#LLPH: Dan Sullivan for Alaska Senator #AKSEN

dan sullivan for senate

LLPH is proud to recommend Dan Sullivan to be the next senator from Alaska. This Tuesday, he will face a primary, and we need him to win. He is a strong conservative who can beat the incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Begich. Senator Begich has a score of 1% with LLPH, representing his strong liberal record.

Senator Begich likes to pretend to be a moderate, but what kind of moderate is he? A strong supporter of Obamacare, being one of those to vote yes on its passage. A moderate who voted for every spending increase and new agency that has been proposed. He is happy to send more money overseas while our debt continues increasing. He has consistently supported radical liberal judicial nominees. It is time to defeat him this November.

Dan Sullivan has been endorsed by our friends at the Club for Growth. They state,

In 2009 then-Governor Sarah Palin appointed Dan to be Alaska’s Attorney General. After a year and a half, current Governor Sean Parnell appointed Dan as Alaska’s Chairman of the Department of Natural Resources. Dan wrote Alaska’s challenge to ObamaCare and stood up to the onerous collusion between environmental groups and the Obama Administration on behalf of Alaska. In addition, Dan spearheaded a successful effort to get Alaska’s Legislature to repeal publicly popular anti-growth taxes on the cruise ship and oil and gas industries.

Former Governor Sarah Palin trusted him. Current Governor Sean Parnell trusted him. Alaskans can trust him to go to Washington D.C. and fight for fiscal sanity and a new, improved government. He will join leaders like Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, and others in fighting for a better future for the next generation.

Here’s his website: http://www.sullivan2014.com/

Vote for him on Tuesday and let’s win in November!

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