#LLPH Announces 5 Endorsed Candidates to #Project21 for 2014! #Liberty #MakeDCListen #TCOT #RedNationRising

LLPH is pleased to announce another 5 top conservative candidates who are running in 2014. As we stated, these candidates have shown their ability to win and just need additional help. They will be the next Liberty Generals and Commanders, and will join our Liberty Team in Congress, bringing reinforcements to leaders like Reps. Amash, Massie, Schweikert, Bridenstine, and others. They are pro-fiscal responsibility, pro-civil liberties, pro-life, and will stand up against the GOP establishment leadership every step of the way.

GA CD 10: Jody Hice: With LLPH Commander Rep. Paul Broun running for Senate, Georgia CD 10 is now an open seat. We need a strong conservative who will continue the legacy of Rep. Broun in congress. Rep. Broun constantly fought to cut spending through spending cut amendments, voted against Speaker Boehner, and was a consistent ally of ours. Finding somebody who could meet such high standards was difficult, but we truly feel we have found that candidate. Jody HIce is a Tea Party Speaker, a pastor, a radio show host, and a family man. He is not a career politician, but he is running because he is concerned about our debt. He ran in 2010 against now-Rep. Rob Woodall and almost won. We truly believe that Jody Hice needs to be the man we send to Congress. He will ask like Rep. Broun the tough questions when deciding on whether to vote for a bill or not: Can we afford it? Does it add to our debt? Is it necessary? And most importantly: Is it constitutional? Jody Hice will fight against illegal immigration, for energy independence, for REPEALING not fixing Obamacare, and will stand up to leadership against unconstitutional legislation. He signed the Reduce the Debt Pledge, promising not to vote for bloated appropriation bills or constant debt ceiling increases. Jody Hice has been endorsed by Citizens United PVF, Gun Owners for America, Eagle Forum, and many more conservative groups and leaders. Primary: May 20, 2014.


GA CD 11: State Senator Barry Loudermilk is a constitutional conservative running for Georgia’s 11th Congressional District to succeed Rep. Phil Gingrey who is running for U.S. Senate. Rep. Gingrey is a good ally of ours, but his opening gives us a chance to add a new member to our Liberty Congress Team. We truly believe Barry Loudermilk is the strong leader that we need to hire to represent this district. Loudermilk calls for repealing and defunding Obamacare, abolishing the IRS, implementing a fair or flat tax, fighting to truly reduce spending and cut our debt, and fight to maintain our liberties. He has been endorsed by Tea Party Leadership Fund, Georgia Conservatives In Action, Madison Project, Freedomworks, RedState’s Erick Erickson, Restore Our Republic PAC (the leadership PAC of LLPH ally Former Louisiana Rep. Jeff Landry), and many other conservative leaders and groups. Madison Project wrote when endorsing him, “As an expert on the history of our Founders and Founding documents, Senator Loudermilk understands that the only path to fundamentally restoring our Constitutional republic is over the heads of leadership in both parties.  In the Georgia Legislature, he has stood firm on his principles even when facing opposition from leaders in his own party.  In particular, he has been a stalwart on gun rights, fighting illegal immigration, defending the unborn, protecting individual privacy, and opposing all tax increases.  This is exactly the type of leadership we need in Washington.” Primary: May 20, 2014. 

ID CD 2: Bryan Smith is an awesome leader who will stand up to the establishment and will truly represent Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District. He is challenging long-term Rep. Mike Simpson who is a member of the pro-abortion, big government Republican “Mainstreet” Partnership, received a 10% on LLPH’s scorecard, and even rips conservative allies and Liberty Team members like Rep. Raul Labrador. Defeating Rep. Mike Simpson would almost be as big as defeating Speaker Boehner himself. But we do not want to defeat Rep. Simpson with just anybody; we want a true replacement. And Bryan Smith is the perfect leader to do so. He will be running in a head to head race against Rep. Simpson as the candidate who is pro-life, pro-fiscal responsibility, and pro-civil liberties. Endorsed by Club for Growth, Freedomworks, Madison Project, Senate Conservative Fund, and Young Americans for Liberty Action Fund. He will fight against constant debt ceiling increases, wasteful and bloated budgets like the Ryan-Murray Budget, and will not be a foot soldier for the GOP leadership. Bryan Smith is a small-business owner who started his political activism at the local level. Madison Project stated, “Last year, Bryan Smith forced the Idaho Falls city solicitor to resign after exposing his pay-for-play corruption of directing superfluous city lawsuits to his own law firm.  He also single-handedly organized against a planned property tax hike that was slated to go towards an increase in government salaries at a time when city employees were already enjoying higher salaries and more benefits than their private sector counterparts.  And in 2008, Smith was part of the group that defeated the moderate state party Republican chairman.” We need these type of leaders in Congress standing with our allies up there and fighting for freedom! Primary: May 20, 2014. 

MN CD 6: Tom Emmer is running for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District to succeed Rep. Michele Bachmann who is retiring. Rep. Bachmann has been a good conservative leader and a good ally of LLPH. Tom Emmer is a wonderful candidate and will be an upgrade from a good to a great representative who is a member of our Liberty Congress Team. He has all of Rep. Bachmann’s qualities of fiscal responsibility, pro-life, and a willingness to stand up to leadership. He is also a strong advocate for our liberties and will stand up against the NSA’s unconstitutional spying, nation-building, and will protect our internet freedom. He has been endorsed for Young Americans for Liberty Action Fund and LLPH 2012 Endorsed Minnesota Senate candidate Kurt Bills. From trusted sources on Twitter, Tom Emmer attended the Liberty Karaoke and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) said he was excited and hopeful that Tom Emmer would come join him in congress. In Tom Emmer’s own words, this is his governing philosophy: “I believe in representing people, not government. As a legislator, my philosophy is to apply the U.S. Constitution to each bill presented before me. Finally, I believe our founders gave the states the right to govern their affairs as they see fit.” The endorsing convention will be held on April 12, 2014 which decides which GOP candidate gets the endorsement. Most candidates abide by the convention’s decision leaving one candidate for the primary. But sometimes, candidates will force a primary and bypass the convention. Primary (if needed): August 12, 2014. 


TX CD 4: John Ratcliffe is a strong conservative running against one of the longest serving congressmen, Ralph Hall. Rep. Hall is not bad, but he has joined the establishment and been too content with going along to get along. He has voted to raise the debt ceiling, supported Speaker Boehner for re-election (and only started saying he’s against the Speaker’s re-election when John Ratcliffe came out and promised to vote against Speaker Boehner). We need a leader like John Ratcliffe, not another follower like Rep. Ralph Hall. We need someone who will stand up for the rule of law when dealing with immigration. John Ratcliffe has a proven record of doing so. Serving in the Attorney General’s Office in 2008, he helped arrest 300 illegal aliens who had committed identity theft and social security fraud. John Ratcliffe will truly fight to balance the budget, cut spending, oppose constant debt ceiling increases, and fight to protect the 2nd Amendment. Madison Project endorsed him saying, “John Ratcliffe served as a small-town mayor in Heath, Texas from 2004-2012.  While every other municipality in Rockwall County raised taxes at least once during the recession years, Ratcliffe balanced the budget without ever raising taxes.  During his tenure, the city of Heath’s financial rating was upgraded several times by all of the major credit rating groups to AA.  As a popular figure who was urged to run again, Ratcliffe declined, even though there was no law limiting tenure in office.” John Ratcliffe has also been endorsed by the Club for Growth. John Ratcliffe is now in the run-off after keeping Rep. Ralph Hall below 50%, and he now needs our help to win on May 27, 2014! Run-Off: May 27, 2014. 

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