#BREAKING: #LLPH #KY04 & #FL03 Reps. Thomas Massie & Ted Yoho Support #FireBoehner Campaign! #TCOT #DumpBoehner

ted yoho oppose boehner 1-3-14

Today, two additional members announced their opposition to the re-election of John Boehner to be the Speaker of the House. The election is on Tuesday January 6, 2015.

Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District Rep. Thomas Massie announced earlier today that he plans to vote against Speaker Boehner due to the establishment’s disrespect for the Constitution. Here’s his statement:

For years I watched Washington from afar and suspected that something was broken.  Why is it that so many people approve of their congressman, yet they consistently disapprove of Congress?  During my first two years as a congressman I discovered a significant source of the dysfunction.  I watched the House Leadership:

• Schedule a fiscal crisis in a lame duck session on the last legislative day before Christmas to get maximum leverage over rank and file members,

• Mislead members into thinking that a vote on an unpopular bill was postponed, only to then conduct a rushed voice vote on the $10 billion unfunded spending measure with fewer than a dozen members present,

• Give members less than 72 hours to read bills over 1,000 pages long, and

• Remove members from committees simply because they voted for the principles upon which they campaigned.

With a process this broken, is it any wonder that Washington no longer works for the people?  My constituents expect better and America deserves better.  On January 6th, 2015, I will vote for a new Speaker who will consistently articulate a constitutional vision for America and facilitate an inclusive and orderly legislative process that allows Congress to truly reflect the will of the people.

Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida’s 3rd Congressional District stated:

I will not support John Boehner for Speaker of the House.

I ran for Congress in 2012 because I had had enough. Enough of career politicians, enough of political gamesmanship, and enough of the lack of leadership in Washington. As we enter 2015, we are faced with overwhelming challenges. However, the dawn of 2015 also promises unlimited potential and the opportunity to begin rebuilding America.

In order to do this, strong leadership is required. The American people have spoken loud and clear by their choice to elect conservative Representatives to serve them in Washington. It’s our turn now, as Members of the People’s House, to echo their demands by electing a new Speaker. The American people have allowed us to choose who is best suited to lead the House by electing a deep bench of diverse and qualified members. Our Republic is built on choice, and if needed, I would stand up to give our members that option.

Our vote for a new Speaker is not a personal vote against Representative Boehner – it is a vote against the status quo. Our vote is a signal to the American people that we too, have had enough of Washington politics, and that we will stand with the American people. This is a renewed commitment of our Oath of Office, the people we represent, and the Constitution. In 2015, we will take America back, we will restore opportunity for every American, and we will rebuild America.

We thank Reps. Thomas Massie and Ted Yoho for standing with WE THE PEOPLE! They join Reps. Louie Gohmert, Walter Jones, Jim Bridenstine, and Rep. Elect Gary Palmer in making clear their plans to vote against Speaker Boehner. That brings our number to 6 representatives and we need 23 more strong conservatives to FIRE BOEHNER! Burn the phone lines on D.C. especially Monday January 5, 2015.

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