#LLPH #Senate & #House Key Vote Alert: “NO” on the Continuing Resolution! #TCOT #FiscalSanity

It is possible that as soon as this week, if not then next week, the Senate and House will both vote on Continuing Resolutions to continue to fund the government until mid-December. LLPH will urge a strong NO vote on such continuing resolutions. Here’s why:

First, these continuing resolutions are nothing more than a continuation of the status quo (that is why they have the word “continuing” in it). Instead of being responsible and actually producing budget bills that focus on our increasing debt, Congress is going to kick the can down the road and put our spending on auto-pilot. This means that the numerous unconstitutional agencies and departments will continue to be funded instead of ended. This means that our children and the next generation will have to pay for the debt that will come from continuing the spending that should be stopped.

Second, this plan is worthless. What this plan essentially sets up is a mid-December Omnibus bill of some sort. Anyone who has watched politics knows how this is going to end up. It will be a few days before Christmas. Then, Boehner, McConnell, & Co. will dump a thousand-page bill and demand members vote on it with less than 48 hours to read the bill. They will have their company members all ready to vote yes (the Hatches, McCarthys, Scalises of the Senate and House), and they will gather just enough Democrats to get the bill passed. Conservative members will beg for simply the opportunity to read the bill, and they will be called “obstructionists”, “wacko-birds”, and “terrorists.” This continuing resolution will only lead to the next worst bill, and that is why we will strongly oppose the continuing resolution.

Third and lastly, we would withdraw our objection to this continuing resolution if it actually did something good. Maybe we could defund Planned Parenthood? What about Obamacare? What about the executive amnesty? All we are asking for is that the Republican leadership include a conservative principle in this continuing resolution. But alas, they will do nothing. They will continue the massive spending on worthless departments and agencies, throw more money for destructive organizations like Planned Parenthood, and then go back home to tell their constituents that they are “conservative” and complain that all they need is a Republican President. If they will not fight now, there is no way they will fight when we have a Republican President. Period.

LLPH will keep everyone updated on the Continuing Resolution, and we are prepared to withdraw our objections if some type of conservative principle is included. But if what we expect happens, we will definitely score AGAINST any Continuing Resolution that simply keeps the status quo.

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