#LLPH Endorses #NC11 Rep. Mark Meadows (@RepMarkMeadows @VoteMeadows)! #TCOT #Liberty #Endorsement

Mark Meadows NC-11

LLPH-Endorsed Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC 11)

Back in June 2015, Rep. Mark Meadows was removed from his subcommittee chairmanship. Boehner & Co. decided that they could not have a congressman who votes his conscience and for his constituents as a chairman. At issue was Rep. Meadows’ vote against the Trade Promotion Authority Rule vote which is the vote that allows the bill to be debated on the floor. Like many other conservatives, he decided to be bi-partisan on this issue and work with Democrats to demand an open-amendment process where the people and not just the big corporations could have a say. In addition, Rep. Meadows has refused to give money to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) which happily gives money to RINOs while denying funds to conservative members. So leadership decided they have had enough. But thanks to the strong number of conservative representatives that conservatives across the country like LLPH members have sent in 2010, 2012, and 2014, we were able to demand that Boehner & Co. give Rep. Meadows back his chairmanship, and they finally agreed.

In August 2015, Rep. Meadows brought the a resolution to vacate the chair to the floor. This resolution would remove Speaker Boehner from the Speakership. Here is the resolution that Rep. Meadows led in writing and offering to the House:

Declaring the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives vacant.

Whereas the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the 114th Congress has endeavored to consolidate power and centralize decision making, bypassing the majority of the 435 Members of Congress and the people they represent;

Whereas the Speaker has, through inaction, caused the power of Congress to atrophy, thereby making Congress subservient to the executive and judicial branches, diminishing the voice of the American people;

Whereas the Speaker uses the power of the office to punish Members who vote according to their conscience instead of the will of the Speaker;

Whereas the Speaker has intentionally provided for voice votes on consequential and controversial legislation to be taken without notice and with few Members present;

Whereas the Speaker uses the legislative calendar to create crises for the American people, in order to compel Members to vote for legislation;

Whereas the Speaker does not comply with the spirit of the rules of the House of Representatives, which provide that Members shall have three days to review legislation before voting;

Whereas the Speaker continues to direct the Rules Committee to limit meaningful amendments, to limit debate on the House floor, and to subvert a straightforward legislative process; and

Whereas the House of Representatives, to function effectively in the service of all citizens of this country, requires the service of a Speaker who will endeavor to follow an orderly and inclusive process without imposing his or her will upon any Member thereof: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives is hereby declared to be vacant.

Rep. Mark Meadows was right when he offered the resolution, and it led to Speaker Boehner announcing on September 25, 2015 that he would resign from the Speakership and the House of Representatives. And this was all thanks to conservatives especially to the leadership of Rep. Mark Meadows.

A little bit more about Rep. Meadows before we explain the situation in his race. Rep. Meadows voted against both the Ryan-Murray Budget and the CRomnibus, two of the 1,000+ page bills that exemplify the problem of Washington D.C. He holds an A+ on LLPH’s scorecard.

Rep. Mark Meadows may potentially have a primary opponent. RINO leaders who are part of Boehner & Co. like Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC 10) are working to defeat him according to sources. The Hill reports,

Three senior GOP sources told The Hill they’ve heard Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) has reached out to Republicans in North Carolina’s 11th District to gauge their interest in launching a primary challenge against Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.).

Meadows is a Tea Party favorite who generated national headlines this summer after floating a plan to depose Boehner. McHenry is the chief deputy whip and a member of Boehner’s leadership team.

“He has been actively working to recruit a challenger,” one source said of McHenry.

It is imperative that we defend Rep. Mark Meadows from these attacks by the big government liberal Republicans. You can watch the strong leadership of Rep. Mark Meadows at the Freedomworks 9/12 Summit here.

Therefore, LLPH is proud and honored to endorse a man of principle, a representative of the people, and a TRUE LIBERTY CONSERVATIVE Rep. Mark Meadows for re-election in 2016 to represent North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District in the 115th Congress!

It may be a tough fight. But LLPH will not leave our men behind, especially when they have stood by us during the toughest of fights.

Here is Rep. Meadows’ campaign website: http://meadowsforcongress.com/

Follow him on Twitter at: @VoteMeadows and LIKE him on Facebook HERE.

Let’s win this seat and keep it in the hands of liberty-loving conservatives.

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#LLPH Statement on Speaker Boehner’s Resignation Announcement! #Boehner #TCOT #Liberty

LLPH made the following statement in response to Speaker John Boehner’s announcement that he would resign:

We are thankful for the years of service that Speaker Boehner has provided. We wish him and his family well and all the best.

