BIG Week in #Congress #House #Senate: #DHSFunding (#DHS), #Education (#NCLB), #LorettaLynch Cmte. Vote! #TCOT

This is a big week in congress and conservatives will be able to make huge separations between the men versus the boys, the women versus the girls, the constitutional heroes versus the surrender caucus members.

DHS FUNDING: First, both the Senate and House are expected to deal with funding for the Department of Homeland Security which is expected to run out on February 27, 2015. Republicans, led by conservative members, have insisted that DHS funding be tied to the defunding of executive amnesty. With the recent rulings by the judicial branch concerning President Obama’s executive amnesty in which he tried to grand millions of illegal immigrants the “right” to stay, it should be a no-brainer but to defund his actions. Unfortunately, Democrats have decided to stand by their man in lockstep, and so Republicans will need to decide whether to hold their ground or cave. We will keep you posted on any updates we receive but we intend to key vote NO on any DHS Funding Bill, long-term or short-term that does not defund executive amnesty. We wanted to have this fight in December on the CRomnibus, but leadership told us to wait for this bill. We expect them to hold their ground.

“STUDENT SUCCESS ACT”: The House of Representatives will be working on H.R. 5 (The Student Success Act), which unfortunately does little to decrease federal involvement in education. While the bill contains some good provisions, it falls remarkably short of a full repeal of the failed No Child Left Behind and leaves a lot of education control in the hands of the federal government. It even reauthorizes several parts of No Child Left Behind. The minimum that Republicans should agree on is that the federal government has no role in education, otherwise we might as well pack up and go home. The House Freedom Caucus is expected to offer several good amendments to try to improve the bill, and we will keep you posted on these amendments and votes on them.

Until then, barring significant changes to H.R. 5, LLPH will urge a NO vote on H.R. 5, and we will score this vote in our scorecard.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s nominee to be the next Eric Holder because she will be in lockstep with him, should be an easy nominee to oppose. The main reason why conservatives should oppose her is her support for President Obama’s amnesty. Her confirmation vote is this Friday and with a Republican majority, she is sure to fail to pass the committee vote. At least that is the way we wished it would be. Unfortunately, the Republican majority is only as good as the letter and the sound as several RINOs like Senators Hatch and Graham, members of the Surrender Caucus, are planning to vote for her confirmation. You can find members of the Judiciary Committee and urge them to vote against her:

As you can see, this is a busy week in congress with a lot of action and we need you to stay engaged. We will update you as new reports come in on these important topics. You can also stay up to date on member’s scores by visiting our scorecard page here.

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