#LLPH Announces Endorsements in #IN05, #IN09, #MI06, #MI10! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty

The only way we are going to change Washington D.C. is by changing the people we send up there. Today, we are endorsing four primary challengers against RINO incumbent members who have joined the establishment Surrender Caucus led by Speaker Boehner and Co. They have voted for more spending, increased debt, and against protecting our liberty. They deserve to be retired and replaced with true Constitutional Conservatives who actually do what they say.

What good is a Republican Majority that governs like a Democrat Majority? More spending, more debt, Obamacare continues on, our borders are falling apart, and our liberties are being trampled on by the IRS, the NSA, etc. And what do most Republicans do? Yell that they hate it and are so mad, but do absolutely nothing to save America. 

David Stockdale David Stockdale is a true Constitutional Conservative who is running for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District against Boehner’s Bootlicker Rep. Susan Brooks (RINO-IN 5). Our friend Daniel Horowitz described her perfectly:

Brooks immediately became a member of the pro-abortion, big labor-backed Republican Mainstreet Partnership.  She has voted against most attempts to roll back spending and in support of bloated bills to increase spending, earning her a 58% from Heritage Action. More recently, she has supported the Ryan-Murray bill, the omnibus, farm bill, and the bill in October funding Obamacare and raising the debt ceiling. Like most of Boehner’s bootlickers, Brooks is a big supporter of amnesty, and even had the temerity to praise the Gang of 8 bill – the most egregious piece of legislation since Obamacare.  She will clearly be part of any effort to push amnesty thought the House in the coming months and years.


David Stockdale on the other hand supports truly reforming Social Security and Medicare, supports eliminating the Department of Education, will fully support the protection of our civil liberties, opposes raising the debt ceiling and wasteful spending, and will be a strong conservative choice for this seat. It is time to pack Rep. Susan Brooks and send her home before she gets so entrenched in D.C. that it takes millions to get rid of her.

Kathy Lowe Heil Kathy Lowe-Heil is another great Indiana Conservative running for Indiana’s 9th Congressional District, challenging Boehner’s Bootlicker Rep. Todd Young (RINO-IN 9). As part of the series, our friend Daniel Horowitz wrote this about Mr. Young:

Todd Young, who represents south-central and southeastern Indiana in the 9th District, is another one of those 2010 freshmen who ran on a Tea Party platform. Yet, he immediately became a member of the pro-abortion, big labor-backed Republican Mainstreet Partnership.  He votes down-the-line with leadership, earning him a 59% from Heritage Action.

If there is a time when leadership needs a rank-and-file member to carry their water, Young will be one of the first and most alacritous in line.  After voting to suspend the debt ceiling yet again in October, Young sponsored a vacuous non-binding resolution to disapprove the debt ceiling increase.  The resolution was just ceremonial thanks to Young’s previous vote, but much like Senator Mitch McConnell, he sent out a press release dishonestly giving the impression that he was fighting Obama on the debt, while obfuscating his previous consequential vote.

And remember, not all Republicans are created equal when it comes to taxes.  Young is a co-sponsor of the internet sales tax, a harmful proposal that is gaining steam with the K Street crowd.


Kathy Lowe-Heil opposes bloated omnibus bills, supports cutting spending through the Penny Plan, will fight to get rid of Obamacare, protect the full Constitution, and stand up for state’s rights. She won’t back down when leadership tells her to…unlike her opponent who is a disgrace.

 Jim Bussler is challenging Boehner Chairman Rep. Fred Upton for Michigan’s 6th Congressional District. Rep. Upton was famous for coming up with the light-bulb ban, so we can all thank Upton now that we no longer have the freedom to choose our lightbulbs. Jim Bussler is different. He supports giving us more freedom and individual liberty, will fight against the IRS, the Department of Education, Energy, and EPA. He will stand up against Obamacare and will oppose amnesty fully. It is time for a new voice in congress; Rep. Upton had his chance, let’s get someone new. 

Don Volaric Don Volaric is challenging Boehner Chairwoman Rep. Candice Miller for Michigan’s 10th Congressional District. Rep. Miller has voted in lockstep with Boehner and Co. all the way to surrendering. Miller voted in favor of the Fiscal Cliff Deal that raised taxes and included tons of wasteful spending. Don Volaric would never vote for these kinds of deals, and he would instead fight to cut spending and oppose wasteful omnibus bills and debt ceiling increases. Don Volaric will defend our civil liberties and fight for our Constitution. He will help to restore the Republican Party to its conservative principles, but more importantly, help to save America.

These candidates need your financial support, your time and volunteer efforts, and your prayers. The establishment will fight them every step of the way to keep the status quo. But the status quo is unacceptable, which is why we are proud to endorse the four candidates today.

Let’s win for Liberty in 2014! 

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