With that being said, his speakership has mostly been one characterized by surrender. That is the reason he is one of the few members who has a 0% on LLPH’s scorecard.

We hope to reform the GOP leadership by bringing true conservatives to lead the House Republicans. We will also work hard to ensure that a conservative leader, in the form of someone like Rep. Dave Brat who took out Former Majority Leader Eric Cantor, will take Speaker Boehner’s seat.

Perhaps the best article to read to sum up Speaker Boehner’s resignation is this one: K Street Crushed, Conservatives Elated over Boehner Departure.

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#LLPH Endorses #FL06 Rep. Ron DeSantis for #FLSEN! #TCOT #Liberty #Endorsement

Ron DeSantis FL SEN

Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL SEN CAND)

The Florida Senate Seat is being left open due to Senator Marco Rubio running for the Presidency. Senator Rubio has more or less been a strong conservative receiving an A+ from LLPH due to his commitment for opposing bills like the $1 trillion, 1,000+ page CRomnibus, supporting the Cruz Point of Order against Executive Amnesty, and fighting tooth and nail to end the Export-Import Bank.

With Senator Rubio leaving, we have a chance to send even a better senator from Florida. The man we are endorsing today is not only committed to fighting things like the CRomnibus and Executive Amnesty as he has in the House, but he will also stand even more strongly against amnesty before securing the border and will fight for stronger protections for our civil liberties (certain areas where Senator Rubio has fallen short in). This means while we will miss Senator Rubio in the Senate, we have the potential to get a new senator with an even stronger A+. This man would be Rep. Ron DeSantis, who currently represents Florida’s 6th Congressional District.

Rep. Ron DeSantis is one of the few to oppose BOTH the Ryan-Murray Budget and the CRomnibus. He has voted several times to stop clean reauthorizations and fundings for the Patriot Act. He is a strong voice for national defense, but he also respects the need for a sane budgetary process which includes a balance of domestic and defense cuts. Rep. DeSantis has not shied away from criticizing his own leadership and has been a member of the House Freedom Caucus.

On the House Floor earlier this year, Rep. DeSantis has been on the floor leading fights for conservative principles. First, he fought against the funding for executive amnesty earlier this year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeuWC9cjPYY (you can also see another one of our favorites, Rep. Thomas Massie, yielding to him). Next, he also led the fight for returning more education control to the states through his support for the A-PLUS Act: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-oFsqttGNk.

Time and time again, Rep. Ron DeSantis has been on the front lines fighting for the principles that we all care about. That is why he currently holds an A+ on LLPH’s Scorecard. On a personal note, I still remember in 2012 e-mailing many congressional candidates with questionnaires and asking them where they stood on certain issues. Rep. DeSatnis was one of the few who replied personally to me and was very honest in his responses. That is the type of Senator that Florida and our country needs.

Rep. Ron DeSantis would without a doubt be the type who would support other A+ and A senators like Senator Mike Lee and Tim Scott. He would strengthen our conservative team in the Senate and ensure that this seat becomes an upgrade for conservatives and not a downgrade.

Rep. DeSantis has two chief opponents in the race currently: Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera and fellow Rep. David Jolly. Lt. Governor Lopez-Cantera has a mixed record; he has won praise from Senator Rubio and certain writers for the conservative Breitbart, but he is known to have supported several tax increases under now-Democrat Former Governor Charlie Crist, which even he admits was a mistake. Rep. David Jolly has a terrible record; he was elected in a special election in 2014 and has voted nearly in lock-step with Boehner & Co. on several votes including funding executive amnesty, supporting the CRomnibus, and rejecting reforms to protect our civil liberties. There is no doubt that Rep. Ron DeSantis is the best to take this seat.

Rep. Ron DeSantis served as a JAG office in the United States Navy. He has been endorsed by RedState’s Erick Erickson, Club for Growth, FreedomWorks, Madison Project, and so many more conservative leaders and groups.

Therefore, LLPH is proud and honored to endorse a man of principle, a representative of the people, and a TRUE LIBERTY CONSERVATIVE Ron DeSantis for election in 2016 to represent Florida in the United States Senate in the 115th Congress!

Here is Rep. Ron DeSantis’s campaign website: https://www.desantis2016.com/landing/join-ron-desantis/

Follow him on Twitter at: @RonDeSantisFL or LIKE him on Facebook HERE.

Let’s win this seat and keep it in the hands of principled liberty-loving conservatives.

