#BREAKING: #LLPH-Endorsed #UT04 Mia Love on Winning GOP Convention Nomination! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty


ON TO NOVEMBER 2014!: http://love4utah.com/

LLPH congratulates Mia Love on winning 78% of the GOP convention vote today and officially receiving the GOP nomination. In Utah, any candidate who gets above 50% of the vote is officially the nominee, and clearly Mia Love achieved this threshold. LLPH released this statement:

Endorsed by LLPH, Mia Love has won a spectacular victory today. Raised in a hardworking family, she was taught that hard work and responsibility were the keys to success…her parents told her that it was her responsibility to give back. Taking this type of mentality to Washington, she will stand up to the establishment and liberals on both sides of the aisle. The people of Utah’s 4th District will be served by her courage and leadership. Her focus on fighting Obamacare, ending wasteful programs like the Departments of Education and Energy and returning them to the states, and her support for defending our liberties through supporting the Amash NSA Amendment will definitely make her a favorite of conservatives, tea partiers, and liberty movement in the years to come. We congratulate Mia Love and look forward to her victory on November 4, 2014! 

Please continue to help ensure her victory here: http://love4utah.com/

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