#Liberty Captain #TX14 Rep. Randy Weber: The Texas Conservative! #TCOT #MakeDCListen

Randy Weber

Rep. Randy Weber succeeded long-time Rep. Ron Paul (who endorsed Weber in 2012 to succeed him). No doubt, Rep. Weber has had huge shoes to fill and we are pleased to announce that we are naming him as a member of our Liberty Congress team.

Rep. Weber voted against both Hurricane Sandy funding bills, the smaller package and the larger package. He opposed the unconstitutional VAWA, opposed the Farm Bill Conference Report, and voted for several spending cut amendments. He supported the Amash NSA limitation amendment. He has also participated in several rallies for the rule of law and against amnesty. Perhaps most impressive, he voted against BOTH the Ryan-Murray Budget and the following Omnibus Bill FY 2014. He also is excellent on suspensions such as voting against the Ukraine Aid Package (H.R. 4152) and a bill to expand the Department of Energy (H.R. 2126). His strong conservative votes in 2013 earned him a strong 75% on LLPH’s Congressional Scorecard. 

National Journal wrote about Rep. Weber’s conservative principles and his view about challenging leadership:

In Texas, where he proudly ranked as the most conservative state representative, Weber was a right-wing rock star. He is a staunch ally of Republican Gov. Rick Perry, and his work on any given conservative cause célèbre made him a favorite of activist groups, who recognized him with “Taxpayer’s Hero” and “Courageous Conservative” awards. Weber was a leader among the Legislature’s right flank, pulling the GOP majority rightward with an agenda focused as much on social issues as fiscal ones.

When he entered a nine-way primary last year to succeed Ron Paul, the iconic libertarian whose congressional district overlapped with his own state district, Weber’s winning formula was the same as it had always been: No candidate would get to his right—period. It worked, and now that he’s here, Weber sees no reason to shift strategy.

Weber recalls the Texas incident to make a point: He won’t hesitate to cut ties with anyone, including party leaders, whose actions do not reflect his values. (It’s for this reason, Weber says, that Boehner’s team was wary of him early on.) Yes, Weber is a party loyalist who wants to see the GOP succeed. But more important to him, Weber wants to see his party adhere to conservative principles.


Rep. Randy Weber backed the establishment’s plan on budget issues earlier in the congress, but after they failed to keep their promise, he started voting no. Here’s his statement on the Ryan-Murray Budget:

“While there are some positive aspects to the proposed budget, it does not go far enough. We wanted to balance the budget and this legislation does not make that a priority. We wanted to bring meaningful spending cuts to the table now, not 10 years down the road. This budget will increase spending by $48 billion over the next two years and it will increase air travel fees on the American people by 124%. The American people want their government to be responsible and more transparent about how it spends taxpayers’ hard-earned money. This agreement fails that test, which is why I cannot, in good conscience, vote for this legislation.”


LLPH is proud to name Rep. Randy Weber of Texas 14th Congressional District as a Liberty Captain in our Liberty Congress Team and also re-endorse him in the 2014 midterm elections.

Campaign Website: http://www.randyweber.org/

Congressional Website: http://weber.house.gov/

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