Recap on Last Night’s Election: North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #LLPH

US Congressman Walter B. Jones - Profile

Last night, LLPH faces some deep losses. Dr. Greg Brannon was defeated by the establishment’s pick Thom Tillis to be the GOP nominee for the senate against Senator Kay Hagan. We wish Mr. Tillis all the best and hope that Hagan will be defeated. We lost most of the House races where we backed challengers against RINO incumbents. But we have no regrets. The primary season is just getting started and we expect to lose some and also win some. But we have to work to restore our country and change congress.

One of our major victories last night was the win for Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina’s 3rd District (whose picture is above). Rep. Jones has been steadfast in protecting liberty, fighting debt ceiling increases, standing against illegal immigration, and voting against terrible suspension bills. His win also ensures that Speaker Boehner will likely still have another opponent in congress (Jones still faces a Democrat but is expected to win). The Washington Establishment spent more than $1 million against Rep. Jones, but they lost. We are proud of Rep. Jones.

Marlin Stutzman     Todd Rokita

In Indiana, Reps. Marlin Stutzman and Todd Rokita of Indiana’s 3rd and 4th Districts respectively, won their primaries against smaller challengers. Both of their challengers were liberal Republicans, Stutzman’s wanted to renew unemployment benefits and railed against defunding Obamacare and Rokita’s supported amnesty for illegals and wanted to fix Obamacare. Stutzman and Rokita’s wins are two more proud moments for LLPH.

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One of LLPH’s goals is to support Constitutional Conservatives running for Congress. We want to increase out Liberty Congress Team. While several of our candidates lost last night, one is heading to a runoff. Mark Walker is an excellent citizen candidate. He supports lower taxes, cutting spending, and fighting for fiscal responsibility. He opposes the Patriot Act and will call for a reform to our foreign aid system. His runoff is on July 15, 2014, and he will need all the help he can get to win his primary. Here is his website:

We continue to fight on for freedom and liberty. Next week’s primaries will be in West Virginia and Nebraska. We’ll have more updates coming soon but we have some great fights over there and things are looking good. 

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