#Liberty General Rep. Jim Jordan: The Conservative Leader! #TCOT #MakeDCListen


He wrestled bears. He wrestled lions. And today, he is wrestling the Washington establishment. And he WINS!

So, I’m joking about the bears and lions a little bit, although Rep. Jim Jordan was a star wrestler back in the days of his youth. But he has brought those skills with him to Washington as he fights the establishment everyday to protect future generations.

Rep. Jim Jordan voted against the Ryan-Murray Budget and the omnibus bill. He has been on our side against earmarks and wasteful spending before the Tea Party Movement came into existence. He has voted against almost every debt ceiling increase and opposed both the Farm Bill Conference Report and the flood insurance bill. He votes in favor of every spending cut he can possibly vote for that makes sense including cuts to wasteful military programs. He also supported the Amash NSA limitation amendment. He is a member of the Liberty Caucus and is one of the 3 key leaders of the Conversation with Conservatives, a monthly meeting of conservative members of congress who discuss issues publicly.

Rep. Jim Jordan was a strong leader when he was the chairman of the RSC. Here is a passage about his leadership:

Jordan is lining up an army of freshmen and Senate Republican hardliners, all of whom are determined to defeat any eleventh-hour blueprint crafted in smoke-filled rooms. The GOP’s only hope, he tells me, is to reject any “grand bargain” and push hard, even past the August 2 debt-limit expiration, for deep cuts. If Republicans buckle, he warns, they will face a revolt not only on Capitol Hill, but at the polls next year.


Rep. Jim Jordan continues to be this strong conservative leader today, coalescing the strong team that we have in congress against the GOP establishment’s surrender deals.

LLPH is honored to name Rep. Jim Jordan as a member of the Liberty Congress Team and also to re-endorse him for 2014 midterm elections.

Campaign Website: http://jimjordanforcongress.com/

Congressional Website:  http://jordan.house.gov/

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