#LLPH Endorses in #FL19, #IA01, #VA01, and #VA07! #TCOT #MAKEDCLISTEN #LIBERTY

LLPH is honored to announce our endorsement of four unique and special candidates. Each candidate being endorsed today is a fiscal and liberty conservative, who will fight for the values we care about in the United States House of Representatives. They will join leaders like Congressman Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Raul Labrador, Ron DeSantis, and so many others in our growing Liberty Congress Team. They will stand up to the establishment and say “NO” to more debt and more encroachment on our civil liberties.

Curt Clawson Curt Clawson is a small businessman who knows how to create jobs, running for Florida’s 19th Congressional District. He is running to succeed Rep. Trey Radel, who got into trouble for drug use but was a stellar tea party conservative. LLPH and conservatives cannot let this seat fall into a liberal Republican’s hands. This seat has been the home to strong conservatives like Rep. Connie Mack and we can now send Curt Clawson to continue to hold this seat for conservatives. He’s not a career politician, and that is exactly why he is running. He is tired of seeing out of control spending and our civil liberties being trampled upon. Clawson supports the Mack Penny Plan and he has been endorsed by LLPH ally Former Congressman Connie Mack, 2012-endorsed Byron Donalds, Tea Party Express, Conservative HQ, He also received praise from one of LLPH’s greatest allies, Rep. Justin Amash:

Recently had great mtg w/ Curt Clawson running in . just got big endorsement f/ Connie Mack. Keep an eye on this race.

Time to send this Outsider to Washington so he can help leaders like Rep. Justin Amash clean up Washington D.C.! 

Rod Blum Rod Blum is running for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District to succeed Democrat Rep. Bruce Braley. This district is tough for Republicans, but Rod Blum has the vision and leadership needed to win this district. He’s a strong supporter of the Penny Plan to cut 1 cent from every dollar spent in the budget each year, and he wants to balance the budget. He’s against corporate welfare and opposes stimulus bills and bailouts. Rod Blum is also a strong supporter of personal liberty as shown through his opposition to bills like CISPA and SOPA/PIPA. He has been endorsed by cosnervative leader Steve Forbes. He would be a strong ally and make a great addition to our Liberty Congress Team. 

Anthony Riedel Anthony Riedel is running to represent Virginia’s 1st Congressional District to defeat anti-liberty Rep. Rob Wittman. Wittman is one of those typical liberal Republicans who votes in lock-step with Speaker Boehner and Co. For example, he voted for the Budget Control Act of 2011 which implemented sequester cuts to all departments including the military. Then, Rep. Wittman ran around complaining about how horribly sequester would affect his district. Rep. Wittman also voted for the Ryan-Murray Budget which cut veteran’s pensions. A new voice is needed. Anthony Riedel is ready to be that strong new voice who will fight against debt increases and spying on American citizens. He works for National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation and has worked for limited government leaders like Former Congressman Ron Paul in the past.

“As I travel the district, I find that voters are dissatisfied with their representation in Washington. America’s First District is the birthplace of American liberty and deserves the kind of representation grounded in our founding principles.

“Congressman Wittman’s record of more spending and debt, and his rubberstamping of the president’s encroachments on our civil liberties, does not reflect the district’s values.


Dave Brat VA 7th  Dave Brat (R-VA 7 CAND)

Once upon a time, there was such a thing in our country as a Majority Leader. Now, there is only a Majority Surrenderer. The Majority Surrenderer is Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA 7). He has a primary opponent who we are proud to endorse today. Dr. Dave Brat has a Ph.D in Economics and has served under two governors on the Virginia Joint Advisory Board of Economists. Dr. Brat will present a strong vision of fiscal responsibility as he opposes the never-ending debt increases, failed budgets, big government, and if elected will take on the establishment of both parties. Overthrowing the Majority Surrenderer will not be easy, but it must be done. Here is why Dr. Dave Brat is running in his own words:

Dave is running because the political and economic systems are broken. We live in an era of inter-generational theft; we are racking up bills only to hand them off to our children. Dave Brat is committed to getting our fiscal house in order. Our Founders knew that good government required wise leaders with good character. Dave promises to make the hard decisions because it’s the right thing to do – regardless of political expediency. A proven leader, Dave Brat brings the right experience, the right convictions, and the right background to provide Virginia with the leadership it deserves. He is the voice we can trust, and the leader we need.

These four candidates need your financial support, your time and volunteer efforts, and most importantly your prayers. They will be attacked by the Washington Establishment who despise these types of candidates but together, WE CAN TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT! 


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