#LLPH #House Key Votes #VAMilCon #HR2029: Cut #OCO Funding & Prevent #DavisBeacon! #TCOT

Appropriations season has arrived. We are key voting 4 amendments in our scorecard that are expected to be voted on tonight.

We urge YES votes on the following amendments:

Van Hollen #1, Mulvaney #1, Mulvaney #2: Strikes the paragraph under Title IV Overseas Contingency Operations-Department of Defense entitled Military Construction, Navy and Marine Corps entitled Military Construction, Air Force.

LLPH Position: YES on all three amendments. Including OCO Funding in the VAMilCon Appropriations FY 2016 bill is nothing but gimmicks. This funding will be spending on bases in Djibouti, Poland, and many other countries. Instead of including this spending in the defense budget, this spending is included in this appropriations bill due to the Budget Control Act of 2011 which limits defense spending. So defense hawks who believe a strong defense is equal to more spending are trying to sneak more spending into every bill that they can find. A lot of this spending is equivalent to foreign aid which our nation cannot afford with an $18+ Trillion debt. This is completely dishonest which is why we are key voting YES on all three amendments in our 2015 LLPH Scorecard.

King Amendment: Prevent funding for Davis Beacon Act.

LLPH Position: We join our friends at Heritage Action in urging a YES vote on this amendment. From Heritage Action:

Davis-Bacon requires the federal government to abide by arbitrary “prevailing wage” requirements for federal construction projects. The effect is to significantly increase the cost of federally funded construction projects, preventing taxpayers from getting a good deal for their hard-earned dollars. Furthermore, Davis-Bacon results in pernicious favoritism in federal construction contracts, benefiting large, union-organized construction firms and disadvantaging small, independent, merit-shop companies.

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