#LLPH Endorsed #TN03 Candidate Weston Wamp Writes About #Conservatives, #RandPaul, #Leadership!

Weston Wamp, LLPH endorsed candidate for Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District, wrote about his final week of campaigning and the importance of conservative values while being willing to work with the other side. He has come under the attacks and lies of the incumbent, Chuck Fleischmann (who has a pathetic 59% from LLPH in a district that is R+16).

Weston Wamp is a young businessman who will take conservative principles to Washington D.C.

Here’s what he wrote:

Those in politics operate in a bubble. A world defined by often punitive party lines and narrow ideological thinking. It creates an unhealthy divide between the real world and the political class. Having grown up around politics, I’m aware of the bubble and mostly immune to it.

That’s why I’m the only primary Congressional candidate in the country who won’t back down from my belief that we’ve got to work together, Republicans and Democrats, to fix our very dysfunctional government. Because of that, I’ve been accused of being a RINO (Republican in name only) or worse. But that’s absurd. I’m for less government at the federal level, I think Obamacare needs to be replaced, I advocate the FairTax plan and I’m conservative on social issues.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a TEA Party hero, has recently forged a productive legislative partnership with New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, a young progressive Democrat. Are Rand Paul’s conservative credentials now weak because he seeks to work across the aisle on issues such as prison reform? Of course not. Much like our own Senator Bob Corker, Paul is simply proving that he doesn’t want to waste his time in Washington mired in a finger pointing contest.

That sophomoric finger pointing in our nation’s capital is what drove me to make a second run for Congress at 27 years old. As recently as last week, House Republicans continue to redefine immaturity by their inability to work with each other, let alone the minority party. For those still holding my age against me, please look no further than the embarrassing behavior of our very “seasoned” Congress. Next, please come and visit Lamp Post Group where many of us in our twenties quite ably run growing companies that will put Chattanooga on the map for a generation to come.

Here’s Weston Wamp’s Website: https://www.westonwamp.com/
His primary is this Thursday (August 8, 2014). We need him in Washington D.C. where he will stand up to both parties and will be a unique, fresh voice. He’s been endorsed by conservative voices like Senator Tom Coburn and Former Senator Rick Santorum.

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