#LLPH Endorses Rep. Dave Brat for #VA07 (@RepDaveBrat @DaveBratVA7th)! #TCOT #Liberty #Endorsement

dave brat

LLPH-Endorsed Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA 07)

In 2014, the dragon slayer won his race. Rep. Dave Brat defeated then-Majority Leader Eric Cantor, one of the worst Republicans in Congress. Rep. Cantor was well-known for his work in crushing conservatives, pushing big spending bills and cozying up with the big-money lobbyists. He thought that he was safe until Rep. Dave Brat defeated him, and since then, conservatives have had a new ally in Congress.

As we enter into 2016, LLPH is working to elect new voices to join the likes of Rep. Brat, but we also believe in helping to defend those who have stood up for the Constitutional principles that we care about. Rep. Brat is one of those leaders.

Since he arrived in Congress, the establishment kept praying that they could manipulate him. But instead, one of his first votes was against the CRomnibus. Then, he voted against the lead architect of the CRomnibus, Speaker John Boehner and helped to overthrow him. Rep. Brat has voted against multiple massive spending bills, led the opposition against the dangerous Iran Deal, fought to stop the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, and opposed the recent reauthorization of No Child Left Behind that leaves bureaucrats in charge of education.

Of course, these votes have angered the establishment elites, and they are gearing up to primary challenge him:

A Re­pub­lic­an blog re­ports that “nu­mer­ous sup­port­ers of former Rep. Eric Can­tor (R) are tout­ing the as-yet un­declared can­did­acy for Can­tor’s old seat by” Hen­rico County Sher­iff Mike Wade (R) in a primary against Rep. Dave Brat (R).

They never learn. They want to put a Cantor-like crony in office, and LLPH will fight to stop them. Thankfully, it appears that the people of Virginia’s 7th District are on our side in supporting Rep. Brat:

Rep. Brat, to the frustration of many who would see him deposed, remains popular in his district.  In contrast to his predecessor, Brat spends significant time hearing from constituents and seeing them face-to-face in small group and public settings.

We look forward to helping this A+ incumbent, Rep. Dave Brat win re-election!

Therefore, LLPH is proud and honored to endorse a man of principle, a representative of the people, and a TRUE LIBERTY CONSERVATIVE Rep. Dave Brat for re-election in 2016 to represent Virginia’s 7th Congressional District in the 115th Congress!

It may be a tough fight. But LLPH will not leave the representatives of the people behind, especially when they have stood by us during the toughest of fights.

Here is Rep. Brat’s campaign website: http://davebrat.com/

Follow him on Twitter at: @DaveBratVA7th and LIKE him on Facebook HERE.

Let’s win this seat and keep it in the hands of liberty-loving conservatives.

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