Why I Support Rep. Todd Rokita for #IN04! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty

Rep. Todd Rokita has worked hard to cut spending, protect our liberties (he was one of the few GOP representatives who opposed the Patriot Act), and he is also a member of Amash’s Liberty Caucus (and is ranked as a Liberty Fellow in our Liberty Congress).

His primary opponent is Kevin Grant, a liberal Republican. Here are some of Grant’s positions:

Pathway to citizen for Illegal Aliens–Strongly Favor–I am in favor for making Illegal Aliens citizens of the U.S. as long as they pay their fair share of Income Taxes.

Expand Obama Care–I agree that everyone should have access to quality healthcare. In fact, everyone has access to health care in a loss of life, limb, or eyesight scenario. All Emergency Rooms are required to see these types of patients. With reference to Obamacare, impact studies should be performed and analyzed prior to moving forward with the program.

Birth Control is about equality for women. Using birth control lets women plan when and whether to have a family. In fact, 98% of women have used birth control at some point in their lives.

Mr. Grant should join the Democrat Party with his leftist and radically liberal views on illegal immigration, Obamacare, and birth control.

I think you can see why LLPH is supporting Rep. Todd Rokita for re-election in Indiana’s 4th Congressional District. Get Out the Vote and let’s win! http://www.toddrokita.com

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