Help Send the #Conservative #Tigers to the #House! Defeat the #Establishment #RINOs!

Gary Palmer Ken Buck Dr. Jody Hice  Barry Loudermilk Rod Blum  Paul Dietzel II

The primaries ended with several gains for conservatives. LLPH endorsed several strong conservatives, some won while others lost. But all together, we had a successful primary season and now we need to ensure our conservative tiger recruits to join our current batch of tigers fighting the liberals in the Republican and Democrat Party. Over the next few days, we will be featuring these awesome conservative candidates and some incumbents leading up to election day!

“In Alabama, Gary has been involved in transitioning Alabama from a People’s Republic of Democrats to a free market, limited government system. He has been a conservative ideas man at the Alabama Policy Institute. He has been willing to stand up to Republicans in Alabama and will, no doubt, do the same in Washington.” —Erick Erickson; RedState Chief Editor 

Gary Palmer is an awesome conservative running for Alabama’s 6th Congressional District who has been fighting through his conservative think tank to advance our values. Palmer will fight to cut the debt, protect our liberty, and will defend the Constitution every day. He has been endorsed by LLPH Senator Jeff Sessions, RedState’s Erick Erickson, and received funds from LLPH Congressmen Thomas Massie and Jim Jordan. If he wins, he would succeed RINO Rep. Spencer Bachus (F), likely providing a pick-up for conservatives.

“Ken has promised to be a leader in Congress in our efforts to rein in the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government. He is a man of his word and someone that will stop for nothing in protecting the interests of his constituents.” —Tea Party Express

Ken Buck ran in 2010 for Senate in a difficult race and lost by less than 1% of the vote. This time around, he running to succeed Cory Gardner who is running for Senate. Ken Buck is a strong conservative who will defend liberty against the IRS and NSA, cut spending, and stand up to the establishment. He participated in the recent RedState gathering 2014. Rep. Gardner has an F with LLPH so if Ken Buck wins in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, his seat would be another pick-up for conservatives.

Jody Hice is the only candidate in this race who will put his conservative values ahead of the priorities of the party elite in Washington, much like Rep. Paul Broun has done during his tenure.” —Drew Ryun of The Madison Project

LLPH will miss Rep. Paul Broun who lost his race for Georgia Senator, but we are excited for the next representative of Georgia’s 10th Congressional District…Dr. Jody Hice! Jody Hice was endorsed by Broun as he was the only conservative in the runoff to commit to take on the establishment. His win will assure us that conservatives will keep this seat, and we are excited to see him go to Washington D.C.!

“More importantly, he understands the political dynamic in Washington and has committed to completely fighting against the GOP establishment and seeking new leadership within the party.  While we often look for political newcomers to run for Congress, Loudermilk’s experience in the Georgia state House and Senate are actually advantages – he has a record of standing up to the big government bosses within the Republican Party.” —Madison Project

Barry Loudermilk is running unopposed in the general election, giving him a 100% chance of winning Georgia’s 11th District. He will succeed Rep. Phil Gingrey, a decent Republican who has a C on our scorecard. Loudermilk’s official win on Tuesday will represent another pick-up for conservatives if he stays true to his word. He has been endorsed by Rep. Justin Amash, Madison Project, Club for Growth, and many more. He has already stated that he plans to vote against Speaker Boehner!

“I support the Penny Plan for balancing the budget.  The Penny Plan cuts 1% per year from the budget for the next six years.  At the end of the 6th year the budget will be balanced.  Congress can determine where the cuts come from or they can decide to cut the budget 1% across the board.  This legislation is currently supported by 71 House members, including Steve King from Iowa and 13 Senators including Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.” —Rod Blum

Rod Blum is running in a Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. While a Democrat leaning district, he has the momentum in the race. Recent pollings show him to be leading the Democrat, and he has been endorsed by several local papers who have not supported a Republican in years. Rod Blum is committed to civil liberties and cutting spending. He has been endorsed by Steve Forbes, Dr. Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul, and has been praised by Rep. Justin Amash. He will be a strong conservative and will not only pick up a seat for Republicans, but for conservatives as well.

Zach Dasher is kin to the Duck Dynasty family…but more importantly he is a committed Constitutional Conservative running for Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District. Endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin, Madison Project, Club for Growth, RedState’s Erick Erickson, and other conservatives, he is running to defeat RINO Rep. Vance McAllister (F). Rep. McAllister was elected in 2013 and has been a liberal disgrace, getting wrapped into extramarital affairs as well in D.C. He has been dubbed the “Kissing Congressman”. McAllister has voted for higher taxes, bloated budgets, and believes that we should expand Obamacare. Zach Dasher will fight for limited government, defend our values, and cut spending.

“I’ve watched as cronies from special interest groups have tried to buy this race for yet another career bureaucrat or politician skilled in the ways of gaming the system. It is time for a change, and Paul Dietzel is a vigorous leader for needed change.” —Conservative Leader Morton Blackwell

Paul Dietzel is a next generation conservative (like Zach Dasher) running for Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District. In his youthful thirties, he is intelligent and has worked hard in his small technology business. Paul knows that big government destroys freedom and will work to cut spending, protect our civil liberties, and bring a new, fresh voice to congress. He spoke at the RedState Gathering 2014, and he has been endorsed by Liberty For All SuperPAC. His win would be another pick-up for conservatives as he would be succeeding Rep. Bill Cassidy (F).

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