2013 Endorsed Candidates

Campaign Website: http://neilriser.com/

Neil Riser Endorsed for General Election LA-05 (11-16-13)! LOST GENERAL ELECTION. 

Dean Young Endorsed for Primary AL-01 (11-5-13)! LOST PRIMARY. 

Ken Cuccinelli II

Campaign Website: http://www.cuccinelli.com/

Ken Cuccinelli (R) Endorsed for General Election VA-GOV (Date of Election: 11/5/2013). LOST GENERAL ELECTION.

EW Jackson, Sr.

Campaign Website: http://www.jacksonforlg.com/

E.W. Jackson (R) Endorsed for General Election VA-LT GOV (Date of Election: 11/5/2013). LOST GENERAL ELECTION.

Mark D. Obenshain

Campaign Website: http://www.markobenshain.com/

Mark Obeshain (R) Endorsed for General Election VA-AG (Date of Election: 11/5/2013).


Quin Hillyer (R) Endorsed for Primary Election AL-01 (Date of Primary: September 24, 2013) LOST PRIMARY.

Representative Jason T. Smith

Campaign Website: http://www.electjasonsmith.com/

Jason Smith (R) Recommended for General Election MO-08 (Date of Election: 6/4/2013). WON!

Representative Marshall 'Mark' Clement Sanford, Jr.

Campaign Website: http://www.marksanford.com/

Mark Sanford (R) Endorsed for General Election SC-01 (5/7/2013). WON!


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