#LLPH Recap: Big Wins in #Nebraska and #WestVirginia! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #NESEN #WV02 #NEGOV

With all precincts reporting, Ben Sasse defeated Dinsdale 49 percent to 22 percent, with Osborn running  third with 21 percent of the vote. Sasse will be a heavy favorite in the general election considering Nebraska’s strong conservative tilt. This is a huge victory for LLPH as we will be assuring this seat is taken in to conservative hands. Ben Sasse was supported by almost every tea party group in the country from Tea Party Express, Club for Growth, Freedomworks to Senate Conservatives Fund, Gun Owners of America PVF, Madison Project, and more. Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, Governor Sarah Palin, RedState’s Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, and others backed him as well. His win is a huge deal for the Tea Party, the Liberty Movement, and conservatives across America. Osborn was the establishment candidate, endorsed by Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham and his loss is a rebuke to them and their policies. And Dinsdale supported raising the debt ceiling, so it was good that he lost as well. Congratulations to Ben Sasse and on to November and getting another conservative to reinforce Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. By the way, here’s what Ted Cruz had to say about Sasse’s win:

Ben Sasse’s decisive victory in Nebraska tonight is a clear indication that the grassroots are rising up to Make DC Listen. They’re rising up to take our country back.
We urgently need conservative reinforcements in the Senate like Ben who will stand with the American people, not the Washington establishment.
Ben is a constitutional conservative who will not just “check the box” and vote the right way. He’ll affirmatively fight to advance the conservative agenda, repeal Obamacare, and defend the Constitution.
I congratulate Ben, his campaign and all their supporters and commend the other candidates on their hard-fought efforts.

The Liberty Movement and Tea Party scored another victory as well in West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. LLPH-Endorsed Alex Mooney, a strong fiscal conservative won the nomination in a crowded primary with 36% of the vote. He was backed by Madison Project, Tea Party Express, Dr. Ron Paul, Rep. Thomas Massie, Gun Owners of America, and many others. His race is a little more difficult, but with his opponent’s commitment to support President Obama’s War on Coal and Mooney’s commitment to support it, Mooney should win in November with our help. He will then be a great congressman who will help defend liberty. Congratulations Alex Mooney!

LLPH-Endorsed Pete Ricketts won the crowded Nebraksa governor primary with about 27% of the vote. He was endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz, and his win is a win for the tea party. While we do not agree with him on everything, we are certain that he will be a strong governor for Nebraska fighting illegal immigration and cutting taxes, leading Nebraska to prosperity. As LLPH seeks to reduce the size of government, it is essential that we have pro-freedom state leaders to take on these responsibilities and lead their states to prosperity. Congratulations to Pete Ricketts! Here’s what Senator Ted Cruz had to say:

Pete Ricketts is not a career politician – he’s an outsider who fights for conservative values. I’m enthusiastic about Pete’s victory because he stands with his fellow Nebraskans and Americans to preserve our founding principles.

Pete understands how to generate jobs and economic growth. He knows that when we get government out of the way, the private sector will thrive and the individual spirit will flourish. 

I congratulate Pete on his terrific campaign and I’m excited about working with him to promote free market principles and opportunity.

While Dan Frei and Tom Brewer did not prevail in their races for Nebraska Congressional races, they held their incumbent opponents accountable. In fact, Frei held Terry to 53-47% and almost won. We thank both of them for running and wish them the best.

The wins of Sasse, Ricketts, and Mooney show that the tea party is alive and well and we are ready to ROAR! Next week, there is a host of primaries that will continue determining the future of our country, so stay tuned to our updates on that. Again, thank you for your hard work in these victories and on to victory in November 2014!

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