Get Used to #TeaParty! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty

I wanted to share a great piece by Tea Party leader Todd Cefaratti on the recent tea party wins. We need to keep fighting, but sometimes we should also savor these victories for freedom!

From TPNN by Todd Cefaratti:

If the Tea Party is dead, it sure isn’t acting like it…

On Tuesday, the Tea Party went two-for-two in Nebraska and West Virginia. Political outsider and Tea Party conservative Ben Sasse won the primary easily against his opponents in a three-man race against Shane Osborn and Sid Dinsdale. With the Republican primary over, it looks likely that Sasse will soon occupy the Senate seat being vacated by Mike Johanns, who has decided to not run for reelection.

At the same time, in West Virginia, Tea Party-backed Alex Mooney won the primary race for West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. Mooney will now face off against Democrat Nick Casey in the primary.

Last month, former Perdue basketball player and Tea Party favorite Curt Clawson won the Republican primary after a bitter race to go on to the general election for the special election for Florida’s 19th Congressional District. The heavily-Republican district is likely to afford Clawson the House seat.

But… But… Isn’t the Tea Party supposed to be dead? After all, didn’t Greg Brannon, Rand Paul’s pick, lose in North Carolina?

The liberal media loved the Brannon loss; they postured as if it were the definitive end of the Tea Party because a candidate lost a primary- never reminding readers and viewers that you can’t win every race.

Heck, even Ronald Reagan lost the primary in 1976 to Gerald Ford. He then went on to become the great president that America needed when we needed him most.

In 2010, when the Tea Party swept the House for the Republicans and gained seats in the Senate, some Tea Party candidates lost races. As impressive as the sweep was, one can find examples of Tea Party losses. It happens.

After all, consider this: who dominates Republican politics? Aside from the imperiled leadership, who moves the ball? Who garners the headlines?

It’s the efforts of people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Tim Huelskamp, Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert- all Tea Partiers.

The Tea Party is hosting events on Capitol Hill quarterly with lawmakers, we’re dominating conservative politics, we’re, presumably, keeping Harry Reid up at night and we’re winning elections.

Democrats and their counterparts in the liberal media would love to write us off as dead in the water, but unfortunately for them, we’re dug in tighter than ticks and not going anywhere.

My advice? Get used to the Tea Party.

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