#LLPH Announces Recommendations in #OKSEN and #IDSEN! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty

LLPH is pleased to announce our recommendation of 5 incumbents who are currently LLPH Allies in our Liberty Congress. These 5 members have shown a deep respect for the Constitution, and while they each have certain issues in which we disagree with them, they are committed to a smaller and more limited government. They usually support LLPH Members and Fellows in their fights for which we are truly grateful. We are honored to officially recommend them for re-election and a return to the 114th Congress.

Jim Inhofe OK-SEN: Senator Jim Inhofe is a fine conservative, serving since 1994, who is a close ally of LLPH. While he does have his flaws (such as supporting certain spending bills we opposed), he has shown great vigor in fighting for the Constitution. He has fought the global warming and climate change proponents, and has strongly opposed the increased EPA regulations that harm job creators. He voted for the most fiscally conservative budget offered by LLPH Member Senator Rand Paul in 2013 and a similar conservative budget by another great LLPH Member Senator Mike Lee in 2012. Senator Inhofe sponsored two amendments and received recorded votes on them in the 113th Congress: One was to ensuring that Americans’ 2nd Amendment Rights would not be infringed on by the United Nations Arms Treaty and the second was to fight against the EPA’s attempted regulations due to “climate change”. He opposed the Ryan-Murray Budget, the Farm Bill Conference Report, reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, has stood with us on many cloture votes, and was an early supporter to defund Obamacare. Senator Inhofe received a B on LLPH’s scorecard for his dedication to conservative values. He has been endorsed by Freedomworks for America as well. He faces some primary challengers in June and will have a Democrat opponent in November.

Senator Jim Risch ID-SEN: Senator Jim Risch earned an A+ in the 113th Congress. He is a very good conservative senator (began serving in 2009) who we are proud to recommend for re-election. Here is what the Madison Project wrote in February 2012:

When Obama announced his illegal appointments to executive positions last month, Republicans shook their fists heavenward and pledged to vigorously challenge those nominations.  Well, instead of engaging in vapid rhetorical promises, Senator Mike Lee took action.  He pledged to block all of Obama’s judicial nominations until he agrees to rescind his illegal appointees and resubmit them for confirmation before the full Senate. Unfortunately, Senator Lee is like a general without an army.  The Senate voted on a nomination for a federal district court, yet only 5 others joined him.  They were Senators DeMint, Crapo, Paul, Risch, and Shelby.

Senator Risch’s willingness to stand up for conservative principles is very impressive. He signed the Defund Obamacare Letter. He voted against the Ryan-Murray Budget. He has consistently voted against the 20112012, 2013 NDAAs since a provision was included on indefinite detention. And he most impressively did not follow the example of his colleague who voted for the unconstitutional VAWA, and instead voted no. He is not an establishment Republican, but instead a true ally of LLPH. He faces a primary challenger in May and will face a Democrat challenger in November.

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