#LLPH Election Day Countdown: 13 DAYS LEFT (10/22/2014)! Help #Conservatives WIN!

Dan Sullivan for Alaska Senator! Let’s defeat Senator Mark Begich who scored an F- on LLPH’s Scorecard. Dan Sullivan was endorsed by the Tea Party Express, the Club for Growth, Senator Rand Paul and is uniting Republicans, Democrats, Independents who are sick of President Obama’s failed policies! Dan Sullivan will fight to repeal Obamacare, cut wasteful spending, and defend liberty. Let’s END Harry Reid’s reign!

Rep. Tom Cotton for Arkansas Senator! Endorsed by Senate Conservatives Fund, Tea Party Express, the Club for Growth, and others, Rep. Cotton has been a consistent vote for conservative principles in the House. He earned an A on our scorecard and is included as a member of LLPH’s Team. Let’s defeat Senator Mark Pryor who voted for Obamacare and bigger government. Let’s END Harry Reid’s reign.


Joni Ernst for Iowa Senator! Joni Ernst is ready to cut the waste, stop Washington’s arrogance, and defend our conservative principles. Rep. Bruce Braley is a liberal Democrat who voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. He will be a lockstep vote for Harry Reid just like Senator Tom Harkin is right now. But even worst, Rep. Braley will bring a level of arrogance that Senator Harkin never had. Rep. Braley is famous for mocking Iowan farmers, while Joni Ernst is an Iowa farmer and a soldier. She is ready to lead which is why she has been endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin, Senate Conservatives Fund, and SBA List. Let’s END Harry Reid’s reign!

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