#LLPH Captain Rep. Morgan Griffith: On the Front Lines for Civil Liberties! #TCOT #MakeDCListen #Liberty #VA09

H. Morgan Griffith

Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA 9)

One of the strongest defenders of civil liberties, Rep. Morgan Griffith has been on the front lines signing letters, giving speeches, and voting against most anti-liberty legislations. He spoke on the floor in favor of the Gibson-Smith anti-indefinite detention amendment to the NDAA and also spoke in support of the Amash NSA limitation amendment. Going to the floor and charging for liberty is what Rep. Griffith has done. For this, he deserves the thanks of every pro-liberty person. He is the best of the sad Virginia delegation which is filled with weak-kneed politicians and liberal Democrats. 

Rep. Griffith voted against the Senate Debt Ceiling/Continuing Resolution deal in October 2013. He is one of the few in congress who is consistent in supporting spending cuts, as shown through his support for stopping $3.5 billion from going to the Department of Defense Overseas Contingency Operations Fund, when even the generals say they do not need this money. He could improve in his fiscal responsibility votes, but he is still a very strong congressman.

Here’s what the editorial board of a local newspaper, the News & Advance in Lynchburg, Virginia wrote about Rep. Griffith’s fight for civil liberties:

In the end, Amash’s amendment fell short by the slimmest of margins, 205 to 217. Of the Virginians in the House, three Democrats and one lone Republican stood up to the apparatchiks of the 24/7 surveillance state.

That lone Virginia Republican.

It was Rep. Morgan Griffith, of the Ninth District, who told the snoops that enough is enough.

And he’s not through with them yet.

For almost two months, Griffith — a tenacious lawyer and a pit bull of a legislator who was majority leader in the House of Delegates before his election to Congress in 2010 — has been dogging the NSA and the House Intelligence Committee for access to information about the data collection programs. He’s written letter after letter, but no avail. Not even gotten the courtesy of a reply.

The intelligence panel’s chairman — Republican Mike Rogers — was an F.B.I. agent before he entered Congress. The committee’s ranking Democrat — “Dutch” Ruppersberg of Maryland — collected more than $200,000 in contributions from the defense and intelligence industries in his last term alone. Many of the committee’s staff members come from the intelligence community.

Griffith quite rightly wonders whether the committee, which is supposed to serve the Congress and enable its members to do their jobs, rather is serving the interests of the very government agencies it is supposed to be overseeing.

Why else would the committee stonewell members of Congress seeking information from it? Why else would it withhold key information about the NSA surveillance program from Congress before the 2011 vote to renew the Patriot Act, as Griffith and others believe the panel’s leadership did?

Rep. Griffith and, by extension, the American people deserve information about and answers to questions swirling around these intelligence operations being done in our name and supposedly for our protection. We’re just saddened — but hardly surprised — that no other Virginia Republican in Congress is willing to stand with him in this fight.


LLPH is proud to name Rep. Morgan Griffith of Virginia’s 9th Congressional District as a captain of our Liberty Congress Team and also re-endorse him for the 2014 midterm elections. 

Campaign Website: http://www.morgangriffithforcongress.com/

Congressional Website: http://morgangriffith.house.gov/

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