#LLPH #Endorses: Press Release of Third Round of Endorsements/Recommendations! #TCOT #MakeDCListen

With filing deadlines occurring and more votes in congress being scored, LLPH is prepared to announce our third round of endorsements and recommendations. The men and women we are endorsing and recommending today for the 2014 Midterm Elections are TRUE Conservative Fighters and True Republicans respectively who are or will help to take our country back.



Tom Tancredo 2/12/2014: Tom Tancredo Endorsed for Colorado Governor.


Paul LePage 2/12/2014: Governor Paul LePage Endorsed for Maine Governor.

Bruce Poliquin 2/12/2014: Bruce Poliquin Endorsed for ME CD 2.


Tom Emmer 2/12/2014: Tom Emmer Endorsed for MN CD 6.


Nikki Haley 2/12/2014: Governor Nikki Haley Endorsed for South Carolina Governor.

RECOMMENDATIONS: NOTE: All those Recommended have a potential to be increased to an endorsement before the election.


Sen. Jeff Sessions 2/12/2014: Senator Jeff Sessions Endorsed for Alabama Senator.

Mo Brooks 2/12/2014: Rep. Mo Brooks Recommended for AL CD 5.


Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS 2/12/2014: Rep. Paul Gosar Recommended for AZ CD 4.

Rep. Trent Franks 2/12/2014: Rep. Trent Franks Recommended for AZ CD 8.


Carl DeMaio 2/12/2014: Carl DeMaio Recommended for CA CD 52.


Doug Lamborn 2/12/2014: Rep. Doug Lamborn Recommended for CO CD 5.


Marlin Stutzman 2/12/2014: Rep. Marlin Stutzman Recommended for IN CD 3.


Brad Wenstrup 2/12/2014: Rep. Brad Wenstrup Recommended for OH CD 2.


Ted Poe 2/12/2014: Rep. Ted Poe Recommended for TX CD 2.

Randy Weber 2/12/2014: Rep. Randy Weber Recommended for TX CD 14.

Reps. Wenstrup, Poe, and Weber officially have no primary challengers, so their main oppositions will be in November against Democrat opponents.

Reps. Brooks and Stutzman have RINO or mediocre liberal primary challengers. These two men are on our side most of the time, and their primary challengers need to be defeated. 

Senator Sessions is running for re-election unopposed (besides write-in candidacies that could come at the last minute). No Democrat filed against him. 

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