#LLPH Endorses in #SCSEN, #GA12, #MTAL, #OK02! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty

LLPH is honored to announce another set of endorsements in critical races facing our country. The candidates/incumbent we are endorsing today are committed to fighting for fiscal responsibility and defending our civil liberties. They will be strong additions to our Liberty Congress Team and we are honored to endorse them today.

Lee Bright SC-SEN: State Senator Lee Bright is a true constitutional conservative running in a crowded primary to defeat RINO Senator Lindsey Graham. There are several good candidates running and any of them would be superior over Senator Graham. But we truly believe that not only is Bright the strongest candidate to defeat Graham, but he also has the principles to stand strong in Washington D.C. He will fight against illegal immigration, oppose world policing, fight to protect our civil liberties, stand up for fiscal responsibility and sanity, be on the front lines against Obamacare and protect the sanctity of human life. He will be on the front lines standing shoulder to shoulder with Senators Paul, Cruz, and Lee fighting for freedom in the halls of the Senate. That is why Lee Bright has been endorsed by Congressmen Steve Stockman (TX) and Thomas Massie (KY), National Republican Liberty Caucus, Gun Owners for America, National Association for Gun Rights, Glenn Beck, and so many grassroots in South Carolina. Here is what Rep. Thomas Massie, a strong ally of LLPH had to say about State Sen. Lee Bright:

There are several good candidates challenging the status quo in this race, but it is time for conservatives to rally around the clear leader in this battle. It’s time to make a change, and we must unite against the Washington establishment if we are to prevail. I am certain that Lee Bright will stand strong for our Constitution in Washington, because he has a proven record of defending liberty in the South Carolina Senate. Based on my conversations with him, I am confident that Lee Bright will be a steadfast ally of true conservatives like Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee and Senator Ted Cruz. He has my full support. 

John Stone for Congress GA CD 12: John Stone is willing to stand up to the GOP establishment. He has already vowed to replace the entire GOP leadership from Speaker Boehner to Leader Cantor to Whip McCarthy. His promise has already forced other candidates in the race to move to the right and also make the same promise. John Stone will fight to cut wasteful spending and eliminate programs such as the Department of Education. He will fight to repeal Obamacare, stand up for stronger borders, and protect the 2nd Amendment. That is why he has been endorsed by LLPH Liberty Congress Team Members Rep. Louie Gohmert and Paul Gosar, two of our favorites in congress and many local Tea Party groups. We are proud to support him to add another member to our liberty team.

Matt Rosendale MT CD AL: Matt Rosendale has made protecting the liberties of American citizens a priority for him. While many candidates focus on fiscal issues, and rightfully so, too many disregard the importance of defending the Constitution. Not Matt Rosendale. He has become famous for his ad in which he shoots down a drone and promises to protect our liberties. He will stand up to the NSA, the IRS, the DOJ, and any other agencies that oppress our rights and freedoms. He will balance the budget, cut spending, protect private property rights, and defend our values. In his own words on why he is running:

Montana represents the best of what we as a family believe in: God, liberty and a fundamental right to living our lives without the pressing hand of an intrusive government.  Unfortunately, Washington has failed us.  Career politicians from both parties continue to waste our money, spy on our families, and dictate our daily lives.  Common sense representation and unselfish leadership is in short supply.  That is why I am running for Congress and would be honored to have your support.

Markwayne Mullin OK CD 2: Rep. Markwayne Mullin has fought against wasteful spending bills such as the Ryan-Murray Budget and the Omnibus FY 2014 Budget. He stood up for our rights through his support for the Amash NSA limitations amendment and will be an important voice against the Patriot Act as it will be up for reauthorization next year. He has not voted for a debt ceiling increase since coming to congress. LLPH is proud to re-endorse Rep. Markwayne Mullin for a second term.

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