The Battle for America: Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio Primaries May 6, 2014! #GOTV #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty







Tomorrow begins the blitz of primaries that will occur during May. These primaries could in a lot of ways determine the future of our country. The 114th Congress needs to have committed conservatives who want to actually restore the country, not just slow the destruction of our nation.

The following are 4 EPIC Tea Party vs. Establishment Races to watch for tomorrow as well as 1 other race we are eyeing closely:


NORTH CAROLINA SENATOR: The voters will choose the GOP Senate nominee to take on Democrat Senator Kay Hagan. The GOP establishment from Jeb Bush to Mitt Romney want State Speaker Thom Tillis to be the nominee. But Tillis has ethics issues, is known to be weak on cutting spending and fighting illegal immigration, and would simply join the surrender caucus of the Republican Party. Electing him would not improve this seat at all. On the other side is the conservative candidate and LLPH-endorsed Dr. Greg Brannon. Endorsed by Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, Freedomworks, Tea Party Patriots, Mark Levin, RedState’s Erick Erickson, Rep. Thomas Massie, and other great conservative leaders and groups, he would definitely upgrade this seat and join our Liberty Congress. The goal is to keep Tillis below 40% which would force him into a runoff in which Brannon would likely prevail.

NORTH CAROLINA CD 3: Rep. Walter Jones, one of only 12 GOP members to oppose Speaker Boehner’s re-election at the beginning of the 113th Congress is facing a primary challenge from a former Bush aide Taylor Griffin. Griffin supports increasing the debt ceiling and pro-crony capitalist beliefs. But Rep. Jones has been committed to stopping debt ceiling increases, opposing amnesty, and fighting against nation-building around the globe. LLPH has endorsed Rep. Walter Jones and his victory would ensure that this seat will continue to be represented by a true Liberty conservative. Rep. Jones has been endorsed by Ms. Dorothy Helms, the wife of the renowned conservative Former Senator Jesse Helms as well as Dr. Ron Paul. 

NORTH CAROLINA CD 7: Rep. Mike McIntyre (D) announced his retirement, and with his retirement, this seat is almost assured to fall into Republican hands. The question is what type of Republican will win this seat. On one side is Former State Senator David Rouzer, endorsed by Eric Cantor and the Chamber of Amnesty and Crony Capitalism (also known as the Chamber of Commerce). It is pretty obvious whose side Rouzer will be on if he goes to congress. On the other side is LLPH-endorsed Woody White, supported by the Tea Party Patriots. Woody White will tackle the debt, fight illegal immigration, and has the guts to take on the GOP establishment leadership. If White wins tomorrow, then we will have taken a Democrat seat and put it into the hands of a true conservative, not just another useless Republican.

OHIO CD 14: Rep. Dave Joyce (R) was the handpicked choice of Former Rep. Steve LaTourette (now leading the anti-liberty, pro-big government “Republican” Mainstreet PAC). Joyce is loved by Boehner and Company who can always count on him to vote for debt ceiling increases and massive spending bills, which is why the Chamber of Commerce has endorsed him. But he is being challenged by a true conservative, State Representative Matt Lynch. Lynch fought the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Ohio, has been endorsed by Freedomworks, the Ohio Right to Life, Dr. Ron Paul, Tea Party Patriots, and would be a massive improvement over Democrat-lite Rep. Joyce. He’s facing an uphill battle but having represented a good portion of this district, he has a chance to win.


NORTH CAROLINA CD 6: Mark Walker is LLPH’s choice to succeed retiring Rep. Howard Coble. Walker was in the race before Rep. Coble retired, but he entered it with dignity and honor. Walker is such a decent man that even members of Coble’s own family have endorsed him even though Walker was primarying Coble. But Walker is a strong conservative who will be an upgrade as he will fight to cut spending, stop continuous debt ceiling increases, demand reform to foreign aid, and will oppose the Patriot Act’s re-authorization. He has several challengers, including the lead candidate Phil Berger. But with the support of the district, Mark Walker is in second place and has a good chance to force a runoff or even win the primary outright. Mark Walker is a true constitutional conservative who we are proud to support.


INDIANA: (May 6, 2014)

CD 2: Rep. Marlin Stutzman (Website)

CD 3: Rep. Todd Rokita (Website

CD 5: David Stockdale (Website)

CD 8: Andrew McNeil (Website)

CD 9: Kathy Lowe-Heil (Website)

NORTH CAROLINA: (May 6, 2014)

Senate: Dr. Greg Brannon (Website

CD 2: Frank Roche (Website)

CD 3: Rep. Walter Jones (Website)

CD 6: Mark Walker (Website)

CD 7: Woody White (Website)

CD 9: Mike Steinberg (Website

CD 10: Richard Lynch (Website)

OHIO: (May 6, 2014)

CD 14: Matt Lynch (Website)

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