#MO08 Rep. Jason Smith Named #Liberty Captain; Most Conservative Member of #Missouri! #TCOT #MakeDCListen

Jason T. Smith

In 2013, LLPH recommended that Missouri’s 8th Congressional District elect then-State Majority Whip Jason Smith to be the next representative. Today, we are proud to give him an endorsement and name him as a member of our Liberty Congress team. We were impressed by his speeches in which he called for cutting spending, stopping the increase of our debt without true reform, and his strong pro-life and pro-liberty stances. Also, Governor Sarah Palin endorsed him in 2013. These were very different from his predecessor, a member of the pro-abortion, liberal Republican Mainstreet Partnership.

This is a success story for LLPH. Turning a deep red seat that was held by a liberal Republican into a seat that is now held by a conservative Republican. We saw it in 2012, where liberal Republicans like big-subsidy supporter John Sullivan was overthrown by conservative leader Rep. Jim Bridenstine, where liberal Geoff Davis was succeeded by conservative Rep. Thomas Massie. And these seats are the type of deep red seats that we need to take back to strengthen the conservative force in the Republican Party.

Instead of joining the establishment, Rep. Jason Smith, being 33 years old and part of the debt-paying generation, voted for spending cuts like a $1.5 billion cut to the Department of Energy and $100 million cut to foreign aid to Pakistan. This is the type of leadership that would have never happened under his predecessor. Both Republicans, but one is a true Republican. Rep. Jason Smith was the ONLY member of the Missouri Republican delegation to vote FOR the Amash NSA limitation amendment. And unlike past moderates, Rep. Smith opposed the debt ceiling increases and voted against BOTH the Ryan-Murray Budget and the Omnibus Bill of FY 2014.

Here’s a statement he made when he voted against raising the debt ceiling in February 2014:

“During my campaign for Congress, I promised families in Missouri’s Eighth District that I would fight to change the way Washington does business. This is the second time in just eight months that I have voted against increasing America’s borrowing limit. Congress cannot just keep raising the debt ceiling without cutting federal spending.”


LLPH is proud to support a leader who has taken a deep red seat and USED it to its fullest advantage. Conservatives in this district should be proud of their new representative. Conservative groups like Freedomworks have already backed Rep. Jason Smith for re-election. LLPH is honored to name Rep. Jason Smith as a Liberty Captain and also re-endorse him for the 2014 midterm elections.

Campaign Website: http://www.electjasonsmith.com/

Congressional Website: http://jasonsmith.house.gov/

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