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Jim Duncan NC 02

LLPH-Endorsed Jim Duncan (R-NC 02 CAND)

In 2010, a young nurse was remakably elected to Congress. She was everything a conservative could dream about. She was a young nurse who would fight Obamacare. She beat a longtime Democrat incumbent with little to no support from the GOP Establishment. She spoke all the right words, sang all the right tunes, and the wave was strong enough to send her to Washington D.C.

Today, Rep. Renee Ellmers holds an F from LLPH. She voted for $1 Trillion spending bills from the CRomnibus for fiscal year 2015 to the recent omnibus for fiscal year 2016. She has voted against almost all attempts to cut spending by showing disdain for the Penny Plan, opposing such amendments. Reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank-Check. Putting Crony Capitalism before defending the homeland-Check. Surrendering every time we have a real chance to fight a liberal abomination whether it be Obamacare or abortion funding-Check. Showing up for conservative battles-MIA (Missing In Action).

Cook PVI states that she represents an R+10 district, making her district one of the most Republican districts in the nation. Yet, her current score ranges from the 20s to 30s (F).

It is time for a new voice from North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. Jim Duncan is that voice.

Meet Jim Duncan:

Ever grateful for his opportunities, he was able to succeed in the American free enterprise system. Jim and his family dedicated much of their time working with underprivileged inner-city children. These experiences caused Jim to examine his beliefs and look towards conservative principles. It became clear to him that there had to be a better way to lift children out of poverty and fundamentally change their circumstances and outcomes. He realized that the best opportunities came from strong conservative principles and has been a Republican ever since.

Ultimately, Jim chose to call North Carolina home and settled his family in the second congressional district. There, he quickly rolled up his sleeves and decided to get involved in the community and local politics. In 2010, Jim founded the Coalition for American Principles, a nonpartisan group. Later that same year Jim was elected the Chairman of the Chatham County Republican Party. Jim’s chairmanship has been widely heralded as a success story. Under his leadership, the organization reached new heights and became a model for county level conservative groups.

Jim is a leader for the Boys & Girls Club of Durham, Board Member of The Jesse Helms Center, and the Chatham County 9/11 memorial board. Jim is happily married to Betsy, his wife of 44 years, and they have one daughter, Kirsten and a dog named Reagan.

Jim Duncan did not wait for the seat to come open or sit back quietly hoping that Congress would solve all our problems. Instead, he established a conservative organization, led the Chatham County Republican Party in a conservative manner, and has served as a Board Member of the Jesse Helms Center. That is the story of a true conservative who will go to Washington and lead.

Jim Duncan has stated,

I’m very proud to have this opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of nation that the conservative principles of smaller government, lower taxes, sanctity of life, peace through strength, reaffirming our inalienable rights, and free market principles are all topics that have been missing from our national debate. Washington insiders have given up fighting for the American people. As an outsider I will stand my ground and fight for the people of my district and our founding principles.

Conservative Leaders are backing Jim Duncan for North Carolina’s 2nd District:

Erick Erickson stated in his endorsement of Duncan,

This race should be a hill to die on for conservatives. Conservatives across the nation should be willing to make an example of Renee Ellmers’ repeated betrayals and repeated broken promises.

Jim Duncan would not do that to conservatives. Jim is a self-made man who joined the National Guard. He knows small business because Jim has run one. He knows entrepreneurial issues because he is an entrepreneur. He knows how Washington impacts the daily lives of folks in North Carolina because Jim Duncan has his roots there and, unlike the incumbent, is in no hurry to climb a social ladder in Washington, D.C.

The Club for Growth stated in endorsing Duncan,

Duncan is a true outsider, having never held public office.  But he has a great reputation among tea party groups and other conservative organizations in the congressional district.  He will be a reliable supporter of pro-growth policies and believes that his candidacy is not a “career move” but a “call to arms.”

LLPH is honored to join conservatives across the country in endorsing a true conservative to defeat Surrender Caucus Member Rep. Renee Ellmers. From surrendering during conservative battles to showing open hostility to conservative ideas, she has proven to be a F-rated politician who must be defeated.

Therefore, LLPH is proud and honored to endorse a man of principle, a TRUE LLPH CONSERVATIVE Jim Duncan for election in 2016 to represent North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District in the 115th Congress!

It may be a tough fight. But LLPH believes that we must send a clear message that Surrender Caucus members who openly violate conservative principles and express hostility toward liberty will be defeated. We have done it before by electing leaders like Reps. Dave Brat and Jim Bridenstine by defeating Surrender Caucus Republicans, and we can do it again!

Here is Jim Duncan’s campaign website: http://www.jimfornc.com/

Follow him on Twitter at: @JimDuncanNC and LIKE him on Facebook HERE.

Let’s gain this seat and place it in the hands of liberty-loving conservatives.

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