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#LLPH #Senate & #House Key Vote Alert: “NO” on the Continuing Resolution! #TCOT #FiscalSanity

It is possible that as soon as this week, if not then next week, the Senate and House will both vote on Continuing Resolutions to continue to fund the government until mid-December. LLPH will urge a strong NO vote on such continuing resolutions. Here’s why:

First, these continuing resolutions are nothing more than a continuation of the status quo (that is why they have the word “continuing” in it). Instead of being responsible and actually producing budget bills that focus on our increasing debt, Congress is going to kick the can down the road and put our spending on auto-pilot. This means that the numerous unconstitutional agencies and departments will continue to be funded instead of ended. This means that our children and the next generation will have to pay for the debt that will come from continuing the spending that should be stopped.

Second, this plan is worthless. What this plan essentially sets up is a mid-December Omnibus bill of some sort. Anyone who has watched politics knows how this is going to end up. It will be a few days before Christmas. Then, Boehner, McConnell, & Co. will dump a thousand-page bill and demand members vote on it with less than 48 hours to read the bill. They will have their company members all ready to vote yes (the Hatches, McCarthys, Scalises of the Senate and House), and they will gather just enough Democrats to get the bill passed. Conservative members will beg for simply the opportunity to read the bill, and they will be called “obstructionists”, “wacko-birds”, and “terrorists.” This continuing resolution will only lead to the next worst bill, and that is why we will strongly oppose the continuing resolution.

Third and lastly, we would withdraw our objection to this continuing resolution if it actually did something good. Maybe we could defund Planned Parenthood? What about Obamacare? What about the executive amnesty? All we are asking for is that the Republican leadership include a conservative principle in this continuing resolution. But alas, they will do nothing. They will continue the massive spending on worthless departments and agencies, throw more money for destructive organizations like Planned Parenthood, and then go back home to tell their constituents that they are “conservative” and complain that all they need is a Republican President. If they will not fight now, there is no way they will fight when we have a Republican President. Period.

LLPH will keep everyone updated on the Continuing Resolution, and we are prepared to withdraw our objections if some type of conservative principle is included. But if what we expect happens, we will definitely score AGAINST any Continuing Resolution that simply keeps the status quo.

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#LLPH Endorses State Senator Jim Banks (@Jim_Banks) for #IN03! #TCOT #Liberty #Endorsement

Jim Banks IN-3 Candidate

LLPH-Endorsed Jim Banks (R-IN 03 CAND)

In Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District, A+ rated conservative Rep. Marlin Stutzman is running for the Senate seat left open by current F-rated Indiana Senator Dan Coats. While LLPH is looking forward to making the Senate more liberty-friendly, we are also working hard to ensure that our team in the House of Representatives remains just as strong. In 2010, we sent strong leaders like Justin Amash (MI-3) and Tim Huelskamp (KS-1). In 2012, LLPH supported rock stars like Jim Bridenstine (OK-1) and Ted Yoho (FL-3). And then in 2014, we increased our numbers with people like Gary Palmer (AL-6) and Dave Brat (VA-7). Bridenstine, Yoho, Palmer, and Brat all have taken seats from establishment hacks and turned them into pro-liberty, of the people seats.

In 2016, it is key to keep a pro-liberty seat in pro-liberty hands. While rare, we have seen the devastating effects of a pro-liberty seat turning back over to the establishment. For example, Former MI 11 Rep. Kerry Bentivolio who had a few flaws but leaned pro-liberty was defeated by now-Rep. Dave Trott who has voted for funding President Obama’s executive amnesty and increasing his trade authority. We want to ensure that this does not happen.

That is why we are so excited to endorse State Senator Jim Banks, a conservative in the state legislature, to be the next congressman for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District. He served in the U.S. Navy Reserves. He has received a 98% from our allies at Americans for Prosperity. In 2014 he was invited to speak at the American Conservative Union’s CPAC conference in Washington D.C. as a top conservative under 40 years old.

In an interview with Liberty Conservatives, he promised to fight to actually defund Planned Parenthood in the budget, would have opposed the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), and has signed a pledge to reject the debt. He will not vote for continuing resolutions or debt limit increases without true spending cuts. He would have opposed the Iran deal that leaves four Americans as hostages. He would join the liberty coalition in fighting to protect our 4th Amendment rights from being infringed on by both Republicans and Democrats. And he will be a strong, consistent conservative as he has been in the Indiana State Senate where he has at times been only one of fifty members to vote no on various bills. He has promised to work to find new Republican leadership.

All of these are reasons why he has been endorsed by conservative organizations like Freedomworks, the Madison Project, Tea Party Express, and Club for Growth.

