#LLPH Announces New Endorsements: #OKSEN, #CA08, #MI08, #NY22! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty

LLPH is honored to announce our endorsement of four excellent candidates. These candidates have shown their willingness to challenge the GOP establishment and will stand up for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness when elected to congress. They will fight for fiscal responsibility and protect our civil liberties. We are confident that these candidates will join our Liberty Congress and continue fighting for the Constitution that so many in Washington D.C. have forgotten.

T.W. Shannon OK-SEN: Former Oklahoma Speaker T.W. Shannon is a rising star in the Republican Party.  T.W. Shannon fought for voter I.D. laws and challenged the lies by liberals that somehow showing an I.D. was “racist”.  T.W. Shannon will be an inspiration to African-Americans across this country that work, not government welfare will bring prosperity. As speaker, he advocated for policies that could break the devastating cycle of government dependency, instead helping people move toward self-reliance. He led the fight for welfare reform in the state legislature, supported Governor Fallin’s decision to reject Obamacare Medicaid Expansion, and is a strong advocate for states’ rights. As the next senator of Oklahoma, T.W. will fight to repeal Obamacare, defend the 2nd Amendment, fight against invasions into our privacy, oppose world policing, fight illegal immigration, and end Common Core. That’s why T.W. Shannon has been endorsed by conservative leaders like Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), Conservative Leader Mark Levin, Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Dr. Ben Carson, and numerous state elected officials. Here’s what Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) said about him: 

“T.W. is the kind of conservative leader who will help us move a reform agenda in Washington. He is a staunch opponent of Obamacare, will fight to repeal it, and supports proposals to let the free market, not the government, determine health care costs and services. He supports Rand Paul’s National Right to Work Act because hard-working Americans should be free to choose whether or not to join or contribute to a union. And he will help me and my friend Ted Cruz protect the right of every American to express their religious beliefs. T.W. is the new kind of reformer we need in Congress and I am proud to endorse him.” 

Elect Paul Hannosh CA CD 8: Paul Hannosh: Every year when we endorse candidates, we recognize that there will sometimes be two conservatives and one may prevail over the other who may be our pick. That is what we hoped would have happened when our endorsed candidate, Gregg Imus lost to now-Rep. Paul Cook in the general election. But unfortunately, it did not. Since being elected, Rep. Cook has joined with the establishment on several measures including but not limited to supporting VAWA, opposing the Amash NSA limitation amendment, and voting for debt ceiling increases without true spending cuts. Rep. Cook has become a pet to the establishment and votes in lock-step with Boehner and Company. That is why we are proud to endorse his Republican challenger, Paul Hannosh for Congress. This district is very conservative meaning that it is likely two Republicans could take the top two spots and face off in November. We want Paul Hannosh to get one of those top two spots and then win in November. Unlike Rep. Cook, Paul Hannosh is a strong supporter of individual liberties (he would have voted for the Amash NSA limitation amendment), supports cutting spending including foreign aid, and opposes nation building around the globe. He is pro-life, fiscally responsible, and would make be a strong member of our Liberty Team in Congress! He has been endorsed by the National Republican Liberty Caucus.

Tom McMillin MI CD 8: A battle between a Constitutional Conservative and the next handpicked establishment lackey. LLPH is proud to endorse Tom McMillin who has stepped up to the plate to capture this open seat held by Rep. Mike Rogers. Rep. Rogers is infamous for defending the NSA and oppressing our civil liberties. He has already given his blessing to Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop. There is also another candidate in the race who is known for opposing LLPH-endorsed Rep. Kerry Bentivolio. So obviously, Tom McMillin is the only candidate who we can support. But besides a process of elimination, Tom McMillin makes us proud to support him. He fought NSA spying and drone strikes in the state legislature, will be a strong ally in fighting against reckless spending and increasing our debt, and he will fight tooth and nail to repeal Obamacare. Rep. Justin Amash, a true warrior for liberty and endorsed by LLPH, has already endorsed Tom McMillin who he served with when he was in the state legislature. This is a top priority for LLPH and we intend to work as hard as possible to not only send Reps. Amash and Bentivolio back to congress but to add a third member to their ranks in Tom McMillin. Here’s what Rep. Amash had to say about Tom McMillin:

My friend state Rep. Tom McMillin is running for Congress in#MI08, the seat that Rep. Mike Rogers is vacating. Please like Tom’s new Facebook Page today and help him in any way you can.
As a congressman, Tom will be an outstanding addition to the House Liberty Caucus and one of my best allies. With the strong support of constitutional conservatives and libertarians, Tom will win this race. The primary is August 5.
In Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District, state Rep. Tom McMillin has my full support in a run for Congress. He’s a constitutional conservative who will cut spending, defend civil liberties, and represent ordinary Americans, not corporate special interests.

Tenney for Congress  NY CD 22: State Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney is challenging Rep. Richard Hanna in the primary. Rep. Hanna is one of the top establishment supporters and could be dubbed as the member who is worst than Boehner and Company regulars. Not only does he support leadership when they are going the wrong way, he goes the wrong way on his own. How extreme is he? He was the ONLY Republican member to vote to continue funding abortions. He has voted numerous times to raise the debt ceiling, opposed the Amash NSA limitation amendment, called his fellow Republicans “extremists”, and praised President Obama numerous times. It seems that Rep. Hanna got confused and signed up for the wrong political party. It is time to send him home and send someone equally qualified up to Washington D.C.

Claudia Tenney is a breath of fresh air. She was rated the most independent legislator, opposes Common Core, will fight to cut spending and reign in our debt, voted for the largest Middle Class tax cut in the state legislature, and will be a courageous Republican who will stand up for the values of the district she represents. She knows what party she is a member of unlike her opponent. We are proud to endorse her for this race.

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