#LLPH Endorsed #IASEN Joni Ernst Receives Ted Cruz’s Endorsement! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty #CruzCrew


Our team in Washington D.C., especially in the Senate with leaders like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee are begging for reinforcements to help them move the conservative agenda forward. There are too many politicians today who continue to support big government, increase spending, and support infringements on our liberties. And they are in both parties! But we are winning as leaders like Ben Sasse, Steve Daines, and Joni Ernst have won their primaries. Now, we just have to get them across the finish line in November. And today, LLPH-Endorsed Joni Ernst received Senator Ted Cruz’s endorsement:

Congratulations to Joni Ernst, a terrific conservative, on her overwhelmingly decisive victory in the primary for U.S. Senate on Tuesday night in Iowa! 

She worked extremely hard to build a broad coalition of support that propelled her into the general election with strong momentum. 

I’ve gotten to know Joni and am convinced she’ll be a strong ally for conservative principles in the U.S. Senate. Joni – a charismatic mother and military veteran – will be a passionate advocate for the Second Amendment, the right to life and limited government.

We urgently need reinforcements like Joni in the Senate to help cut wasteful spending and dismantle Obamacare.

I’m proud to endorse Joni Ernst, and I encourage everyone to do everything you can to ensure she’s the next Senator from Iowa.

Please learn more about Joni Ernst here on her Facebook page, then watch and Share this fantastic ad that went viral and gained national attention. It’s the most remarkable political ad of 2014 – Joni is clearly ready to make the big spenders in Washington squeal!

Help Joni Ernst win in Iowa here: http://www.joniforiowa.com/

Winning her seat would not only be a pick-up for Republicans (increasing our chances of a Republican majority), but a pick-up for CONSERVATIVES as well! 

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