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Walter Jones

LLPH-Endorsed Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC 03)

As we enter into the 2016 Elections, a lot of focus is being placed on the 2016 Presidential Race. While the Presidential Race is certainly important, LLPH believes that who we send to Congress is critically important. If we have a conservative Republican President, we need liberty conservatives who will back him or her up. On the other hand, if we have a liberal Democrat or Republican as President, we need conservatives who will stand up to the establishment of both parties for the sake of regular Americans.

In the House of Representatives, LLPH is proud to have a small group of conservatives who take on the fight against the establishment of both parties each and every day. They are trashed by not only liberal Democrats, but also by liberal Republicans who despise them for standing on principle. One of these impressive conservatives in Congress is Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District.

Rep. Walter Jones’s record is over the top impressive. He has opposed leadership backed bills such as the Ryan-Murray Budget which cut veterans benefits, the USA “Freedom” Act which continues the collection of phone records, and has consistently voted against massive billion and trillion dollar spending bills. Rep. Jones was one of the few Republicans to oppose the Trade Promotion Authority bill which expanded President Obama’s power in dealing with trade issues by shutting down Congress’s ability to amend free trade agreements.

Even more importantly, Rep. Jones has been a voice that is not afraid to stand up to leadership. He voted against re-electing Speaker John Boehner in 2013 and 2015. Rep. Jones lost his Financial Services committee spot in 2012 after voting against leadership backed bills that expanded government too many times. He has voted against the supposed “party-line” rule votes on the CRomnibus, TPA, and the Continuing Resolution FY 2013, attempting to prevent these big government bills from reaching the floor without conservative amendments. But most importantly, Rep. Jones has been there for Conservatives when we needed him most.

Recently, North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District Rep. Mark Meadows offered a resolution to vacate the Speaker’s chair (removing Speaker John Boehner from power). He was immediately trashed by liberal Republicans in Congress and inside the beltway. Few members even wanted to talk with or about him. But a few members quickly stood with Rep. Meadows and immediately endorsed his resolution. The first to publicly support Rep. Meadows was Rep. Walter Jones.

Rep. Jones stated,

No one should be intimidated for voting your conscience. If you are here to vote for the will of the Speaker and not the will of the people, you don’t need to be here.

Read more: http://therightscoop.com/boom-nc-congressman-stands-with-mark-meadows-tells-cnn-boehner-is-a-bully-who-must-go/#ixzz3hmE3VnvH

He also posted on Facebook:

I am proud to stand with Congressman Mark Meadows to oust Speaker Boehner. I am in Congress to represent the people of Eastern North Carolina, not the special interests of House leadership! ‪#‎nc03‬ ‪#‎Congress‬‪#‎ENC‬

Rep. Walter Jones is a man of great principle, and he has spoken up when few people would about the issues facing our country. After his purge from the Financial Services Committee by House GOP “leadership”, he spoke about the importance of standing on principle in a must-watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWxI3k9hHvo (~18 minutes).

For his strong advocacy for liberty, he received Freedom Fighter Awards from Freedomworks in both 2013 and 2014. He holds an A+ on LLPH’s scorecard. In 2016, he has two primary challengers, one of whom is a known lobbyist who worked for the Bush Administration in the Treasury Department. The last thing that we need is someone who has a questionable record replacing a current liberty Representative with an impeccable liberty conservative record.

LLPH friend Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY 4) stated about Rep. Jones,

It was an honor to have dinner tonight with one of the most principled men in Congress, Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina.

Conservative leader Erick Erickson of RedState wrote about Rep. Jones:

There are ten members of the Conservative Fight Club. They are the nine members of the House Republican Conference who voted against the rule on the continuing resolution and voted against John Boehner for Speaker plus one guy who voted against today’s rule and was the ring leader the last time the GOP took out a Speaker.The ten members of the Conservative Fight Club are:

  • Amash
  • Bridenstine
  • Broun
  • Gohmert
  • Huelskamp
  • Jones
  • Massie
  • Pearce
  • Salmon
  • Yoho

LLPH is proud to endorse Rep. Walter Jones for another term in the 115th Congress. The establishment in the Republican Party would like to take out this good, principled representative and God-fearing man. They have sent a lobbyist down to North Carolina’s 3rd to trash Rep. Jones and will be using several PACs and crony capitalists to try to defeat Rep. Jones. In 2014, Rep. Jones won against this opponent by returning opponent by about a 5% margin. The establishment is ready to fight, and the question is: Will we work to defend one of our own?

LLPH is proud and honored to endorse a man of principle, a representative of the people, and a TRUE LIBERTY CONSERVATIVE Rep. Walter Jones for re-election in 2016 to represent North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District in the 115th Congress!

Visit Rep. Walter Jones’ campaign website here: http://www.walterjonescommittee.com/

Follow him on Twitter at: @WalterJones2016 and on Facebook HERE.

This is a top priority race for LLPH. This is a race between Boehner & Co. vs. Team Liberty in Congress. Let’s win this for the people of our nation and for the next generation.

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