#LLPH Announces Endorsement in #TX36-Streusand, Rec. #TX23-Hurd! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty

Keep Texas Red

LLPH is honored to announce our support for two strong candidates running in the Texas Congressional Runoffs. There are 3 Republican Congressional Primary Runoffs that will be held on May 27, 2014, and with these two additional announcements, we are now involved in all the congressional runoffs in Texas.

We are excited to see two strong conservatives step up to the plate who are ready to fight for the conservative values that we believe in. We believe that along with John Ratcliffe (running for TX-CD 4), these two (running in TX-CD 23 and TX-CD 36 respectively) will strengthen the Texas delegation and be strong in standing up to the establishment GOP leadership in favor of fiscal responsibility and civil liberties.


Ben Streusand TX CD 36: This was a tough race for LLPH to decide on, and we originally were contemplating on remaining neutral in this race. There are two really good candidates (Ben Streusand and Brian Babin) running to succeed Liberty Team Congressman Steve Stockman, who will be greatly missed. We need to keep this seat in strong conservative hands and either candidate is well qualified to continue Stockman’s legacy.

Our endorsement of Ben Streusand has less to do with Brian Babin than it does with how good Ben Streusand is. Ben Streusand’s steadfast advocacy for the conservative principles that we care about and his life-long work for these principles that we care about gives us the confidence that he is the best conservative without a doubt to send to congress. Ben Streusand served as the Chairman of Americans for Prosperity (a top conservative ally group) Texas. He has been endorsed by a multitude of tea party groups in this Texas district, former competitors Chuck Meyer (who was endorsed by Republican Liberty Caucus), Dave Norman (former aide for Steve Stockman), and Col. Jim Engstrand.

Streusand said there are so many issues unresolved in Washington that the American people need answers. He blames Republican leadership.

Streusand is referring to the Boehner rule (linking increases in debt to reductions in spending), which Boehner himself did not follow recently. “For every $1 in debt increase, we would have $1 reduction in spending.”

Streusand said, “I believe we can do a lot better than John Boehner and someone has got to be willing to step up. Someone has got to be willing to suffer the consequences for failure. In my view, it’s worth it.” 

“I plan on irritating a lot of people when I get there.

“I am prepared to do whatever is necessary. …

“In this congressional race there is a fault line in the Republican Party.”

He says he represents an Activist view in the Republican Party. He wants to defund Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act). 

Streusand added, “We need to cap national debt and pay it down. I will vote to end federal subsidies for illegal immigrants.

“I will not vote for a debt limit increase.

“I am never going to vote for a pathway to citizenship.

Streusand said “If we had more Republican leaders like Ted Cruz and fewer like John Boehner, we would be able to make a difference in Washington.”

Streusand says his first vote (if elected) would be to select a new speaker of the House; someone to do a better job than the current Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Boehner; and “get the job done”.

Streusand emphasized, “One person can make a difference.” Streusand said his main two goals are to “make a difference in Washington” and when in recess, “be back here in Liberty County.”



Will Hurd TX CD 23: Former CIA undercover agent Will Hurd is set to run against Former Rep. Quico Canseco in the runoff for the GOP nomination to face liberal Democrat Rep. Pete Gallego to represent Texas CD 23. LLPH is proud to recommend Will Hurd to be the next congressman from TX CD 23. Will Hurd is a strong supporter of abolishing the IRS, repealing Obamacare, and fighting illegal immigration. He won in the primary in an upset over Canseco who was supposed to have the upper hand but was under the 50% needed to avoid a run-off. Rep. Canseco is not bad, but it is time for a new and fresh voice. Canseco will never stand up to the establishment the way Hurd will and Dr. Robert Lowry, the third candidate who got a strong 19% vote and had excellent ties to the liberty movement endorsed Will Hurd saying:

Dr. Lowry endorsed Will because, “Will Hurd has actually fought to protect and defend our Constitution.  He will fight for our privacy and our liberty. I know he won’t say one thing and go to Washington and do another.  I asked my supporters for their input on this important decision and an overwhelming majority thought Will was the best choice.  I believe he will stand up to the broken system of DC insider politics, and will represent we the people back here at home, as opposed to just towing the line of the party’s leadership.”

In response to the endorsement, Hurd expressed his appreciation: “It’s exciting to receive the support of such a strong, liberty-minded, Texas conservative.  Dr. Lowry is a family man, with a strong Christian faith, and has dedicated his life to both working in our community and fighting for conservative values.”  Hurd added, “We will win this runoff election by continuing to run a grassroots campaign that focuses on getting the government out of people’s lives and restoring our Constitutional conservative values.”


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