Here’s what Freedomworks had to say about Jim Banks:

FreedomWorks PAC Chairman Adam Brandon commented, “Our activists in Indiana’s third district want a candidate who is truly committed to the principles of individual liberty and limited government. That guy is Jim Banks. As a state senator, he has a proven record of championing freedom.”

Brandon added, “Banks has pledged not to raise taxes and chaired the Indiana Taxpayer Protection Caucus. He has proven, again and again, that he will put principle over politics and not give in to special interest pleading.”

Since 2010, Banks has distinguished himself in the Indiana State Senate, standing alone on more than one occasion as the only vote against bad legislation, and standing up to Party leadership when it mattered.

Banks has sponsored legislation to repeal the Death Tax, create a school voucher program for the state, repeal Common Core education standards, and to enact tort reform by instituting a “loser pays” system. He’s stood against over-criminalization, corporate welfare, and burdensome labor regulations that would hurt Indiana’s small businesses. Proving he can reach across party lines, Banks has been a leader on issues like freeing independent farmers and brewers from restrictions on what they can sell to their eager customers.

Also, you can watch the Liberty Conservatives interview with Jim Banks here: http://www.libertyconservatives.com/interview-jim-banks/

Therefore, LLPH is proud and honored to endorse a man of principle, a representative of the people, and a TRUE LIBERTY CONSERVATIVE Jim Banks for election in 2016 to represent Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District in the 115th Congress!

Here is Jim Banks’s campaign website: http://www.jimbanks.us/

Follow him on Twitter at: @Jim_Banks or LIKE him on Facebook HERE.

Let’s win this seat and keep it in the hands of principles liberty-loving conservatives.

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#NHSEN: Senator Kelly Ayotte Is Pathetic— #Conservatives Owe Her NOTHING! #TCOT #ProLife

RINO Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte entered into the Senate after the huge 2010 Elections. She rode in on the Tea Party wave with Tea Party leaders like Governor Sarah Palin backing her. But since she arrived, she has proven herself to be a useful crony of now-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

So recently, she decided to complain…again. Back in 2013, when true conservatives like Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were fighting with all their hearts and minds to save our country from Obamacare, she was sitting on the sidelines throwing trashy remarks at them. Then, when they were fighting against the CRomnibus during the weekend, she went on yapping about how she had to spend the weekend in DC and fight (which she never got around to doing).

But perhaps immigration and Obamacare are issues that we can excuse (maybe). Because there are splits in the GOP on these issues. But the one issue we CANNOT excuse is the issue of life. Senator Kelly Ayotte claims to be pro-life:

“How we treat the weakest among us is truly a reflection on who we are as a nation and President Obama’s record shocks the conscious when it comes to protecting life and unfortunately on many other issues as well.” (SBA List)

But when it comes to actually trying to defund an organization that treats the weakest among us like animals, her response is worst than being silent. Her response is to yap and complain all over the place.

From Roll Call:

“Given the challenges and threats we face at home and abroad, I oppose risking a government shutdown, particularly when it appears there is no chance of achieving a successful result,” Sen.Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., wrote to the GOP presidential hopeful from Texas. “Nevertheless, as I understand it, you have been circulating a letter to our colleagues asking them to oppose any government funding bill that continues to authorize funding for Planned Parenthood.”

Ayotte, who is one of the more vulnerable GOP incumbents on the ballot in 2016, makes clear in the letter that she concurs with Cruz on the disturbing nature of secret video recordings about Planned Parenthood, but she offers serious doubts about his tactics.

“How do we get 60 votes? And if for some reason there were 60 votes, how do we get 67 votes in the Senate to overcome a Presidential veto?” Ayotte asks in the missive sent Thursday, which was first obtained by New Hampshire’s influential ABC affiliate WMUR.

In the letter, Ayotte recalls her questioning of Cruz’s strategy during the 2013 standoff that ultimately led to a lapse in appropriations — when the GOP attempted to hold a firm line against funding for implementation of the 2010 health care overhaul law despised by Republicans of all stripes.

“During the last government shutdown, I repeatedly asked you what your strategy for success was when we did not have the votes to achieve the goal of defunding Obamacare, but I did not receive an answer,” Ayotte wrote.

I can just hear her voice. Complaining, yelling, worrying about her re-election. If she is defeated next election, I will not shed a tear. NOT A SINGLE TEAR! But you may ask, what if we lose our majority? I would respond, “What majority? The majority that funds Obamacare, executive amnesty, and is about to fund Planned Parenthood.”

Shame on Senator Kelly Ayotte. Shame on her and those who join her in funding this organization that destroys human life. Have you no shame, Senator Ayotte? Have you no shame?

