#LLPH Endorsed #NH02 Marilinda Garcia Featured on Conservative HQ! #TCOT #Liberty

Marilinda Garcia

Marilinda Garcia

Marilinda Garcia is one of LLPH’s favorite candidates this election cycle, earning her a spot in Project Tiger (our top candidate endorsements). She is campaigning as a conservative who is ready to shake up the GOP Establishment.

Here is what our friends at Conservative HQ wrote about her:

Garcia is, on paper at least, the Republican establishment’s ideal candidate for Congress. Young, attractive, with a Hispanic surname and a degree from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, she has served as a New Hampshire state representative since 2007. She also plays and teaches the harp, and, at 31, Marilinda Garcia is one of the youngest Congressional candidates in the country.

But paper is pretty much the only place where Marilinda Garcia and the GOP establishment cross paths because she is campaigning as a conservative, not as a “more of the same” establishment Republican.

Garcia says that taxpayer distrust in government has led to a need for a “new generation of conservative leaders to challenge the status quo” and this conservative message now has her running ahead of the Democratic incumbent, the truly scary Ann McLane Kuster.

Strangely, despite the fact that she is such an attractive candidate, while the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has just dumped almost $1 million into Kuster’s campaign. the NRCC hasn’t spent a dime on Garcia.

She is, as Club for Growth Action noted, a fierce opponent of big government. As a state legislator, Garcia voted to cut taxes and never voted for a budget that increased spending. She even voted against a regional Cap-and-Trade scheme that her opponent supported. In Garcia, conservatives have a principled candidate who they can trust.

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