Republicans, the conservatives, and the independents.”

We are proud to recommend Elise Stefanik for New York’s 22nd Congressional District. This district has a Cook PVI of R+2. It was formerly held by a Republican until 2010 when a conservative and liberal Republican split the vote leading to Rep. Bill Owens win (he is retiring this year).

It is time for a new and fresh voice in Congress. Time to send Elise to victory tomorrow! 

Elise’s Website:


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#LLPH Endorses General Bentley Rayburn for Congress #CO05! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #COpol

Watch Lamborn Become Unglued When Rayburn Calls Him Out On His Voting Record

LLPH is proud to endorse General Bentley Rayburn for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District. He is challenging Rep. Doug Lamborn (R) in the primary this Tuesday. So far, two incumbents have been defeated this year: Rep. Ralph Hall and Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Lamborn is more like Hall than Cantor. We have for a long time supported Rep. Lamborn, but at this turning point in our country, with an imperial president, a tyrannical senate, and a surrender house, we must demand better. Rep. Lamborn is a good man and is with us on most of the issues, but he has been MISSING IN ACTION when major fights come to the floor.

In addition, Rep. Lamborn voted for the Ryan-Murray Budget (which cut veterans benefits), supported buying Russian military weapons (funding Russian businesses and shipping jobs overseas), and was very weak during the Defund Obamacare fight. The fact is that after serving in elected office since 1995, Rep. Lamborn has lost touch with the citizenry. He is not a neo-statist like Cantor was, but like Hall, his refusal to fight combined with some of his bad votes suggests to us that with a strong conservative challenger, he does not deserve re-election.

General Bentley Rayburn will never waver in fighting against the Obama Administration’s reckless policies. He will be an aggressive leader, joining with other strong conservatives like Reps. Jim Bridenstine and Ron DeSantis (both military veterans as well), to fight for the conservative principles we believe in. 

In his own words:

I am running because, like many Republicans, I am fed up with status quo conservatives who only show up at election time and who campaign with predictable “conservative” slogans and do little to advance our cause of Constitutional governance and liberty. 

Gun Owners of America PVF, the strongest pro-2nd Amendment organization in the country has endorsed Rayburn stating:

“We, along with other conservative organizations and individuals, have lost confidence in Mr. Lamborn based on his lack of leadership,” Vice Chairman of GOA Tim Macy explains. “General Rayburn has shown true leadership from the time he started at the Air Force Academy, throughout his exceptional career and serving his church and community.”

Colorado’s 5th Congressional District has a PVI of R+15, making it an extremely Republican district. It is time to stop sending mediocre politicians, and start sending conservative LEADERS! Bentley Rayburn will add to our conservative coalition and we are proud to endorse him for Congress.

Rayburn’s Website:

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