#LLPH Endorses #KS01 Rep. Tim Huelskamp (@CongHuelskamp @TimHuelskamp)! #TCOT #Liberty #Endorsement

Tim Huelskamp Twitter

LLPH-Endorsed Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS 01)

National Journal wrote, “But just over four years in, Huelskamp’s relationship with the district is strained, and it seems possible, if not likely, that they’re on track for a 2016 divorce.”

At least that’s what the Republican Establishment want people to think. Boehner & Co. would love nothing more than for people to think that Rep. Huelskamp and others like him are “wackobirds” and “crazies.” But if one read about what happens at the town hall meetings of leaders like Rep. Huelskamp, one would realize that Rep. Huelskamp and those like him are properly representing their constituents.

Here is what is really happening with Rep. Huelskamp and his district:

To watch Tim Huelskamp at a town hall meeting is to see a man in his natural environment.

That sure sounds like a representative out of touch with his constituents…right? (Note the sarcasm.) Since being elected in 2010, Rep. Huelskamp has held 300 town hall meetings across his district.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp is one of the chairmen of Conversation with Conservatives. He has consistently opposed big government legislation by fighting against the trillion dollar CRomnibus, opposing the Ryan-Murray Budget which cut veterans benefits, and working to decrease the size of the federal government. For his efforts, he received Freedom Fighter Awards from Freedomworks in 2013 and 2014 as well as receiving the honor of being named a Heritage Action Sentinel in the 113th Congress.

His efforts for true limited government principles have angered the inside the beltway crowd. Big agricultural special interests wanted the $956 billion Farm Bill to be passed, and they got their way. But Rep. Huelskamp refused to be a party to the Increase the Debt Crowd and voted against this $956 billion Farm Bill. The agricultural special interests groups were angry at him. As such in 2014,

Alan LaPolice, who challenged Huelskamp in 2014 and might do so again, describes himself as a conservative, but he was backed by agricultural interests last cycle.

These lobbyists claim that Rep. Huelskamp is failing his district. They claim he is an extremist. But in truth, it is they who are the extremists. It is they who are destroying this country by calling for billion and trillion dollar spending bills that are unpaid for. It is they who are morally corrupt when they work to heap trillions of dollars of debt on the next generation. It is they who should be thrown out of Washington D.C. and never be allowed to return.

LaPolice is running again as is Roger Marshall. LaPolice claims to be a conservative, but he will be one of those who only acts conservative when it does not hurt him. When he is asked to take tough votes, he will always be with Boehner & Co. Roger Marshall announced his candidacy shortly after Rep. Huelskamp voted against Speaker Boehner. That is all you need to know about Mr. Marshall.

Rep. Huelskamp is looking after the next generation. The lobbyists hate him, and Boehner & Co. would like nothing more than to have LaPolice or Marshall join their group in DC. Rep. Huelskamp is heading into a tough race in 2016 against establishment special interests. But Rep. Tim “Mr. Smith” Huelskamp came to Washington, and while he is suffering huge blows daily by the establishment, victory will be on the side of the people as he continues to expose the corruption and the destruction of the next generation’s future. For his leadership and votes, Rep. Huelskamp holds an A+ on LLPH’s Congressional Scorecard.

LLPH will continue to work to send more allies to join Rep. Huelskamp in fighting for true limited government. Enough is enough. Enough with the special interests and lobbyists who rail against big government regulations but are more than happy to accept big government handouts. Imagine the nerve of these people: they want government to stop regulating, but they want government to keep giving. Absolutely shameful. LLPH supports decreasing regulation, but we also support decreasing corporate handouts. It is time more representatives and senators realize that billion and trillion dollar spending bills are absolutely unacceptable.

LLPH is proud and honored to endorse a man of principle, a representative of the people, and a TRUE LIBERTY CONSERVATIVE Rep. Tim Huelskamp for re-election in 2016 to represent Kansas’s 1st Congressional District in the 115th Congress!

It will be a tough fight. But LLPH will not leave our men behind, especially when they have stood by us during the toughest of fights.

Here is Rep. Huelskamp’s campaign website: http://www.huelskamp.org/

Follow him on Twitter at: @TimHuelskamp and LIKE him on Facebook HERE.

Let’s win this seat and keep it in the hands of liberty-loving conservatives.

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