LLPH #Senate Key Vote: “YES” on Lee #TEAct & “NO” on Highway Bill!

LLPH urges all members to vote YES on the Lee Amendment to the Highway Bill, which is expected to be voted on today. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)’s amendment will return money and the building of roads to the states.

As our friends at the Madison Project states:

“It’s time we free the states and the citizens from the paralysis, waste, and fraud that is associated with the lobbyist-driven federal transportation policy. Like other federal policies, it has encumbered growth and development for far too long. We urge all senators to oppose the underlying bill and adopt Sen. Lee’s amendment to empower the states with authority over transportation and abolish the gasoline tax.”

If the amendment fails, LLPH will urge senators to vote AGAINST the Highway Bill. Madison Project stated concerning this bill,

“With so much waste, inefficiency, and debt in the federal transportation system, the time is ripe for the Senate to go big on transportation policy,” said Daniel Horowitz, policy director of the Madison Project. “The current highway bill before the Senate invests even more money into the sinkhole of federal transportation policy and uses the most absurd accounting gimmicks to offset the $10.8 billion tab. The endless debt and constant threat of increased federal taxes exposes the absurdity of running something like transportation of 50 states from the nation’s capital.”

Read more from the Madison Project:

Freedomworks, the Club for Growth, and Heritage Foundation have promised to score likewise on the amendment and then the bill.

In addition, LLPH may score votes on the following amendment:

YES on Toomey Amendment (Under Toomey’s amendment, after a disaster has been declared by the president, or an emergency declared by a governor, any damaged or destroyed highway, bridge, or transit facility could be rebuilt in the same location “with the same capacity, dimensions, and design.” The rebuilding projects would be exempt from most environmental reviews and permit requirements.)

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