In the 2016 elections, I would urge conservatives not to give her a penny. She can go beg for money from the donor class and the establishment, but we owe her nothing. If she wants to complain instead of help our cause, she should be told that she is on her own. Also, conservatives should not give a penny to the National Republican Senatorial Committee until they promise to fund true conservatives, not sell-outs like Senator Ayotte. And if a credible primary challenger arises, we will support him or her against Senator Ayotte.

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#LLPH Endorses #KS01 Rep. Tim Huelskamp (@CongHuelskamp @TimHuelskamp)! #TCOT #Liberty #Endorsement

Tim Huelskamp Twitter

LLPH-Endorsed Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS 01)

National Journal wrote, “But just over four years in, Huelskamp’s relationship with the district is strained, and it seems possible, if not likely, that they’re on track for a 2016 divorce.”

At least that’s what the Republican Establishment want people to think. Boehner & Co. would love nothing more than for people to think that Rep. Huelskamp and others like him are “wackobirds” and “crazies.” But if one read about what happens at the town hall meetings of leaders like Rep. Huelskamp, one would realize that Rep. Huelskamp and those like him are properly representing their constituents.

Here is what is really happening with Rep. Huelskamp and his district:

To watch Tim Huelskamp at a town hall meeting is to see a man in his natural environment.

That sure sounds like a representative out of touch with his constituents…right? (Note the sarcasm.) Since being elected in 2010, Rep. Huelskamp has held 300 town hall meetings across his district.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp is one of the chairmen of Conversation with Conservatives. He has consistently opposed big government legislation by fighting against the trillion dollar CRomnibus, opposing the Ryan-Murray Budget which cut veterans benefits, and working to decrease the size of the federal government. For his efforts, he received Freedom Fighter Awards from Freedomworks in 2013 and 2014 as well as receiving the honor of being named a Heritage Action Sentinel in the 113th Congress.

His efforts for true limited government principles have angered the inside the beltway crowd. Big agricultural special interests wanted the $956 billion Farm Bill to be passed, and they got their way. But Rep. Huelskamp refused to be a party to the Increase the Debt Crowd and voted against this $956 billion Farm Bill. The agricultural special interests groups were angry at him. As such in 2014,

Alan LaPolice, who challenged Huelskamp in 2014 and might do so again, describes himself as a conservative, but he was backed by agricultural interests last cycle.

These lobbyists claim that Rep. Huelskamp is failing his district. They claim he is an extremist. But in truth, it is they who are the extremists. It is they who are destroying this country by calling for billion and trillion dollar spending bills that are unpaid for. It is they who are morally corrupt when they work to heap trillions of dollars of debt on the next generation. It is they who should be thrown out of Washington D.C. and never be allowed to return.

LaPolice is running again as is Roger Marshall. LaPolice claims to be a conservative, but he will be one of those who only acts conservative when it does not hurt him. When he is asked to take tough votes, he will always be with Boehner & Co. Roger Marshall announced his candidacy shortly after Rep. Huelskamp voted against Speaker Boehner. That is all you need to know about Mr. Marshall.

Rep. Huelskamp is looking after the next generation. The lobbyists hate him, and Boehner & Co. would like nothing more than to have LaPolice or Marshall join their group in DC. Rep. Huelskamp is heading into a tough race in 2016 against establishment special interests. But Rep. Tim “Mr. Smith” Huelskamp came to Washington, and while he is suffering huge blows daily by the establishment, victory will be on the side of the people as he continues to expose the corruption and the destruction of the next generation’s future. For his leadership and votes, Rep. Huelskamp holds an A+ on LLPH’s Congressional Scorecard.

LLPH will continue to work to send more allies to join Rep. Huelskamp in fighting for true limited government. Enough is enough. Enough with the special interests and lobbyists who rail against big government regulations but are more than happy to accept big government handouts. Imagine the nerve of these people: they want government to stop regulating, but they want government to keep giving. Absolutely shameful. LLPH supports decreasing regulation, but we also support decreasing corporate handouts. It is time more representatives and senators realize that billion and trillion dollar spending bills are absolutely unacceptable.

LLPH is proud and honored to endorse a man of principle, a representative of the people, and a TRUE LIBERTY CONSERVATIVE Rep. Tim Huelskamp for re-election in 2016 to represent Kansas’s 1st Congressional District in the 115th Congress!

It will be a tough fight. But LLPH will not leave our men behind, especially when they have stood by us during the toughest of fights.

Here is Rep. Huelskamp’s campaign website: http://www.huelskamp.org/

Follow him on Twitter at: @TimHuelskamp and LIKE him on Facebook HERE.

Let’s win this seat and keep it in the hands of liberty-loving conservatives.

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