#Texas State Legislative Races Endorsements (Late, but Still Time to #GOTV!) #TCOT #TXpol #Liberty

Conservatives always talk about the importance of sending more power back to the states. But what do we want to happen after the power is back in the hands of the states. LLPH believes it is essential to ensure that once power is back in the hands of the states, the states continue to move with prosperity and not sink into massive debts and encroachments on civil liberties.


Bob Hall TX State Senate 2: Bob Hall

Konni Burton TX State Senate 10: Konni Burton

T.J. Fabby TX State House 10: T.J. Fabby

Ted Seago TX State House 16: Ted Seago

Philip Eby  TX State House 58: Philip Eby

Matt Shaheen TX State House 66: Matt Shaheen

Stefani Carter TX House 102: Stefani Carter

Chart Westcott  TX House 108: Chart Westcott

Dennis Paul TX House 129: Dennis Paul

 TX House 132: Mike Schofield

See the Campaign for Liberty Survey here: http://www.campaignforliberty.org/surveys2/?id=42 (used for determining most of our endorsements)

From our friend, Texas State Rep. and Liberty Defender Jonathan Stickland: 


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