#Liberty General Rep. Mark Sanford: Returning to the Fight, Standing Strong! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #SC01


Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC 1)

When Representative, now-Senator Tim Scott was named as the successor to Former Senator Jim Demint, great anxiety ran through the conservative movement. While conservatives were thrilled that a great tea party rock star like Tim Scott was heading to the Senate, there was fear that this seat that had been held by the Tea Party since 2010 (the “official” beginning of the tea party movement). 

Running in the primary were several good conservatives, but the winner was somebody who had been in the arena before. And when he was in the arena, he was one of the lone voices for fiscal responsibility and civil liberties. He was “tea party” before “tea party” was cool. Rep. Mark Sanford returned to Congress to join back in the fight for fiscal responsibility and civil liberties.

When he left the governor’s office in 2010, he left under great scrutiny due to his affair and his trip on the Appalachian Trail. During his 2013 campaign, he was ripped by primary opponents and then his general election opponent, Elizabeth Colbert Busch (the sister of Stephen Colbert). The NRCC left him for dead, but he came up and won the race.

Since he has returned to congress, Rep. Mark Sanford has been a firm voice for fiscal responsibility and civil liberties. He is a member of Rep. Justin Amash’s Liberty Caucus. He voted for the Amash NSA limitation amendment, against indefinite detention, in favor of reforms to the Guantanamo Bay system, and in support of the Mulvaney Amendment which cut wasteful spending from the Pentagon. He opposed the Ryan-Murray Budget, the Farm Bill Conference Report, the Omnibus Bill FY2014, and he has opposed all the debt ceiling increases so far, and explains many of his votes on his Facebook page like Rep. Justin Amash. 

FITs News, a local media outlet in South Carolina wrote about Rep. Mark Sanford in a write-up entitled, “Mark Sanford: Growing “Libertarian Footprint” in Congress”:

Mark Sanford was an ahead-of-the-curve U.S. Congressman from 1995-2001 – consistently voting to protect American freedoms and free markets. 

Sanford appears to have largely rediscovered his bearings – once again emerging as a credible advocate for liberty, limited government and equality of economic opportunity.

“You know, I’ve been gone from Congress for 13 years. I left here 13 years ago and just came back in June. I would say that there’s a bigger libertarian footprint than there was when I left. There’s a bigger liberty caucus, if you want to call it that,” Sanford told Rare Radio’s Kurt Wallace.  ”I was just on the floor a few moments ago with Tom Massie of Kentucky and Justin Amash. The people like that – before, it was Ron Paul, certainly, and he stood out – but there wasn’t as big a footprint. There’s a much bigger liberty footprint than there was – still not enough to push us over the line on some of these spending and tax debates – but I think a growing influence relative to what I saw when I left here 13 years ago.”

Sanford is correct.

There is a growing nucleus of lawmakers who are committed to common sense fiscal policy, a reduced and reined in government and the preservation of our fundamental, constitutionally guaranteed liberties.

Several of these lawmakers – most notably U.S. Reps. Mick Mulvaney and Jeff Duncan – are members of the South Carolina legislative delegation.

Read more at http://www.fitsnews.com/2014/02/07/mark-sanford-growing-libertarian-footprint-in-congress/#Z2ZgIFWrXj06lfBo.99

Rep. Mark Sanford is definitely helping to change things in Washington D.C. If he keeps up his excellent work, he has the potential to be promoted to be a Liberty Commander very soon.

LLPH is proud to name Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District a Liberty General in the Liberty Congress and also re-endorse him for the 2014 midterm elections.

Campaign Website: http://www.marksanford.com/

Congressional Website: http://sanford.house.gov/

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