#LLPH #HOH: $1.1 TRILLION #Omnibus Bill Released Tonight! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #NOAmnesty

“Holding off on the bill’s release also allows less time for conservative griping. Coming out of a victorious election cycle, GOP leaders want to move the bill without highlighting the intraparty divisions that accompanied last year’s budget fight, which led to a 16-day government shutdown.” —The Hill

The Constitution does not matter. At least that is the opinion of most of our leaders in Washington D.C. Tonight, the GOP leadership is expected to release the $1.1 Trillion Omnibus bill along with the Continuing Resolution for the Department of Homeland Security. There will be no provision to defund President Obama’s Executive Amnesty.


The very least we are asking is for the Republicans to defund the President’s Amnesty. We should be demanding them to defund Obamacare, destructive EPA regulations, unconstitutional departments such as the Departments of Energy, Education, Agriculture, and many others. But they cannot even do the bare minimum.

We will learn which Republicans are standing for freedom and which are just playing games.

We also learned that appropriators are having problems with the content of the bill. Roll Call reported:

Among the issues remaining are a bevy of EPA riders. Republicans are looking to constrain the agency through a number of provisions, but Democrats are pushing back and they’re running into a mathematics question: If you gain five conservatives with this EPA rider, will you lose 10 Democrats?

Another issue is multiemployer pensions. The government’s private pension safety net is running at a large deficit, and lawmakers are trying to decide how — and whether — the spending bill will address the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.

The Omnibus Bill is the place where lawmakers just stuff it with a bunch of things that they want to do at the last minute and NOBODY understands the impact that each provision has on the American people. This is a shameful way of legislating and is another reason why LLPH will be urging a NO vote on the bill. Conservatives should not be supporting Omnibus Bills in the first place.

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