#BREAKING News: Good Polling for Rep. Justin Amash Leading Primary Challenger 60-12%! #TCOT #Liberty

LLPH is excited to see new polling out showing LLPH Endorsed and great ally in congress Rep. Justin Amash leading in the primary 60-12% against his primary challenger. 

Let’s keep this momentum up for Rep. Amash and defeat his big-government, liberal primary challenger: http://amashforcongress.com/

The Hill reported: (underlines are edits made…Amash’s primary challenger is so detestable that we don’t want to mention his name).

Amash has a 60 percent to 12 percent lead over primary challenger, according to the poll, and his approval rating is 61 percent with Republicans in the district.

Partisan polls, especially ones conducted just on one day, should always be viewed with some skepticism. But a 48-point lead is a huge gap for primary challenger to overcome between now and the August 5 primary.

The Club endorsed the libertarian-minded congressman shortly after the primary challenger entered the race, and has been running ads attacking Amash’s primary challenger in the district. The poll shows they’ve had an impact: Primary Challenger‘s favorable rating is just 8 percent and his unfavorable rating sits at 21 percent.

The centrist Chamber of Commerce indicated when Primary Challenger launched his campaign that it would help target Amash. But so far the congressman has had more outside support in the race and has much more cash in the bank, with $730,000 to other guy’s $340,000.

The live-caller poll of 300 likely Republican primary voters with a history of voting in GOP primaries was conducted by Basswood Research on Feb. 6. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.6 percent.


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