June 3, 2014 Super-Primary Day: #Liberty Party or #Surrender Party? #TCOT #MakeDCListen

June 3, 2014 Primaries

Tomorrow, a whole host of states (Alabama, California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota) will be holding primaries. The question in many of these races is what type of party does the Republican Party want to be?

Conservative Incumbents Mo Brooks (R-AL 5), Tom McClintock (R-CA 4), and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA 48) have been fighting crony  capitalism and illegal immigration. Of course, the Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove, Steve LaTourette, and all their RINO allies would be happy to see these incumbents go. We need these three members in the 114th Congress.

But across the country, we are seeing key races where we can put conservatives in red seats. We can win.

Some key races to watch:

Mississippi Senate: State Senator Chris McDaniel is a next generation conservative who will ensure that a son of Mississippi will stand with leaders like Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and others. His opponent is Senator Thad Cochran, the king of Pork. Cochran has a despicable record that just repeating it would make me throw-up. He is so bad that giving his seat to a Democrat would not make a difference. What has Thad Cochran done to deserve re-election besides help increase our national debt (which is a disgrace)?

Senator McDaniel has stood in the state capital standing for liberty. He protected property rights, defended religious freedom, fought Obamacare with his law firm pro bono (for free), and opposed more debt and taxes. He has the endorsements for Governor Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Club for Growth, Freedomworks, Madison Project, Gun Owners of America, and so many others. Let’s give Mississippians a choice this November…not an echo.

Alabama 06: Dr. Chad Mathis, a true constitutional conservative who campaigned for Senator Ted Cruz in 2012, is in a huge primary against a whole host of candidates. He is running for the seat being vacated by Republican Rep. Spencer Bachus. This is a great chance to upgrade this seat. Mathis is the best as shown by his endorsements from Senator Mike Lee, Rep. Andy Harris, Club for Growth, Freedomworks, Madison Project, and several more conservatives. He is not a career politician but a man who is concerned about his country. When elected to congress, he will join our Liberty Team to fight for the values we all care about.

California 04: Rep. Tom McClintock will make the top two primary, but he will need our help in November as a RINO Republican is challenging him. But turnout tomorrow is essential to ensure that McClintock gets such a high percentage that his RINO opponents will receive no momentum and no support.

California 07: Igor Birman is an immigrant from the Soviet Union. He understands what it means to be under communism and as a result will take the Constitution very seriously. He has worked to aid Rep. McClintock and fight big government. He needs to get into the top two to face off against Rep. Ami Bera. The other main Republican is RINO Rep. Doug Ose (who fought McClintock a few years ago). Ose is a disgrace as he raised his own pay, increased spending, and never met an earmark that he did not like.

Iowa 03: Secretary of State Matt Schultz has fought for voter ID laws and against illegal immigrants committing voter fraud in Iowa. He is running for the seat being vacated by Republican Rep. Tom Latham. This is another opportunity to upgrade this seat by electing a conservative. As the next representative, he will continue to lead the fight for conservative principles. He has been endorsed by Senate Conservatives Fund, Freedomworks, Tea Party Express, and many other conservatives. Some talk about fighting, others have done it. Matt Schultz has done it.

New Jersey 03: Steve Lonegan, the 2013 Republican Special Election Senate nominee, is a principled conservative who will abide by the Constitution. He WON this district even when he was running against the popular now-Democrat Senator Booker. Yet, the Republican establishment could not imagine having a conservative like Lonegan win, so they got a liberal mayor, Tom McArthur to run against him in the primary. McArthur supported higher taxes as mayor and would be a pathetic congressman. And who knows if he can win? Lonegan CAN win, as shown when he ran for senator and he will actually follow the Constitution.

Montana AL: Congressman Steve Daines, who we have endorsed for Montana Senator is vacating this seat. Matt Rosendale is the conservative running for this seat. He opposes drone surveillance, violations of our civil liberties, and is a strong fiscal conservative. Freedomworks has endorsed him. Rosendale’s great ad in shooting down a drone and promising to change Washington convinces us that he will lead the fight for conservatives.

In two other races, Iowa Senate and South Dakota Senate, LLPH decided not to endorse in these races, but we OPPOSE the nominations of Mark Jacobs in Iowa and Mike Rounds in South Dakota. Any of their opponents could get endorsements or recommendations from us, but these two are establishment RINOs who would be disasters if nominated.

Let’s change the Republican Party tomorrow. Let’s elect conservatives. FORWARD FOR LIBERTY!

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