#LLPH #Election2016: #RINOs Already Declaring War on #LLPH 5-Star Rep. Tim Huelskamp! #TCOT #TeaParty

An article by Roll Call today highlights the war that conservatives, libertarians, tea partiers, and anyone else who loves the Constitution is facing against the big government establishment.

In the dark place of Washington D.C., filled with corruption and back-room deals (like what is going on with the CRomnibus right now), there are lights in the city such as Rep. Tim Huelskamp. Rep. Huelskamp is one of LLPH’s favorites and is currently rated as a 5-star representative based on our scorecard of critical votes.

It is no surprise, yet truly saddening, that RINOs are already seeking to defeat him in 2016. Roll Call reports:

In 2016, Kansas Republicans say, the congressman will have a far more credible primary opponent. What’s more, the campaign against Huelskamp, according to one person involved in challenging him this year, will likely be more organized and could start as early as next year.

Thankfully, Rep. Huelskamp is standing strong in the face of this threat:

“We’re not worried about 2016 in terms of that,” Huelskamp told CQ Roll Call after a Republican Conference meeting in the Capitol basement last week, when asked about a primary challenge. “I think we did very well. We were outspent in our primary.”

LLPH is prepared to support Rep. Huelskamp, and we expect to endorse him for re-election in 2016 soon. While we just finished the 2014 elections officially this past Saturday, the establishment is making clear that they are not going to let change happen easily.

But just as during the days of the American Revolution, we must keep our hopes up and support our leaders like Rep. Huelskamp during this second revolution! And that is what we plan to do!

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