#KY04 Rep. Thomas Massie: A #Liberty Commander! #TCOT #MakeDCListen

Thomas Massie

Volunteering for Senator Rand Paul in the 2010 elections, Rep. Thomas Massie won his seat to congress in 2012. Since then, he has been a rock star for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

While it may sound cliche, when I go to sleep at night especially during late night sessions, there are many representatives I have to worry about. How will they vote? is a question that always bugs me. But the one thing that the leaders who I am naming as members of the Liberty Congress team have in common is that I can trust them to vote in accordance with fiscal responsibility and the Constitution.

Rep. Thomas Massie started his career off by voting against the Mark Twain Commemorative Coin Act, and he was quickly surrounded by leadership aides who questioned his vote. But Rep. Massie actually read the bill (something that is rare in congress) and could not be whipped to vote with the vast majority of the congress.

Rep. Massie voted against Speaker Boehner, voting instead for another great Liberty Commander, Rep. Justin Amash. Rep. Massie has opposed all the NDAAs, opposes the Patriot Act, voted against CISPA and the Innovation Act, bills backed by leadership. Rep. Massie has never voted to increase the debt ceiling, opposed the Ryan-Murray Budget, and voted against wasteful omnibus bills. He is often seen being one of the few to vote no on many suspension bills that are just as bad as the big, bloated “comprehensive” bills.

Rep. Thomas Massie does not just stop at voting correctly; he actually takes a lead in fighting for our principles. He participates in Conversation with Conservatives, led a floor fight against the Internet Sales Tax, sponsored the famous Amash-Conyers NSA limitation amendment, and is well-known as an essential part of the Rebel Alliance in Congress. He is a member of the Liberty Caucus, led by Rep. Justin Amash. He attended Young Americans for Liberty Conference and Campaign for Liberty, where he explains the inside baseball and has committed to helping other conservatives who come to congress not get “whipped” by the RINO establishment leadership. 

A small businessman and innovator, Rep. Massie is “one-tough nerd” and we love the way he leads. Here is what Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) had to say about him:

“Over the past year, Thomas has always stood with me in defending the principles of our Constitution, fighting to keep our taxes low and giving the people of Kentucky a voice in Washington,” Paul said. “Today I am proud to endorse and stand with Thomas as he seeks another term in Congress. Kentucky and our nation need a strong constitutional conservative, and Thomas has proven to be just that.”

LLPH is proud to name Rep. Thomas Massie as a member of our Liberty Congress Team as well as re-endorse him for the 2014 midterm elections.

Campaign Website: http://www.thomasmassie.com/

Congressional Website: http://massie.house.gov/

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