#GOPRetreat: #ImmigrationReform & #NoAmnesty-#House #Conservatives Saying “NO”! #TCOT #MakeDCListen

The calls against moving forward comprised upwards of 70-80 percent of those who spoke, according to several estimates.


The GOP Retreat has ended, and the GOP leadership’s plan for immigration reform and amnesty was blasted by several members of our conservative team. This shows the power of elections…when we elect the right people, the GOP leadership ends up shaking in their boots. Here are some reports:

Jason T. Smith  John C. Fleming, Jr. 

From BBC News:

And not all Republicans were supportive of the guidelines.

Senator Jeff Sessions has urged Congress to “end lawlessness, not surrender to it”.

And Congressman Jason Smith of Missouri said his constituents “definitely have big concerns about legalisation”.

Others in the party are wary of taking up immigration at all during a mid-term election year, when all House members and one-third of the Senate are up for re-election.

“This is really a suicide mission for the Republican Party,” Louisiana Representative John Fleming said. “While we’re winning in the polls… why in the world do we want to go out and change the subject.”

Steve A. King

From Yahoo News:

Another group led by Rep. Steve King (R-Ia.) opposes any bill under any circumstances.

Raúl R. Labrador Michele Bachmann Jeb Hensarling Tom Price Lamar S. Smith 

From Roll Call:

The three-microphone setup may have established the GOP middle ground on the issue as pro-overhaul, but anti-action this year — a dilemma some members said may prevent leadership from pushing ahead.

“The majority of us are for immigration reform,” Rep. Raúl R. Labrador of Idaho said Thursday night after the immigration discussion. “But they understand: not with this president and not with this Senate.”

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota asked her colleagues on Thursday if Republicans thought Democrats would support an immigration overhaul if 80 percent of those immigrants who would be “granted amnesty” would vote Republican.  She said an immigration overhaul in this fashion would create a “permanent Democrat majority bloc.”

In an interview with CQ Roll Call, Bachmann said multiple members told the conference behind closed doors that an immigration overhaul was “a suicide mission.”

One of those members, Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana, said he thought leadership would cool its efforts to push an immigration rewrite this year.

“My sense is that the consensus here is that we should not move forward and that leaders will abide by that,” Fleming told CQ Roll Call. “On a political basis, this is a suicide mission for Republicans. Why would we want to change the topic for a very toxic problem Democrats have with Obamacare?”

Fleming said Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling of Texas, Science Chairman Lamar Smith of Texas, and Budget Vice Chairman Tom Price of Georgia — all of whom are influential in conservative circles — spoke in front of the conference to say an overhaul should not move forward this year.

Paul Gosar

From Breitbart:

The members lined up in three camps, according to participants: those who supported bringing immigration legislation to the floor now, those who support the idea of immigration reform but thought the timing is wrong now, and those who are opposed to new laws on the issue in general, thinking the current laws aren’t being enforced properly.

“This is a draft document, and it should stay a draft document,” said Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, according to two GOP sources. Price and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling—two heavy hitters on the right—both came out strongly against bringing a bill forward now.

“If we’re talking about this issue, we aren’t talking about the things Americans want us to talk about,” Hensarling said, according to a source.

The calls against moving forward comprised upwards of 70-80 percent of those who spoke, according to several estimates.

Although the debate was intense, several sources described it as constructive with no ugly moments. That’s not to say there weren’t any fireworks; Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar was described as particularly “fired up.”

There were several more members who spoke out against amnesty and many members are coming out publicly to state their view on immigration. If your member hasn’t spoken out, contact them and demand they say publicly where they stand. 

#NOAMNESTY! Secure the borders first and then we talk. 


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