#LLPH Endorses in State Legislature Races! #TCOT #10A

When we reduce the federal government, we need responsible state legislators who are in favor of liberty.


Eric Brakey ME State Senate 20: Eric Brakey

ME State House 105: Joel Stetkis

Curtis Ayotte ME State House 83: Curtis Ayotte


Keith Allard MI State House 76: Keith Allard


Gwenn Aspen NE State Leg. 8: Gwenn Aspen

LauraEbke2014 NE State Leg. 32: Laura Ebke


SC State House 3: Ed Harris

SC State House 4: Michelle Wiles

Harley Staton SC State House 5: Harley Staton

SC State House 8: Jonathan Hill

SC State House 18: Valerie Wade

SC State House 20: Justin Alexander 

SC State House 24: Bang Hall

SC State House 94: Franklin Smith

Ken Fipps SC State House 119: Kenneth Fipps


Don Huffines TX State Senate 16: Don Huffines

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