#LLPH #House KEY VOTE ALERT: “NO” on H.R. 863-Left-Wing Feminist Museum Building! #TCOT #MakeDCListen

In a time of fiscal crisis with a nearly $17 TRILLION debt, you would think that the House Republicans would work on passing a bill that actually cuts spending, ends corporate welfare, or perhaps pass bills that cut regulations. But that would be asking too much of a party that as a whole (there are a few good members) is more concerned about their image than actually standing up for conservative principles. 

Tomorrow, the House will bring H.R. 863, The National Women’s History Museum Commission Act, to the floor tomorrow under suspension. RedState’s Daniel Horowitz did an excellent job explaining the problem with this bill which is definitely worth reading. Here’s one portion of his write-up:

Undoubtedly, building a museum dedicated to studying the contributions of prominent American woman is an interesting endeavor, especially when funded by private contributions.  But one glance at the website of the NWHM makes it clear that this particular outfit will be used as a conduit to promote general liberal causes like most other feminist “women’s” organizations.  They’ve already paid homage to Sandra Fluke, which is not surprising because they are allied with a whole array of left-wing women’s groups. With such leadership and associations, it is hard to imagine a scenario in which this museum does not become an organ for the homosexual and anti-life movements.


Once this museum is constructed and granted access to the national mall, there is no way it will not grow into a left-wing bastion and it is unlikely that it will not become a recipient of federal funds when Democrats are in control of Congress. 

As RedState’s Daniel Horowitz explains: 

Although a suspension bill needs a two-thirds majority to pass, they are often passed unanimously by voice vote.  Leadership already knows that conservatives are outraged by this nonsense and would love to pass this through a voice vote, thereby protecting their rank-and-file members from being recorded on a bad vote.  They already did this last month when they passed the Medicare doc fix bill with the phony spending offsets by voice vote.

It is imperative that conservatives get a roll call vote on this bill. And we likely will as RedState further reports:

I’m hearing that Reps. Huelskamp and Bachmann plan to be on the floor when the bill comes up for a vote.  The only way to prevent them from repeating a surreptitious voice vote is to have conservatives physically present on the floor to demand a recorded vote.

Call your GOP members and ask them to join Huelskamp and Bachmann and force leadership to document those who are squandering the GOP majority to promote a left-wing agenda.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS 1) and Michele Bachmann (R-MN 6) are two excellent members in our Liberty Congress. We would urge you to contact your member and urge a NO vote and also for your member to be on the floor to demand a roll call vote.

LLPH will key vote this bill and will award 5  points for no votes in our 100-point congressional scorecard. All members are urged to cast a strong NO vote on this bill. We must not hand over our country to liberal extremists, and certainly not when we have a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. 

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