#LLPH #House Key Vote #Energy #Appropriations: YES on #WeWantCutsNow Amdts! #TCOT

LLPH is urging members of the House to vote YES on 3 key amendments that will be voted on likely tomorrow to the Energy and Water Appropriations FY 2016. All three amendments are cutting spending to energy programs that pick winners and losers.

Here are the amendments:

  • McClintock (R-CA) – Page 6, Line 12 – Reduces Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program, DOE-Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy, Nuclear  Energy, Fossil Energy Research and Development, Non-Defense Environmental Cleanup, DOE-Science, Nuclear Waste Disposal, Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program, DOE-Departmental Administration, Western
    Area Power Administration, Appalachian Regional Commission, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission-Salaries and Expenses by $128.9 million collectively and transfers the same amount to the Spending Reduction Account.
  • Byrne (R-AL) – Page 21, Line 5 – Eliminates all funding for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy ($1.6 billion) and transfers the savings to the Spending Reduction Amount.
  • McClintock (R-CA) – Page 21, Line 5 – Reduces Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Nuclear Energy, Fossil Energy Research and Development by $2.9 billion collectively and transfers the same amount to the Spending Reduction Account.

We will likely score most and/or all of these amendments in our 2015 LLPH Scorecard. We urge a YES vote on all of these amendments.

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