#NDAA: Time to Fight for #Liberty- #LLPH Leadership Points & Key Amendments! #TCOT

FY 2015 NDAA Amendments:

McKinley (R-WV) – Amendment No. 1 – Prohibits funds for this Administration to conduct it’s anti-fossil fuel climate change agenda, which includes the National Climate Assessment, the IPCC report, the UN’s Agenda 21, and the Social Cost of Carbon (Passed 231-192)

Lamborn (R-CO), Forbes (R-VA), Fleming (R-LA) – Amendment No. 5 – Requires the Department of Defense and the U.S. Air Force to revise their current regulations on religious freedom. (Adopted Voice)

Rigell (R-VA) – Amendment No. 20 – Reaffirms Congress’ constitutional war powers by clearly stating that nothing in this Act shall be construed to authorize any use of military force. (Adopted Voice)

Polis (D-CO), Nadler (D-NY) – Amendment No. 147 -Urges the Secretary of Defense to conduct successful operationally realistic tests before purchasing additional ground-based missile defense interceptors.  (Adopted Voice)

Shimkus (R-IL) – Amendment No. 6 – Delays relinquishment or agreeing to any proposal relating to the relinquishment of the responsibility of NTIA over Internet domain name system functions by the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information until GAO submits a report to Congress on the role of the NTIA with respect to the Internet domain name system. (Passed 245-177)

Smith, Adam (R-WA) – Amendment No. 11 – Amends section 1021 of the FY 12 NDAA to eliminate indefinite military detention of any person detained under AUMF authority in the United States, it territories, or possessions, by providing for immediate transfer to trial and proceedings by a court established under Article III of the U.S. Constitution or by an appropriate state court. Strikes section 1022 of the same Act, which provides for mandatory military custody of covered parties (Failed 191-230)

Lamborn (R-CO) – Amendment No. 17 – Limits the use of funds for implementing the New START treaty until certification that the Russian Federation is respecting Ukrainian sovereignty and is no longer violating the INF or CFE treaties (Passed 233-191)

 Schiff (D-CA) – Amendment No. 21 –  Sunsets the 2001 AUMF effective 12 months from date of enactment of the bill (Failed 191-233)

Blumenauer (D-OR) – Amendment No. 24 – Requires CBO to update, on an annual basis, their report on the projected costs of U.S. nuclear forces (Passed 224-199)

Kelly (R-PA) – Amendment No. 130 – Prohibits funds from being used to implement the UN Arms Trade Treaty unless the treaty has received the advice and consent of the Senate and has been the subject of implementing legislation by the Congress. (Adopted Voice)

Walberg (R-MI), Cohen (D-TN) – Amendment No. 139 -Prohibits any new funds for the Afghanistan Infrastructure Fund until previously appropriated funds have been fully expended.  (Adopted Voice)

Mulvaney (R-SC) – Amendment No. 73 -Maximizes competition in design-build contracts.  (Adopted Voice)

Mulvaney (R-SC), Murphy, Patrick (D-FL) – Amendment No. 138 -Codifies criteria developed by OMB in 2010 to clarify when military spending should be designated as contingency operations and properly be part of the Overseas Contingency Operation budget.  (Adopted Voice)

Connolly (D-VA), Issa (R-CA) – Amendment No. 157 – Amends titles 40, 41, and 44, United States Code, to eliminate duplication and waste in Federal information technology acquisition and management. (Adopted Voice)

Broun (R-GA), Yoho (R-FL) – Amendment No. 94 -Prohibits any officer, employee, detailee, or contractor of the Department of Defense from using a drone to kill a citizen of the United States, with the exception of an individual who is actively engaged in combat against the United States. (Adopted Voice)

Johnson, Hank (D-GA) – Amendment No. 119 – Prevents the establishment of permanent U.S. Military bases in Afghanistan. (Adopted Voice)

Nolan (D-MN)  – Amendment No. 120 – Provides auditing and inspecting guidelines for new construction projects in Afghanistan in excess of $500,000 that cannot be physically inspected by authorized civilian personnel. (Adopted Voice)

Gibson (R-NY), Garamendi (D-CA) – Amendment No. 128 – States that nothing in the FY15 NDAA shall be construed as authorizing the use of force against Syria or Iran. (Adopted Voice)

Rohrabacher (R-CA) – Amendment No. 117 – Expresses a sense of the Congress that Dr. Shakil Afridi is an international hero and is owed a debt of gratitude for helping to find Osama bin Laden. (Adopted Voice)

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