#Liberty Captain Steve Chabot (R- #OH01): Leading the Fight to #CutSpending! #TCOT #MakeDCListen


Rep. Steve Chabot is a fabulous liberty congressman. He is a strong fiscal conservative who has opposed most debt ceiling increases, he voted against the Ryan-Murray Budget and opposed the resulting omnibus bill. He voted against the Farm Bill Conference Report and the Flood Insurance subsidies bill. He supported the Amash NSA limitation amendment. All around, he is a good congressman and we are proud to name him as a member of the Liberty Congress Team.

A true leadership aspect of Rep. Chabot since he has returned after serving from 1995-2009, being defeated by a Democrat, but then coming back after defeating that same Democrat, is the way he has led in cutting spending. He was on our team from the start as he led the fight against wasteful earmarks, and today is leading the fight to eliminate wasteful departments and agencies and spending.

Rep. Chabot was key in calling for the elimination of the Marketplace Access Program (MAP), a program that provides funds for overseas promotion of American agricultural products. He has been leading this fight since 2000. (From a 2000 report by Taxpayers for Common Sense: Rep. Chabot’s amendments would eliminate funding for MAP and strike Section 741 of the Agriculture Appropriations bill that would again allow MAP to subsidize the mink industry’s overseas promotional efforts. Eliminating the program would save the taxpayer $450 million over five years.)

His focus and leadership in cutting spending especially during appropriations season is critical and we need to continue to support voices like his in congress. LLPH is honored to name Rep. Steve Chabot to be a member of our Liberty Congress Team and also re-endorse him for 2014 midterm elections.

Campaign Website: http://stevechabot.com/

Congressional Website: http://chabot.house.gov/

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