#LLPH: Primary Runoffs in #Texas Tomorrow (May 27, 2014)! #GOTV #TCOT #MakeDCListen #TX04 #TX36



Tomorrow, Texas will hold the runoff elections in several key races. 

Here are the TOP Races to Monitor Tomorrow:

TX CD 4: LLPH Endorsed John Ratcliffe is facing off against longtime incumbent Rep. Ralph Hall. Rep. Hall has served honorably both in the military and in congress, but after more than 30 years, it is time to give him an honorable retirement from congress. No one should be allowed to serve more than 30 years, not even George Washington served that long! Rep. Hall has several additional votes that warrant his retirement including: voting for the re-election of Speaker Boehner (before stating that he would oppose Boehner AFTER Ratcliffe promised to vote against Boehner), supporting Cash for Clunkers, raising the debt ceiling about 8 times, recently voting against spending cuts to the Capitol Visitor Center. Clearly, Rep. Hall has lost touch with the need to save this nation from fiscal collapse. John Ratcliffe will take the lead for fiscal responsibility and the defense of our liberties. He has been endorsed by the Club for Growth, Madison Project, RedState’s Erick Erickson, and many more conservatives. We are proud to support John Ratcliffe in tomorrow’s runoff!

TX CD 36: Congressman Steve Stockman, an LLPH Liberty Congress Member and excellent leader unfortunately lost his bid for Senate. This leaves an open seat and needs a true, strong conservative to succeed Rep. Stockman. LLPH believes with confidence that Ben Streusand is the man for this seat. Streusand has been working a long time as Chairman of an Americans for Prosperity branch in Texas, leading the fight for fiscal responsibility. Streusand won the Republican Liberty Caucus Straw Poll and has been endorsed by numerous Tea Party organizations. He has been endorsed by LLPH Fellow Rep. Ted Poe unlike his opponent who has the support of RINOs like Rep. Pete Sessions and others. Streusand has promised to oppose debt ceiling increases and oppose Speaker Boehner. We are proud to support Streusand for this seat.

A note on the state races: Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton are two of the most courageous conservatives. Their opponents are liberals (one of them is named Dewhurst…the man who opposed now-Senator Ted Cruz and has appointed liberals to lead key committees). Both men would be strong leaders to help Greg Abbott lead the state in the conservative direction. We urge all Texans to vote for both these men tomorrow.

Here is a full list of LLPH’s Endorsements/Recommendations for tomorrow:

TEXAS: (May 27, 2014 Runoff)

Lt. Governor: Dan Patrick (Website)

Attorney General: Ken Paxton (Website)

CD 4 Runoff: John Ratcliffe (Website)

CD 23 Runoff: Will Hurd (Website)

CD 36 Runoff: Ben Streusand (Website)

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